RM2000 Notebook?

Posted: February 9, 2008 in Hardware

Last 2 weeks, my sister in law who are still a student in University Malaya, ask me to find her a good notebook for RM2000. Thats it. No more.

Criteria what I was looking for are :

  • Light enough for her shoulder,
  • The screen is big enough to watch DVD and do her homework
  • Fast enough…so the notebook will not absolute in a year and able to run Vista with Aero effect)
    • No Celeron
    • No Sempron
    • Dual Core
    • DirectX 9 capable chipset at least
  • Wi-Fi (Bluetooth is an option)
  • Decent hard disk space

But man, RM2000 for a good notebook? Seriously I had my difficult time to satisfy my mandatory criteria with that limited budget. HP, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Asus already rule out. None of them offer a decent performance notebook for the masses cheaper than RM2500. So what the available option do I have?

After some homework with uncle google and my favorite public forum (lowyat.net), I found one candidate. Acer 4520.

Specification :

  • AMD Turion 64 X2 2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM Mushkin DDR2 667
  • 120 GB Sata Hard Disk
  • 14.1 Acer CrystalBrite LCD Display
  • nVidia Geforce Go 7000M with 256 shared memory
  • FreeDos
  • Dolby5-certified sound system with two built-in stereo speakers
  • 5-1 Card Reader
  • DVD Writer (superdrive, supporting LightScribe)
  • Wifi ready
  • 2 megapixel webcam camera
  • 2.4 kg with battery
  • Acer Empowering Tech (pretty good software and utilities actually, but not shipped with the notebook. I have to download it from acer website)
  • Nice design for student :p


I bought this unit and install Windows Vista Ultimate. Upon Windows Experience Index, this notebook manage to get :

  • Processor : 4.8 (one of my PC use Pentium Dual Core 1.8Ghz get 4.8 too)
  • RAM : 4.8 (and 2GB DDR667 for the rig above (945GC mobo) get 4.8 too)
  • Graphics : 4.5
  • Gaming Graphics : 3.0 (Able to run Aero and basic 3D application without any problem)
  • Hard Disk : 5.0 (better thanI expect from mobile hard disk)

Wow..to be honest I am pretty impress with this little beast. For RM2000 (approx USD500) I got this kind of performance.Not bad. Vista Aero effect is activated and this notebook handle Vista flawless. Pretty responsive.

Battery life (under balance scheme, slightly logger than 2 hours) : Browsing, Office Apps, Watch DVD etc.

And what i love most is, the sound quality from this typically tiny notebook speaker. Obviously much better than my Dell Inspiron. The sound really live up to their claim :: Dolby certified :).

In term or reliability, I can’t comment yet. Need to wait another couple of months. But for now, this notebook is really a good bargain, especially for student out there.

  1. eunice says:

    Hi there, was just wondering, when did that acer laptop come out? was it in 2009? or was it launched quite some time ago, like last year or smthing? and, does it have bluetooth?

    Thanks! 🙂

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