Solarose is Back : Rose Online Private Server

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Internet
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Hohoho, just after a while i successfully host WoW and implement all the custom npc and warp portal to my WoW, I decide to give it a try to host custom revision 80 open source Rose EVO emulator. And woot… here it is.

URL : Solarose Official Page (Download + Register + Play)

Forum : http:://

Yep…i know i know…the website for Solarose not eye catching yet ..but hey, It works. That most important. You can register your account there, check your character, reborn, change job etc from the website. That’s what you need right. And also, you can server status, who is online, ranking page, top 100 of players, clan download rose client and solarose patch.

Best of will be FREE forever.

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  1. Anonym says:

    Erm.. server down?

  2. Anonym says:

    Expertester why server down? Is it dead? =[[

  3. Gravit says:

    Nah.. It cant be dead =]. Server reached many players. And the server is very good.

    And Expertester is best Dev and GM i ever see .

  4. monghe says:

    Yeah ..thiS is can’t be Dead …
    This serVer is The Best GM’s are GreaT and FrIendLy ..

    [GM]Expertester PLzZz…When Do wE play AgaIn??..

  5. expertester says:

    whoa, so many comment. Too busy with solarose, not have enough time with this blog already. Server is up. But, since windows is windows, it need maintenence. But its up.

  6. Gravit says:

    We really miss ya..

  7. expertester says:

    I am back but my hand a bit tight with pending ‘official’ job. I do login into forums from time to time. Working on current patch when i got spare time :p

  8. Gravit says:

    I guess you forgot about Mod thingy πŸ˜› and not mad on me ^_^ and btw..

    Welcome back

  9. ChiE says:

    welcome back sir ^_^

  10. Gravit says:

    Sir, can u add me in msn? My msn is … i got rly big problem

  11. Gravit says:

    And pls.. back to forum.. We all lost our chars

  12. Guest says:

    Admin.. better go to fix server until u loose all sola players.. sola got hacked

  13. Guest says:

    Better ip ban in forum named member : eleet .. i suspect that hes hacking sola.. So
    ip ban him immediatly..

  14. expertester says:

    chars were fully restored.

  15. renz says:

    is it applicable to windows vista? pls reply

  16. Gravit says:

    The old good Solarose πŸ™‚ Waiting for the reborn with the rest of others.

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