How to ‘cook’ your very own SMS Player for PS2

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Hardware, Software
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Note : Pre-Made SMS Media Player (ready to be burned into a blank CD-R) :

Download From MediaFire

(For those who are not willing to follow the below guide step by step, you can download the pre-made SMS Media Player from the link above and directly burn into a blank CD-R using your fav. burner software)


You have a large collection of DVD’s or DivX movies in your cupboard, but don’t know how to play them independently without a desktop PC or don’t want to connect your PC to TV via TV-out for obvious reasons or Do you have a Playstation 2 but don’t know how to make an optimum use of your investment? In 10 mins you will learn how you can convert your same old PS2 into a Home Entertainment HUB.

Do you have a large collection of DVD’s or DivX movies in your cub board, but don’t know how to play them independently without a desktop PC or don’t want to connect your PC to TV via TV-out for obvious reasons or Do you have a Playstation 2 but don’t know how to make an optimum use of your investment? In 10 mins you will learn how you can convert your same old PS2 into a Home Entertainment HUB. DVD burners and DVD-Rom’s becoming cheaper day-by-day, its really convenient to backup all your movies into DVD’s or backup your mini library into compress Xvid or DivX file format. You can store as-many-as six movies into one DVD in Xvid format. Of course you can opt for new DivX players available in market, but wait, are these players good enough? I don’t think so.

Why should one opt for PS2 rather than some media player? One, you can play cool PS2 games, all the neighboring kids will envy you and befriend you. Two, you can play DVD’s, CD’s. Three, you can play DivX and Xvid file format movies. Four, you can listen to all those MP3’s that you have collected since 1972. Five, you can play all the movies from USB hard-disk.

Disclaimer! Ensure that you legally own the original movies which you backup in DivX or Xvid formats. I take no responsibility for any damage to your property. Take your own risk.

Step 1:

You NeedHardware:

  1. Playstation 2
  2. Blank CD
  3. USB Hard Disk (Optional)


  1. CD Gen PS2
  2. SMS Player

Step 2:

SMS is a DivX and MP3 player for the PS2.Using SMS, you can stream movies and music right to your TV. forget about all the set-top boxes, forget about the ‘Media PC’, if you have a PS2, you have all the hardware you need.

Features of SMS include:

  • Smooth DivX AVI Playback at decent resolution
  • Pan/Scan and zooming
  • Subtitles support (SRT and SUB)
  • Visual seek (Fast Forward and Rewind)
  • Multiple language and character set support for subtitles other than English
  • MP3 Playback
  • AC3 Surround Support
  • Full resolution
  • Multilanguage
  • Copy your movies and mp3’s to your internal HDD!

SMS will read video files from a variety of sources:

  • Network Streaming
  • USB Drives
  • Hard Drives (both the Official Sony HDD and any normal PC HDD)
  • CD/DVD-ROM (and NO modchip required!)

SMS can even read DVD-RW discs specially formatted with the DVD-Video filesystem, or CD-R Discs formatted with CDDAFS without needing a modchip or any Swap tricks.

Download SMS Player.

Download CDGenPS2.

Download USB.irx file which is part of Naplink.

Download the SYSTEM.cnf file.

Note: There are other Media players for PS2, But I chose SMS because I find it most efficient.

Step 3:

Extract the CDGenPS2 zip file to any location on your drive. Launch the CDGenPS2 exe file.

Drag all the files in the application which you have download (i.e SMS.elf, USB.irx, System.cnf)

Right click on “System.cnf” and click “Edit”, check “Fix LBA”, type 12231 in LBA “text box”

Click File->Create CD then Save

Voila! Burn to a CD (not DVD) using any of your favourite CD-Writer software.

Step 4:

Place the newly created CD into your PS2. Power On.

After the SMS player loads up. Replace the CD, with any DVD or CD which contains the DivX / Xvid or MP3’s, just browse and play the files.

If you want, I have created a CD-Image for you. Download SMS Player CD-Image Zip, extract it, then burn it to your CD.

Credit : Found too many of these on net so….not quite show the actual author of this priceless information.

  1. […] How to ‘cook’ your very own SMS Player for PS2 […]

    • henry says:

      Get the latest version of SMS here :-


  2. SanraS says:

    man thnx for the posting and all the instructions, tried this and worked half way for me sadly, i downloaded the cd image u posted and burned it on a cd-r then booted the swapmagic cd-version and then play the sms cd i just burned tried to play from teh usb flashdrive but did work, then played a cd i had with some .avi(dvix) and worked just PERFECT, tried a dvd and didnt work, do i need to do something else? what about the flashdrive, how can i make it work?
    thnx again dude.

  3. acex says:

    You’re the best cooker ever ! Thanks you very much !

  4. acex says:

    But how to use SMS for playing file on Flash Drive ?

  5. expertester says:

    You have to enable USB flash drive from SMS setting menu in order to make it list your USB flash drive.

    Not only that, if you have portable hard disk, you can play your collections of movie from your portable hard disk too. The point is, you have to to enable USB detection in SMS player setting menu.

    Note : SMS only able to read FAT partition, so dont format your flash drive or portable hdd in NTFS. My 250 GB portable hard disk has several FAT 32 partition.

    • Tinku says:

      Hey can you plz help me out i have ps2(Slim) mod with matrix infinity now
      all i want to do is play games using 16gb pendrive as my ps2 lence got wreacked up

      plz tell me what do i do

  6. akudan says:

    error downloading usb.irx

    could u plz fix the link, many thnx dude

  7. expertester says:


    You can download directly pre-made iso and burn straight away.

  8. RG says:

    I burnt the pre packaged CD image to a a CD-RW and it won’t boot my PS2 79001. It asks for a PS2 formated disk.

  9. expertester says:

    as far as i know, you can’t use CD-RW. CDR only .

  10. RG says:

    I tried a CD-R and on an older 3000 series PS2… still no luck…

  11. Lukixd says:

    What DVD-Video filesystem are you talking about, and where can I get it?

  12. ugin says:

    usb hdd partitioned into 2 i.e. 4 gig n 2 gig, the former cannot be read the later can be read respectively. kingmax flash drive can be read capacity 256 mb. all drive formatted in fat. Is this the limitation for sms player? Please do enlighten me.

  13. armash says:

    hello thanx for da tutorial i played movies form a flash drive and a dvd with just one avi movie in it i burned on movie just to try it out on a multisession dvd it worked but when i burned another movie the sms player didnt read it why is this? what went wrong? PLEASE HELP….

  14. Yahawahdah says:

    I burnt the pre-made sms player to a CD-R, but it want boot. It asks for a PS2 formatted disk. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!

    • Arnab says:

      You will first need a mod chip.
      The start your ps2 and press the (triangle) and (square) button together.
      Then u will enter the mod chip configuration menu.
      Then turn the macro version fix off &press the start button to save settings and then press the reset button.
      After that u can run the burned cd of ur’s.

      Best of luck.

  15. kristofer says:

    hey how can i download the usb.irx??pls. answer asap,,i have modified my ps2 so i can play my downloaded games..

  16. Neeraj says:

    Burnt the pre packaged CD image to a a CD-R and it won’t boot my PS2 79004 (Version 18 PAL). It asks for a PS2 formated disk. Is it due to new firmware?

  17. contractor says:

    I believe there is a certain order the files must be added genps2. It is:

    and your other elf files here.

    This is how it should look in genps2.

    Don’t know what the UBS.irx file is for though. I use SMS v2.9 this way and I just turn USB and internal hard disk off and on in that program under settings and then selecting “ACTIVATE USB” (or HDD). I then just save the SMS configuration and it remembers next time you boot. I have an internal HDD with Toxic Bios. Don’t know how that would work with memory card.

    This works great. I have an 8gb thumb drive and I can select between that, the HDD or put in another CD or DVD disk. I see people asking for help. There really isn’t that much to it and help on this home brew stuff is scarse now because of the age of the console. If it works for you first shot, great. If not look at things like re-reading or following the instructions. Look for similar info elsewhere. I’d also try different media. I’ve heard of people trying several brands before finding one your console likes. Maybe the laser needs to be cleaned at least?

    You still have to modify the LBA as per the instructions above. Keep trying, the result will low your mind 🙂

    P.S. I don’t know why but my ps2 renders Divx (avi) files better than anything I’ve seen. No black splotching or blocky pixels. The output is amazing. I’m using the optical 5.1 out (also selectable in SMS!) What an awesome console. I could kick myself for buying an xbox instead of a ps2 all those years ago. I got a used ps2 last year and it’s been great fun exploiting it’s possibilities. Definately ahead of it’s time.

    Hope the info helps some one..


  18. Lawrence says:

    Hi, i’ve burned the image file u left, my ps2 says insert a ps or ps2 format disk, I wanted to do it manually but I can download the system.cnf file and the usb.irx. Please Help me, i’ve already wasted 6 cds

  19. John says:

    How did you connect your PS2 to a USB drive?!

  20. kar0911 says:

    can it play MP4 files??

  21. Awebb says:

    The statement is a bit confusing. You still need a swaptrick/exploit/modchip to run the elf.

  22. Awebb says:

    I meant “SMS can even read DVD-RW discs specially formatted with the DVD-Video filesystem, or CD-R Discs formatted with CDDAFS without needing a modchip or any Swap tricks.”. failed to quote -.-

  23. kar0 says:

    i have the new SCPH9000X. the SMS player cnt load using ur image
    but can load using the new SMS.elf and Boot.elf (uLaunchelf) but the pen drive content doesnt display in the new SMS player

  24. al3x says:

    my ps2 slim is just reading the cd-r as the wrong format.

  25. al3x says:

    anybody have any idea as to how i might fix this problem. im new to all this technical stuff so please post a dummy version so i can understand.

  26. al3x says:

    hey, yo! dont leave me hangin.

  27. al3x says:

    i figured out what i was doing wrong but now the CDGENPS2 wont let me create cd.
    The icon in File isnt even there. PLEASE Help

  28. al3x says:

    Alright… Expertester,
    I’ve got one for you.
    Why does the cdgenPs2 application that i got off of your link not have the “Create CD” icon under “File”. Instead, in its place there is an icon that says “Save Image”. I tried it and it says that i cant do it. How do i fix this problem? Im about to go crazy here!

  29. expertester says:

    If you can’t cook your own SMSPlayer, just use the ready made version (download from media fire).

    I am not sure why your ps2 read is as wrong format as it work for the rest of us. But make sure that you don’t burn the image as data cd.

    you need to burn that image directly (as it is more likely a clone disc). You can use Nero burner if you like. (hint : the method to burn the image exactly same as how to burn ISO image).

    PS : Alex, I don’t get any cents from this blog (as you see no annoying ads here right). So, don’t expect instant answer as I need to do my daily jobs too, to feed my wife and my kids. Your previous comment (threatening comment from 2 guys but has same IP (fishy isn’t it) has been blocked and removed. Try to act a bit mature, ask nicely and be patience when you ask someone to help you for your own sake.

    • lampam says:

      hi…i just download the ready made version…ithen i extract it, found there have two files.. image.cue and image.bin. so, the image must be burn as data disc or bootable data disc r what?

  30. al3x says:

    sorry ’bout that… my friend got on my computer. And he’s not a very patient person.

  31. al3x says:

    What’s a Nero burner… and (im just making sure here) r u sure that u don’t need a mod chip for this. if u have to have a mod chip, how much do they cost?

  32. expertester says:

    I am not so sure either this player need mod chip or not. For the record, my PS2 already modded by shop.

    Nero burner is : google this one “Ahead Nero Burner”

  33. jenny says:

    I am trying really hard with this, I have burnt, 4 cds now and all of them are just telling me to insert a ps2 compatible disk. I have downloaded the pre-made iso and burnt it as iso disc image as said. Why isnt it working?
    The cd is after burning is containing imagen.bin and imagen.cue only, thats right isnt it?
    Can you please help me? I am really keen to get this working. Thanks.

  34. jackal says:

    Same problem as jenny. I have already wasted 2 discs and I really do not wanted to waste any more.
    Both of the discs get the response ‘Please insert a PS2 compatible disc’. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a SwapMagic disc? What do I do now?
    Any help appreciated! THANKS!

  35. jackal says:

    BTW. I’m using a fat PS2.

  36. solarix says:

    I start to believe that this disc need our ps2 to have modchip.

  37. stpdpple says:


  38. checkeroo says:

    I just read all your comment here…I also believe this disc need our ps2 have modchip. expertester r what ever, when u need to share some info, please mention early that your PS2 already modded. you just waste our time and MYDISCs.

  39. PSy2k says:

    i follow the instructions but problem when i need to create cd using CDGENPS2. i click file icon, no “Create cd” but “Save image”, so i just try and the files need to save in what format…bin. / iso. / cue.?
    and when burn process, i want to know the files need to burn as data disc r bootable data disc? i use nero burner (nero express).
    *Please help me!!!*

  40. curious party says:

    i would like someone to tell me thy there is such a demand for this thread, doesnt the ps2 play dvds anyway?

    i have lots of dvds and watch them on my ps2!!!!!

    all my copied dvds work on my ps2 anyway!!

    curious party.

  41. bastiaan says:

    same issue as everybody-
    ‘need a ps or ps2 disc’
    doesn’t work…

  42. Blazinkaos says:

    yea this didnt work for me i has same issue as comment 40…

  43. Jurich says:

    Thx, it works great!!

  44. kjv007 says:

    thanks, I have a ps2 slim type and works perfectly

  45. jim says:

    Is it possible to play all the .mp3 files on my CD without selecting 1 of them, playing it, then the software going back to the playlist at the end of the song I choose? I just want it to play ALL of the songs on the CD so I do not have to keep selecting the next track and pressing X.



  46. ketupat says:

    @curios party
    although ps2 is able to handle dvd movie without any problem, it is fail to play mp4 or divx/xvid movie.

    That is why some of us end up in this mini tutorial.

    However, I believe, in order to allow a home brew made application to be loaded and run on PS2, it must has mod chip. Correct me if I am wrong.

    note: I am able to play divx and xvid files using this wonderful mini tutorial and file; and for the record, my ps2 is equipped with mod chip.

  47. Rengenx says:

    “Сделано на совесть, значит на века” – респект. А эт слова центра)))

  48. Rengenx says:

    Боян.. Уже читал.

  49. Rengenx says:

    Увлекательно. Поброжу у вас еще. А долго ли писали этот пост?

  50. Jabu says:

    Thanks Mate! Works wonders!

  51. Prashant says:

    I m confuse that

    wether this sms player compatible with my ps2 90004 with matrix 1.93
    Any one plz help

  52. gaurav says:

    abe gadhe usb.irx file kahan hai tere ghar pe!!!

  53. William says:

    is there a way to play media files whitout any cd, can i just install a media player in a USB and put some files in the USB and plug it in and play..? Any idea..?

  54. Chris says:

    Thanks for the image. This is version 1.8 rev.2. The current is SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4). But it gives me something to look at and I can now make an updated version. 🙂

  55. rohan says:

    i have a slim ps2 (modded) 90004, but the above procedure doesnt work for me, it says insert ps2 format disc….,., pls help

  56. Tinku says:

    i think i should try this

    can i play ps2 games using this app with the pendrive if yes plz plz tell me how
    i got my ps2 modded with matrix infinity but i dont really know how to use these all apps
    i will be very thank full if someone will help meout……..!

    • Nomaan7 says:

      @ Tinku

      Check This Video .. It helped me a lot for the same query

      its a great video.. i used the first method mentioned in the video ..

  57. Osama Zaidi says:

    Is there a way to use dvd to burn sms because my ps2 does not run cd is faulty and modded cuz it can play backup games. Please do help. I really need help.

  58. Good Morning, yahoo lead me here, keep up nice work.

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