Vista vs XP

Posted: January 17, 2008 in Software
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Why should I upgrade to Vista if XP serve me very well all this years ? Will I become more productive? Will my PC become easier to be used? Will my PC become safer? Is vista more stable?

Read on….

  • Vista is a very demanding operating system. 1 GB of RAMs considered bare minimum. So, if my PC has 512 MB of RAMs, I will not as productive as in XP!
  • Vista new (user interface) approach might come in handy for new generation computer user but veteran user like me, any new approach equivalent to RE-LEARN (espcially Office 2007 Ribbon Features, yuck). So, I still felt XP is much easier to be used compare to Vista (because I use it for 5 years flat)
  • Microsoft claim that vista will make your computing environment safer. Well, I think nothing beat common sense. Vista might has User Account Control so, if the user is stupid and careless enough, it will not corrupt the system by installing and deleting stuffs he/she shouldn’t. But hey come on. This stupid UAC, really drive me crazy espcially when I reformat my PC, install x-fi , forceware, mobo driver, and countless of application…this UAC keep popping and make my day = #$#%$#%$#%$. At the end of the day, I switch it off
    • Start Menu –> Control Panel –> User Account and Family Safety –> User Account –> Turn User Account Control On or Off –> Restart

    Vista still require dedicated anti virus to protect the whole system. The built in firewall also not as good as third party firewall. So, in other word, you still need to spend same amount of money to protect your PC. So, safer computing environment ? Perhaps.

  • But Vista protect its important and critical file much better than XP. My last Vista installation was in September 2007. My vista still OK and no performance drop (This OS was tortured a lot by install, un-install countless of software, utility and games within this period). It safe enough for me to say, my XP will not be able to stand this kind of OS torture.
  • Vista Aero UI. Hmm, definitely this feature really eye candy. Espcially if you have Direct X 9 cards. I use GeForce 8600 GT (Mainstream 3D card for now), and I can’t detect any performance drop when I turn ON Aero or performance gain when I turn Aero off. Seem Aero smartly utilize my 3D card to beautifully rendered its effect. So, is it important? Yes and No. Yes for me but may be no for some users. I love eye candy graphics. Be it in game or operating system. One of MacOS X major feature is it classy looking user interface. We spend a lot of time with windows GUI, so why not make it prettier? Nothing to lose right. If your integrated 3D chip not fast enough , Vista will not turn Aero ON.

However, I hate vista speed espcially while copying large and big in number files / folders. Even, when I delete a blank text file, Vista show me Calculating Time Required to Recycle! What the hack.

To improve vista performance for daily task, it definitely need to be patch. SP1 might not release yet but with my Izzi connection, the update process will approximately 1 hour. After couple of reboot after patch, then I start to feel a responsive system. But, don’t get me wrong. In term of responsiveness, XP is still top notch. I hate when I use All Programs (Start Button), and browse to specific shorcut (let say Microsoft Office folder), I click on it, and my vista require almost 2 second to show word, excel, power point icon. Too slow.

Not sure either nVidia driver is not fully optimize in vista yet, but gaming in Vista is a big no no for me. (My PC spec : Core 2 Due 2.0 GHz, 2 GB of RAMs, Geforece 8600 GT, X-Fi Gamers yada yadaa). Each game including old Command and Conquerr General Zero Hour, when I fight with more than 3 opponents, the system start to crawl. Need for speed Carbon and Most Wanted not silky smooth. Need for Speed Pro Street, the lag will make you think this is crappy game. But all this game run super smooth under XP. So now, either I like or not, I have to have dual OS in my PC. WinXP for gaming and Vista for other computing job.

To be honest, I will not upgrade to Vista if I was not upgrading my old box (Athlon XP 2500+, 2×256 Corsair TwinX LL, Radeon 9600 XT). But, this is me.

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  1. NeoRian says:

    Vista sux…

  2. Ancient says:

    i agree with most of your review. ive still got xp on my secondary drive just in case. Vista initialy dazzles and confuses you for the first day then you start to get used to it. XP is far faster and more responsive. Vista for the first few days seems to constantly read the hard drive with the light always being on most of the time. Vista has lots of eye candy but i dont see any over all advantages in having it. Not being able to adjust gamma in games (via nvidia control panel)is a major floor in vista and thats why i still have xp on aswell.

  3. Ancient says:

    by the way that benchmark of ut2004 is with very old drivers i think it has been fixed now.

  4. expertester says:

    Its better be, else there is no benefit of dx10 cards if the performance in vista is slower compare to xp…. oh, this kinda dejavuu, xp vs win98 🙂

  5. Gravit says:

    Errm.. i had vista and its really sucks. I tried Windows XP and its really better than Vista ^^.. And vista requires good computer hardware

  6. expertester says:

    Well, sooner or later, we will use vista as primary OS. With Service Pack installed, Vista start to show it claw. Driver maturity help some game got better frame rate on vista….and…latest graphics card require vista to show their true power.

    Or perhaps, we skip vista and directly go to Windows Seven….err..hopefully not half bake as vista LoL

  7. Larry Smith says:

    I have a HP ZD8230us laptop with Intel P4 3.4GHz at 3.39GHz, in the device manager it’s listed twice not sure what that means…2046mb ram (maxed out)…Mobility radeon X600 video card….

    I had XP Pro w/sp3 installed and was very happy with it…I started using a Logitech 9000 Pro camera to communicate with the grandkids… The video and voice great…loved it…

    Then… as all wanted more… I bought Vista Home Premium SP1…installed it to the very same pc…had good luck except for the card reader I had to get the up dated drivers from HP…Not bad… all drivers are up to date with no conflicts…

    I reinstalled Skype and camera called the grandkids and to my disappointment the lag in my video was very noticeable. Grandkids disappointed…we can’t have that….

    So…Vista to me is and was a waste of time and money…got to go and format and reinstall XP Pro…but Thanks Microsoft for trying and thanks for the support of XP tell you get Vista up and running…

    Larry Smith
    SFC Ret US Army
    PePa of 5

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