TCP Optimizer Review

Posted: January 17, 2008 in Internet, Service
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I knew about this method quite sometime. But in indirect way. So to speak, reading description from various of tuning software. But, I never felt any significant different. Maybe it is because I use Streamyx at that moment (wired connection) or simply the tuning software just not efficient.But last night, after reading various recommendation from techies at LYN, I decide to try it on my own. Login to SpeedGuide website, and read those documentations & FAQ, seem the reason between this optimization really make sense.

Basically, for every packet of data we receive and transfer, we want it to be as large as possible. However, fragmented data will hampered the transmission performance. So the idea is, to find the biggest packet possible without being fragmented.

So, i use that software (dont even need to be installed), and let it do its trick. Viola, I gain almost 200 kbps extra when I do heavy download. Reaching a bit higher 1000 kbps now is not a mission imposible now. Compare to 800 to 900 kbps previously, I think it really worth every single minute I spend to explore about this optimization tools and method.

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