Izzi Broadband (update)

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Hardware, Internet, Service
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From my experience, Izzi Broadband performance fluctuate heavily. From 250 kbps to 1024 kbps (almost). It seem, the ISP ‘divide’ the 1 Mbps line into half or even quater to support more customer who login at the same time while the tower can’t provide adequate bandwidth.

For those who read my 2 previous posts, you will notice that Izzi performance drop significantly at peak hour espcially weekend. Last night, I clocked my izzi performance as low as 250 kbps. But this morning (I assume most of izzi user still sleep @ 6.37 AM or preparing to go to work, except heavy torrenter), i manage to get 94 kBp.

And here is the perfect example, how slow izzi is when peak hour (I record this @ 1.19 AM, 12 Jul 2008 : Saturday)

13 kBps !!??!! OMG, this is not quater but 1/8 of the promise speed. Oh dear.

  1. Nash says:

    I also got the same problem….2 weeks ago my download speed can reach max 100kbps…but now it is only max 25kbps..signal strength is 100%..WTF?? 1/4 from the usual speed….is the company trying to make fun of me or what???

  2. expertester says:

    they are trying to make fun to all of us.

    Well, if we try to flame them, they will say, 1 mbps is base on best effort. Each tower only able to provide 24 mbps downstream. If there is 24×8 user connect at the same time, they simply make the line 1/8 slower than usual.

    At the end…we are the one who suffer. Sigh.

  3. ktoo says:

    Yes, I having the same experience this few month. damn..
    What I do is, I’ll open my task manager and look into the network tab while i surfing.. the speed is damn slow.. 10++ only.. sometime even slower than 56k..

  4. expertester says:

    I bet, they cant expand their biz as they promise, by 2010, cover most area in Malaysia…

    Heh, my arse.

  5. IT Specialist says:

    I also have the same problem, normally my download can reach 98 kilobyte per second(KBps) but now if i can get more that 10 KBps is hard and this is direct download not torrent.Torrent even worst less that 5 KBps. I this this is not a network or number of user problem it is because if i force a number or disconnect and reconnect my download speed return to normal (more that 80KBps) for 1 file if it finish download i try to download a new file the speed slow back down to less that 10KBps. I think their are limiting speed of heavy downloader like us.First tmnet, then jaring, follow by maxis and celcom now Izzi also the same.I think we have to set up our own isp (run by people not money monkey like the rest).

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