PlayStation 2 @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Life
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Okay, I admit, I just got my brand new shiningPS2 (PlayStation 2) Slim version, version number 90006.

Half day scouting and surveying at Lowyat and Sungei Wang Plaza expose me that current PS2 price (standard package) range is in between RM380 to RM 599. There is 2 version of slim PS2, 70000+ or 90000+. 70000+ has external adapter and most of the shop sell this one for RM 380 to RM 450. For the new edition one (was claimed by the promoter to have better cooling system which allow you to play 16+ hours non stop without any worries on heat), using internal adaptor and will cost you RM 550.00 to RM 599.00.

Be aware, some of them (the seller) are seriously cunning and really expert to make your mind confuse with myrad of price scheme and package. Some of the shop will sell you for RM450, without memory card but with both fake controller, some give 10 pcs pre-selected DVD games but without memory card, some even give 1 ori controller + ps1 fake controller and the list goes on. My advice, at least try to get 1 original controller + 1 8 MB memory card + 1 console, doesn’t matter which version you choose).

RM380.00 PS2 (the cheapest I found at SW Plaza), use crappy mod chip. After further discussion with the retailer, he reveal that this one unable to play all pirated games on the market. Only pirated game for NTSC J. So any PAL or other region of pirated game CAN’T be played at all. So be careful guys. Don’t just got blind when you hear sub 400 PS2.

RM450.00 PS2 may sound as a sweet deal but non of the retailer actually give you original controller. Even there is a ‘Sony’ printed on the controller, it is local or fake controller. You can recognize genuine and fake controller by examine the controller cable and how it feel (the analogue stick/button). To compare, kindly ask the retailer to see ‘Made in China’ Original Controller which come with the standard box, and you can compare with the other ‘fake’ so call original controller. (Fake controller has shorter cable, and the cable spec print out look fade, cable rubber feel cheap etc).

Here is the package that I found for RM 450.00 (70000+ version)

  • PS2 Console + 1 Ori Fake Controller + 1 PS1 controller + 10 Games
  • PS2 Console + 1 not ori memory card (8MB, claim ori mem card) + 2 real fake analog controller
  • PS2 console + 1 Ori (fake) Controller

The funny thing is, one of the shop sell the exact PS2 (70000+) to me with 2 different prices. One is RM450 and the second time I ask, the price become RM500.00. He said the RM450.00 PS2 one is out of stock. I was about …WTF..zzzzzz. And to add some spice, he told me that the RM450 PS2 got no fan. Easy to overheat. You cant play more than 2 or 3 hours or risk it to overheat and melt your board, yada yada etc tada nada.). He recommend me the RM500 one (which actually the same unit he show me before (with RM450 price tags of course). After some short calculation, his package will charge me RM530 for that (RM450 console) + 1 genuine controller + 1 fake controller. Immediately, my trust on this reseller…gone with the win.

Go to other shop, looking for 90006 version of PS2 Slim. All of them will charge me at least RM550.00 for PS2 slim (new version). Most of them will provide 1 original controller (at least), except one shop which try to cheat me with ori (fake) controller, and ask me to add another RM 30 to get Original made in china controller…..hmmm. So bloody liar.

At the end, I settle up with the last shop I visit that day (level 3 Sungai Wang Plaza). Very friendly, trusty and seem to me… transparent. I fork out RM550 from my wallet for : New version of PS2 Slim edition + 1 genuine ori controller + 1 ori (fake) controller + 1 original memory card 8 MB + 1 (free) PS2 travel case.

A very tiring day but worth every single minute.

(Why on earth I buy PS2 when PS3 already widely available in the market now……reason : I want to make it as My Home Entertainment Hub : Game Console with a lot of RM 5 games + DVD Player + DIVX/XVID/MP4/MP3 Player (from HDD, External HDD, LAN Storage, USB pendrive, DVD and CD).

  1. riezman says:

    Wow, you really went to all that trouble huh. Reminded me when i went out and bought my ps2. Almost the same like your situation. Enjoy your ps2

  2. Ahmad says:

    If you bought your PSP or PlayStation 2 from China, it will be Fake!, you will only be able to play cd’s not DVD’s, the asshole seller even gave me a fake DVD, (It says DVD all over it, but it is a PS2 CD)


    All the following don’t work:

    DVD Player + DIVX/XVID/MP4/MP3 Player (from HDD, External HDD, LAN Storage, USB pendrive, DVD and CD). etc…

  3. expertester says:

    Thanks for your reminder Ahmad.

    I guess my PS2 is OK coz i can do all those things. All my games are DVD (verified when i make up backup copy in ISO format, all above 3 GB images),and it already become my home entertainment hub πŸ™‚

    Yeah Riezman, thanks for that. Well, RM 550 is not cheap by average joe standard…need to work hard a bit to avoid being scammed πŸ˜€

  4. jam says:

    thinking of buying ps2 as well.
    can tell me the exact location of the shop you brought your ps2 from?
    wanna get the ori stuff with the best deal.
    and is the ps2 modded to play all dvd games?

  5. expertester says:

    yep, modded PS2 can play all DVD games, either it is NTSC or PAL, J, US or international. Simply said, what ever games you able to found at ‘pirate’ shop. Furthermore, you can download the games and burn into DVDR as well. Work fine with modded PS2.

    Jam, i bought from a PS2 shop, third floor. Not first or second floor. Same floor as surau. If you get what i mean. I believe there is only one shop at that floor.

  6. nat says:

    can i play ps2 as dvd player?
    i bought 90006 version of PS2 Slim just 2,3 doors next to surau, sg wang

  7. expertester says:

    yes, it should can. However, my PS2 can only play original DVD, while not pirated one. To fix that, i use third party software/by pass cd to play DVD movie.

    Nat, i bought mine from that shop too, same version as yours.

  8. nat says:

    ok already. mine can play pirate as well. I called that ‘soft-hearted’ guy yesterday and he tot me on how to play dvd. good after sales service perhaps

    thanks a lot to u. i went to the shop after searching some tips from google of ps2 at sg wang – and found urs. btw, there r 3 other shop selling ps2 but not that friendly/trusted/transparent as told by u.hehe. tq again

  9. expertester says:

    glad to hear it help you. enjoy πŸ˜€

  10. Good day expertester

    i accidentally hook up to your web after searching ps2 at sungai wang or lowyat.

    i would like to know how was ur ps2 performance that u bought , already try play it more then 10 hours?

    how to know that console is new and not recon ?

    do u mind to tell me what the name of the shop ?

    sorry for asking to many questions,

    i need to get a trusty seller and good console because i wanna buy 2 console for my cyber cafe.

    i very appreciate if you can answer my noob question πŸ™‚

    thanks in advance

  11. expertester says:

    First of all, there is no such thing as noob question. So don’t worry about that.

    OK, to answer your first question, actually the answer is quite relative. It depend on your ambient temperature too I guest. But, with normal room temperature (without account but airy living room), my unit always played more than 12 hours. Me, my wife, my ‘anak sedara’, watch divx movie on that (mind you, my ps2 is my home entertainment hub too). No problem with that. If you are going to ‘torture’ your PS2, please by all mean, buy the latest revision, 90006. It has shiny black plastic cover on top. From what I read before, new version has better cooling system. If your Cybercafe Cafe got aircond, nothing for you to worry about. But please let the playstation unit got some space for good ventilation. (3 inch is recommended)

    How to know the unit is new and not recon? Good one.
    Go for 90006 version. It is new version and less chance to get reckon unit. When you receive the unit, the unit should has 1 semi glued plastic cover to protect its sleek and shiny black plastic on top of that console. Inspect any dust. And if you pretty hardcore (like me), smell the unit especially at its ventilation exhaust. If it is a new one, you can smell new plastic and PVC ‘aroma’ πŸ˜› But, if they refurbish or reckoned it, you will smell something like dust or even cigar smoke. Things like that. Look for any scratch that they might miss.

    I forgot that shop name. Seriously. But no worries as not many shop sell PS2 at Sungei Wang plaza nowadays. Go straight to 3rd floor (surau floor), and there is a shop (you can see from escalator right away). The shop is nice and tidy. And don’t forget to ask PS2 portable bag too..because he give that to me for free.

    One more thing, you need to see the controller. Original controller made in China (not Singapore, japan or what so ever), come with semi transparent white plastic. The cable is longer than ‘ciplak’ one. The button is properly printed (perfect) while ciplak one got some thing like …stamping smear. Original controller cable is slick and look expensive while ciplak one rubberize and look cheap. The original cable one…you can clearly see the text printed onto it while ciplak one pretty hard to see. Need close inspection. Bear in mind, Sony only provide 1 original controller.

    My advice, if you are not going to use that console, switch it off. It will save PS2 lenses from excessive torture. Please note that PS2 has no hard disk. The whole system depend on PS2 DVD ROM lenses. So, if you keep it running non stop even no one play it, you may damage the lenses couple of years later.

  12. luna says:

    Thank you very much to all of you here who provide precious information about choosing and buying a “correct”PS2..

    This forum helps me a lot since I’m struggling to buy a PS2.. Luckily I’ve googled and manage to get here and take a look. It’s a very good explanation and thx to expertester, ahmad, and others..

  13. Allun says:

    Hey expertester and all

    thanks for the very2 good tips and guide on the PS2. Going to buy one this coming weekend. Your PS2 ‘CSI’ help me lot. Keep it going bro

  14. Allun says:

    …hahaha…I just went there just now (Sungei Wang Plaza) and bought myself PS2 90006. There’re a few shop selling PS2 in the 3rd floor…so I look around for that friendly guy that had been mention before. Yeah I found one, his name is Andy Tham ( adik sepupu tiri angkat Alam Tham kot hehehe)…the character is there ( honest,very friendly, trusty and transparent ). The shop name is Game Wave Enterprise and it also sell some PC related item.

    I hope that’s the correct shop. The guy is talkative and honestly show u…which items are ori and which are not. I know earlier the ori or not from what expertester write the guy honestly show me that. And as what been advise…I smell the aroma of the ori plastic….

    There’re 2 package on 90006 series

    * RM 499 = PS2 Console + 2 ori Fake Controller + 1 not ori 8MB memory card

    * RM 599 = PS2 Console + 2 ori controller + 1 ori memory card

    so I make a decision to choose ; PS2 Console + 1 Ori Controller + 1 not ori controller + 1 ori memory card, every at RM 560 and sorry to say..there’re no travel bag ( worth RM 25) in the proses

  15. Vince says:

    Hey guys.. I’ve a original sony ps2 (ori as in not modded) as i bought it overseas.. just wondering where can I get it modded in kl? preferrably shops that give really good service and use the best modchips?? and most importantly honest and friendly boss =D

  16. elcayhoh says:

    hi all,

    i had juz bought my ps2 too… it can’t plays pirated game so I suspected it need modchips. However I’m wondering what will happen to my ori-chip.

    Can somebody please explain to me?

    Thank you very much! (especially to Expertester for creating this post for it does help many of us, PS2-surveyor *LOL*)

  17. expertester says:

    Your ori chip will be removed and will be replaced with mod chip.

  18. Chris says:


    do your new ps2 is modded 1?

  19. expertester says:

    yep chris…

    it was fully modded. There are several mod chip. The best one allow you to play what ever region or tv format. The second best one, you can play all region but either PAL or NTSC. The crap one only allow you to play several region and restricted tv format. For RM550, I got the best one which has no restriction.

    There is no point to buy PS2 ‘pure’ in Malaysia right. If I am willing to buy a rack of original games, better for me to buy PS3 instead, since the price different between ps2 and ps3 only RM700.

  20. Chris says:

    thank you very much going to buy one this there a escalator and a public telephone near the shop u mention?

  21. expertester says:

    I dont remember about public phone, but as long as my memory serve me well, the shop located at third floor (surau floor), near escalator (you can see that shop right away from escalator).

    Price I bought is RM550, package include :

    PS2 90006
    One original controller
    One fake (look like original) controller
    Original Memory Card
    One PS2 portable bag.

    just to be sure, ask the merchant about the mod chip. From my experience, the cheapest (RM380.00) has crappy mod chip. RM450 might a good deal, but to be on the safe side, RM550 prove to me that nothing could be wrong with this one πŸ˜€

  22. Chris says:

    ok thx,you helped me alot=D

  23. luna says:

    Finally I got a Playstation 2, for outstation use.

    Well, I went to the shop and meet the dealer as mentioned above. The guy is Andy Tham .

    When I mention “I got friends bought PS2 around RM550”, what he said is “No such thing, We do sell at minimum price at ~RM580-RM600- 1 ori console, 1 ori controller, 1 fake controller, 1 ori mem card, ” (NO BAG)

    So the final price is RM590 for me – 1 white PS2 console, 1 white ori controller, 1 fake controller, 1 ori mem card, 1 cheap quality bag.(He keep saying that he didn’t raise for $ for white console but somehow I can sense it..whatever..)

    I don’t care about some more RM40(they’re businessmen, no doubt if they want to make business,lol)and I still bought it because for safety reason – to play all kind of region of discs. You will find that you can’t feel safe from the other dealers’ behaviour in KL(I visited >25 stores).. Finally I’m still go back to this shop u see…(

  24. expertester says:


    White PS2 Console? White color. Wow..that would be cool. As my unit is black in color. Perhaps your console is special edition which make it charge you extra?

  25. Neo says:

    Hi all

    First of all I am new here and also new owner of a ps2..I would like to ask all of you have you seen any ps2 in red colour?because mine is..although I does not know if it is ps2 90000 or 70000 like you all discuss earlier..can someone tell me how to check mine?


  26. hyree says:

    Hi all,

    1. First of all i’m new and also new owner of PS2.

    2. Just bought 1 unit PS2 White colour 90006 series. Special Edition(told by the seller).

    3. Is it new version(90006)? I ask because the new version on internet come with different design.

    4. It has a line in the center of the console printed PS2. if you look from top you will see 3 sections. 1 adapter section(left)+ 1 small section printed PS2(middle) + 1 lens section where where insect DVD (right).
    But my PS2 unit only got 2 sections 1 adapter (left) and 1 cd section (right).

    5. Any different from it design?

    I bought it from Low Yat Plaza for RM610.00. Can play DVD movie, NTSC and PAL format DVD game.
    the package is 1 PS2 White 90006 console, 2 ori white controller, 1 memory card 8mb Sony, 1 AC 3 pin cable, 1 AV cable, 1 ori PS2 manual, 2 fake 80% Guaranteed dual shock controller, 10 DVD game (standard game), 1 PS2 portable bag (cheap one lah) and PS2 box (yellow in colour).

    6. So now i’ve 2 extra NEW (NEVER USE) controller(80% Dual Shocks 2) tested all fully functions(analog and vibration)and got warranty some more. Want to sell it for RM29 each (peninsular) and RM35 (Sabah & Sarawak). I will courier it to your door step.
    Interested? sms me at / sms 019-2041207

  27. luna says:

    well, he said he haven’t put extra charge on me for the white console.. anyway i can sense it.. lol.whatever.

    For 70000+ series PS2, the white console contain a white strip accross the console, one side is like the piano-surface with the ceramic paint, and another side is rough.
    For 90000+ series PS2, there will be no white strip across it, simply has 2 different surface on it.

    — hyree
    2.Ceramic White slim playstation 2 is NOT LIMITED EDITION. As you can read from the news, sony start to release 3 kind of colors of PS2(70000 and 90000 series) for users to choose. It is not like the Fat(1st) version of PS2, that white 1st PS2 is SPECIAL EDITION but these 70000 and 90000 series are NOT.

    I don’t know why the malaysian dealer want to call them like that. Maybe it’s the way to make business.

    3.Refer to the above answer.

    4.That is new version. What you have writing above is Playstation 2 70000 series. Remind you again, 70000 series will have external adapter. 90000 series has built-in currency adapter, means you just simply plug a cable on the back of ur PS2, it do not contain a rectangular-shape electric adapter.

    5. From it’s console’s design and number 4 answer.

    6. 1st of all, there is no such 80% or 90% controller. Whether it’s fake or original. That’s all. Sony release 3 types of joysticks only. Original joystick and Dualshock for PS1, Dualshock2 for PS2. That’s all.

    7. I was wondering why is your box is yellow in color? Normally the 90000 series PS 2 all are in white color box. The different is it’s console’s color only.

    It might contain some percentage that ur PS2 is recon unit? because my friend is handphone dealer and he said the recon phone usually come in different box, cause they just simply find empty box for that recon phone.

    Anyway, please correct me if anything’s wrong on my sentences above.

    Thank you and hope everyone here buy a original PS.

    p.s PLease review all the reviews and forums about PS2 and google it’s article and images, then you will not buying a fake things.

  28. expertester says:

    Very well said and full of information Luna.

    Thanks a lot.

  29. faris says:

    i’m going to survey a ps2 this weekend ..
    1st question is u think ps2 pirated games will last until when ??
    i know its kind of fool to buy a ps2 while there is already ps3 ..
    but nevermind ..
    im not so rich ..
    2nd questions is u think what is the price of ps2 i could get now ??

  30. Kay says:

    I just bought a brand new modded slim model 90006. The problem is it cannot play any of my NTSC/UC PS1 games. I did check the method on how to boot PS1 games (Press the power button twice) but it just won’t work.It can play DVD just fine but not PS1 games. Plus i did place the disc properly.

    I’m not very knowledgeable with modchip but is it possible to change the model 90006’s modchip so it can play all(original, backup & all region) ps1 games just like model 70000. I test it on my cousin’s 70000 and all of them works.

    The PS1 games that i tried were:

    Tales Of Eternia
    Chrono Cross
    Valkyrie Profile
    Final Fantasy 9
    Star Ocean 2

    Is there anyone here who owns NTSC/J PS2 slim model 90006 and had no problems playing all kind of PS1 games? Doesn’t matter if it’s either backup, original or from what region it came from?

  31. checker says:

    hello… I am new here and I would like to ask all of you about how long the original ps2 controller cable? i hope u all can answer it especially expertester since you already got latest version of ps2.

  32. dennis says:

    hey guys was just wondering i have a model SCPH-7002 PAL Playstation 2 and i was wondering if seen as it can play NTSC DVD’S whether it would play NTSC ps1 games as well i have no idea if it has a mod chip in it or not

  33. jeganpregada says:

    Hi expertester…

    Looks I am the only one who recently post your message on this topic… I just plan to bought PS2 console, even I am very late on the topic. I want to specially share thank you for all of your information, thank you.

  34. jeganpregada says:


    i just bought the new set of PS2 …white color for RM550 from the store at second level.. i did not find the store that you mentioned before… and i came with one conclusion!! i got tricked!!!… my set cannot play DVD movie… no can play PAL Gamess…. dam*it… i got trricked…. ok then just want to share my wasting money experience there…

    for others.. do not buy ps2 with yellow box.. NTSC-J version…90006 model…. white color… i bought it for 550 and still cannot play all kind of ps2 games!

  35. MrKay says:



    I’m going to buy PS2 this weekend. I’m wondering have tried playing PS2 online game with your unit?

  36. Batman says:

    Hey,all.. I just bought a PS2 today at Low Yat.. It cost me RM510..which includes -Original PS2 console(built in fan)
    -2 Original controller
    -Free 8mb memory card
    -Free 10 DVD’s
    Of course,bargaining is important though.. Its on the sec. floor.. Good luck to al ps2 fans…:)

  37. Zerulhans says:

    Okay… I’m going to buy my own PS2, but after reading some of negative experience, I kinda freak out… I don’t want to be trick into buying fake PS2!! please guys, tell me which is the best place to buy, with best price comes with best package…!! I live in KL area… thanks!!

  38. Chris says:

    Hi there… got a PS2 SCPH-90006 (new slim version with built in fan compared to the 70000+ series).
    Price was RM469 in Ipoh.
    -1x ps2 console +
    -1x 8mb memory card(dunno how to tell if it is original-please tell me if u know +
    -1x original control(longer wire-should be ori) +
    -1x non-ori control(shorter wire, button not as good as the other one.]
    -10x NTSC games.

    Oh well i think i did not got the original console as i tried to play a DVD Movie and it does not read the disc. Asked the seller, he said this new version has taken out the hardware to replace the fan ( liar! i checked box behind says can read, somemore sony brand…cannot read dvd ah?), darn… but who goes and bring along a dvd to test for buying PS2? If i knew it earlier, maybe ill bring along my house whenever i go shopping! haha.

    Tested about 6 discs, works…. but only tekken 5 i find it slow … waited like a whole 5 minutes loading (waiting) after selection of fighter.. to enter the fighting arena. I wonder if it is the game that is like this… is tekken 5 made for ps3 instead and not ps2?(anyone encounter this?please tell me)

    • expertester says:

      Actually, some of original modded unit can’t play DVD Video. That is pretty normal. Depend on your PS2 mod chip. AFAIK, some lower grade ps2 mod chip (can’t play NTSC game) can play DVD video flawlessly. FYI, my unit also can’t play DVD video out of the box. Need to use homebrew application to do so. Honestly, I dont mind much about dvd playback capability because 99.5% of the time, I use it to play DIVX or XVID movie which we could download from *cough* torrent XD. But for MKV (high def movie), I guess I am out of luck.

  39. Chris says:

    update… now Tekken can play… lol why it loaded so long yesterday? is the player playing tricks with me?

  40. gm helper says:

    Nowadays, for those who want to buy ps2 slim line scph-90006 can play all type of pal/ntsc n region, i suggest u, go to Carrefour Subang Jaya, u will find da shop near KFC, take dis package

    2 ori Dualshock Controller (notice dis, theres already hav one original controller inside da ps2 box with white plastic)
    1 ori 8mb Memory Card
    Original Video n Adapter cable
    5 DVD Games (PIRATE!)

    (to play DVD Movies, dis console require u to press power button at least 1minute untill ps2 interface show up, then release it n there u go. . .)

    Total = RM560, hope it help πŸ˜‰

  41. gm helper says:

    n b4 4getting, dis ps2 console come with blue box, from da sticker on box (E12 SCPH-90006 CB / 1st Bar Code : P-27424378-J / 2nd Bar Code : S01-7349464-N, from da sticker on console : Bar Code : 21-27424378-7349464, it comes with upgraded built in new cooling up to 18 hour play, Version Information : Console SCPH-90006 / Browser 1.40 / CD Player 2.00 / PS2 Driver 2.00 / DVD Player 3.11G / MAC Address 00:1F:A7:A4:72:C3, if u hav da same information like i mention above, u’re now usin da ORIGINAL PLAYSTATION 2 COMES FROM SONY FACTORY, gud lux, πŸ™‚

  42. wong says:

    halo expertester, i’m looking forward to buy a PS2, by the way, what will be the price now in malaysia?

  43. This blog is basically excellent, I assumed I do know lots, but I’m so mistaken, like the previous saying the more you already know, the added you discover out how little you know. Thanks for the info.

  44. vicky says:

    i’m selling ps1 with 60 free games for RM120.Anybody interested?
    Tel :33241790.

  45. tineshwaran says:

    i like ps2 games to play because its very nice.

  46. As an keen games fan, I just wished to pop you a
    quichk note to saay thank you for placing this up.

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