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Posted: January 17, 2008 in Internet, Service
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To be fair to my previous review, I re-evaluate Izzi performance base on current environment.

To be honest, after a good review a couple of months ago, Izzi performance drop significantly. It started in somewhere in the midle of November where I only enjoy half of the advertise speed. Roughly 50-60 KBps. It even drop to 30 kBps when peak hour. I call Izzi Customer Service 3 times. The first and second, the customer service just told me that he will check and re-inform me later…but no such luck…he just keep quite. I send them 3 emails, and they only reply the last one. My 3rd call, I speak and complain a bit harsh ( no more gentlemen manner). To be surprise they lodge me a report and give me my report number.

The last customer service guy did call me 2 times and ask me to provide him a screen shot (izzi speed test result + signal strength. I did provide and it clearly state even I received 100% signal, my speed still limited to 500 kbps. This is really piss me off because I pay for 1 Mbps not half of it. And guess what, that guy told me that, each iBurst tower will support up to 50 user simultaneously. And according to iBurst white paper, each iBurst tower only able to provide 24 Mbps downstream. So, if all 50 users doing heavy download (torrent or FTP), there is no way I can enjoy 1 Mbps download speed. Dang. Izzi actually greedier than TM-Net.

Here is my latest screenshot for Izzi speed test result with 100% signal strength. Location : Kelana Jaya. 15th floor.

Mind you that this result is more optimist compare to real world speed. This is my connection (speed test) with Izzi Server as my ISP. So, my speed should be lower when I download oversea content or torrenting.

  1. Desmond says:

    It is so terrible they not evne reply my mail. My speed is far worst than yours. Lately I am busy with my work. However, somebody in their customer service will get their ears burst once I am free by end of this month since there is no reply or call from them after much complaints.

  2. Amy Khong says:

    I’m a new user in Pantai Hillpark phase 2 the download speed is 402kbps and then it drop to 300kbps after 5 min. First, the upload speed is 18 then it sunddenly went to 27. I’m also paying for 1 mbps but i’m not even getting half of it!!! What sould i do & can i claim a full refund from them without paying them a single cent.( such as 2.5% of bank charges & the 3mbs usage deduction of RM180?? )

  3. expertester says:

    Well Amy, we are such out of luck. The speed even getting worse now at my place. 250 kbps averagely. Sometime even drop to 100+ at peak hour. Wah..I pay RM120 per month for this crappy speed. Lazy to complain already coz they can’t do anything. This is technology limit. Each tower only could support 24 user at full speed. But seem, they set it to support 100+ user and even 200+ user at peak hour. Izzi user, just say bye bye to torrent, ftp and youtube. Just browse the web and check email….sigh.

    Seem TM-Net 4 Mbps is a better deal, consider we only need to add up another RM40 to enjoy 4 Mbps. 16x speed improve than current izzi with extra RM40…hell, i will go for that.

  4. Steve says:

    I am a unhappy iZZi user….
    As it was said… kiss goodbye to streaming video/audio, youtube, images, ftp, remote desktop connections, cams… and so much more… On th eother hand, if you disable images from appearing in your favorite internet explorer, you ca ncruise the Net at speeds as fast as good old dial-up modems!

  5. expertester says:

    Well said steve.

  6. summer says:

    iZZi speed is very very terrible. My location: Kelana Jaya. 9th floor. And the speed is below 100k even below 50k. I want refund!

  7. KV Teng says:

    iZZi speed is very very terrible. My location: cheras permaisuri. And the speed is very poor cannot download,cannot reply email

  8. Ali says:

    IZZI’s Tag line: “Move it around”

    I was really happy when I got IZZI. I bought the IZZIwi RM979 package during PC Fair in Dec 2008. I thot it would resolve my broadband connection problems. The first time I experienced a slow connection, I called in IZZI Customer Support at 1-800-888-638. At that time I didn’t run the speed test. My reference whether or not the connection was good was the led indicator i.e. as long as it did not become red.

    Somehow, I later realised on January 3rd 2009 that the connection which I was experiencing was too slow to tolerate. I then called in IZZI customer support again and was asked by them to run the speed test.I was asked by the customer support to move the IZZIwi around. At best I got was 53kbps download and 9 kbps upload. The customer support kept asking me to move it around. Naturally, I lost my patience. Is “Move it around” Izzi’s tag line or what? When I asked how do I know where best to position my IZZIwi, the customer support couldn’t answer. At least for ASTRO you know that you need to position the dish at a specific direction to get the best signal.

    Today 17th January 2009, I brought the IZZIwi to my dad’s place in PJ. I even positioned the IZZIwi at the open i.e. outdoors. The best connection I could get by adjusting the direction of the antenna was 114kbps download and 14kbps upload. To give the IZZI salespeople during the PC Fair a benefit of the doubt (I would have accused them of misrepresentation, cheating, etc), I assume that they didn’t actually know inside out the product they were marketing.

    I think the IZZI Customer Support Department have ran out of reasons to justify this slow connection. I know this because I just gave them a call a few minutes ago. The Officer told me she can’t find my report under my username. She promised to have the Customer Support officer who attended to me when I first reported this problem to give me a call within 10 minutes as he was engaged with another customer. Now it is already 30 minutes. No call from them.

    IZZInet Sdn Bhd should be ashamed of themselves. They went into the Broadband War with other competitors claiming that they are the best. They have a Customer Support department which actually could not provide us with real solutions.

    To others out there who is thinking of subscribing to IZZI, please rethink your intention. For those who have subscribed, you can either return the unit and ask for a refund or launch a complaint to Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia ( We can help IZZI to get better by giving our feedback or at least pressure them to charge a reasonble rate based on the actual connection speed that we receive. If they remain stubborn and refused to improve, let us us make sure this company stops to exist. Above all, we have to work together to ensure consumers’ rights like us are protected.

  9. expertester says:

    Well said Ali

    Izzi is the joke of 2008.

  10. velen says:


    i am having my last couple of months to go before de 1yr subscription expires…

    WARNING: DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! it’s painful sitting there surfing with DAMNED SLOW speed…

  11. Jeff says:

    I agree with Ali, the IZZI connection is still very slow even my iburst face to open-wide environment, IZZI 1mb even low than streamyx 512kb, shame.

    i had a call to IZZI few times, but they refused to take any action on it. the operator just keep asking me to move around like a monkey to seek the signal, i told them my actual location but they are still unable to let me know where are those tower located.

    really unhappy with this bad service.

  12. Vince says:

    Just subscribed for iZZi a week and a half now.

    I should have googled for it first before i subscribe it, the first few days is still tolerable, but these few days it’s just sux, the connection is so slow, it’s like it’s not moving at all.

    When i try to download the file, the speed became 500++ bytes per second, and a 100MB files with estimated time = 4 days O_O”

    whoever havent subscribe for iZZi, reconsider first, i mean seriously re-consider it!

  13. Steve 2 says:

    Hi, Just want to agree with the above, I am an izzi internet ISP subscriber and they are simply horrible. Their speedtest is for local speeds only, not real life speeds. Example, using their speedtest (to their local server in Malaysia):
    Download Speed: 299 kbps (37.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 93 kbps (11.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

    This is acceptable if all you do is browse websites in malaysia…
    Using global speed test I get 20% of the speed above:
    Download Speed: 71 kbps
    Upload Speed: 23 kbps

    I’m on their 1 Mbps package, speeds I have never seen on iZZi before. And it’s not 4G…. but we all knew that anyways.

    Unfortunately, for Malaysia, you should go with Streamyx… P1WiMax is good, but speeds are decreasing now as more and more users join and…. sorry… but there’s zero maintenance or extensions here.

    iZZi simply does not have the proper foundation and they can’t simply add more towers, they a edoomed simply because the cost to fix their issues are too great. And they dont care about users, just call their customer service line. it’s a joke.

    P1WiMax has a good foundation actually supported by real companies. However, they won’t add more towers until users reach the speed of iZZi.

    Streamyx, well they own the Internet in Malaysia so, you hav eno choice, and let’s face it, their speeds are much better… and they allow you to use streaming of youtube and internet radio…. something iZZi can not handle…

    Summary: Stay away from iZZi, or if you must, try their 7 day money back warranty. Ensure you try it after 5pm weekdays and weekends…

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