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Posted: July 3, 2008 in Software
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My PC got 3 OS. Vista, Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows XP. But most of the time (I could say, 95%), I use Windows XP SP3. So, as me (common user) use WinXP instead of the oooh and aaah Vista?

From my point of view…because I dont have strong reason to use Vista. Yes, it has all the bell and whistles, but I don’t use ’em. The GUI absolutely pretty..but there is no impact on better productivity. In fact, with C2D processor, 2 GB of RAMS, 1 Tera of HDD, seem Vista still slow to my liking. After I installed SP1 for Vista, the OS seem less stable than before. Blue screen start to show up from time to time. Auto reboot is common thing. I could leave my XP for a week without restart (for downloading) but not for Vista. That is for sure. So, I start to have no reason to use vista. Instead, I am thingking right now to remove it permanently from my HDD to claim back the resource (hard disk space).

For now, the only reason it exist, because I wanna play certain game which require Direct X 10 (yeah it work under Dx9 but, I bought that game because of the impresive visual effect which only available from dx10). If microsoft decide to provide dx10 for windows XP…..for SURE, WinVista will not exist on my system.

Another reason why i still stick with XP is compatibality. Certain good old game and engineering software doesn’t work with Vista. Even vista was out for more than 365 days, but still, the support for this OS not so great. In other word, if I only has Vista on my system, this reason alone hampered my productivity.

I hate vista because it make my Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum sound like average sound card. It sound better with XP (old or latest driver) but under vista even with latest driver and console, the sound lack of bass and trebble. The clarity is there (which is not possible with integrated sound chip), but without the oomph and punch (as it sound under XP), make this soundcard seem OVERPRICE. So, most of the time when I wanna listen my favourite MP3 or watching movie (DVD or DIVX), I will use Windows XP. I dont care if microsoft advertise Vista Ultimate (the one I use..gone RM700 for this one), is the best software for home entertainment. For me, it is not ultimate sound entertainment unless Vista will sound as good as XP. I learn that windows vista doesnt support direct sound directly as XP does. It emulate them so… EAX advance HD is history for Vista. Damn you vista.

Vista slow. Either with Sp1 or not….vista is slow OS. Maybe bloated is more suitable word for this big fat OS. Yeah, SP1 improve the copying speed but still boot time, restart time still uber slow compare to windows XP. I use ready boost to enhance vista performance, but the effect is sooo marginal. XP perform way better than vista. There is no use of ReadyBoost, SmartCache or yada yada or nada nada if the actuall OS too bloated. It still slow.

Somehow, I ask my self, why do I need Vista if XP does the job 2 times faster at the very same hardware. Till now, I still can answer that question. To be honest, I dont need vista except for direct x 10 thingy. The XP is secure enough for me. 1 product of antivirus and free firewall does the trick. Vista firewall still a crap firewall compare to Comodo (free) firewall. Why bother to use Windows Firewall if we know it is a crap one.

So…why should I use vista?

I dont need IE 7 (even it is available on XP). I use Firefox 3 instead. Faster, more secure, easier and 1001 more reasons. Media Player 11 also available for legit windows XP. But I use windows media player classic most of the time.

Vista has better My Document features? Huh…i dont use that much. Either Vista or XP, I move my document folder into separate partition. Safer that way…in case the OS corrupt or easier for me to reformat my OS anytime I want. I organize my files, music, video or software at separate folder …on my liking. I dont depend on microsoft to do that for me. And actually I hate refresh delay everytime I open up my video or picture folder under vista, which is not happen under XP.

Vista has DreamScene features. Oooohh…..and ahhhhh. Yeah but not for very long time. After certain time, I get bored and switch to static wallpaper. Further more, vista dream scene always crash on my system. I dont know either it is cause by the windows itself or my graphic card (XFX 8600 GT). It crash on my other system too (ATI graphic card). Either the vista is fresh or not…it still happen. At the end, I dont use dreamscene anymore.

I try to love Vista. I tried. I told my self, this is the new era of operating system. Sooner or later, it will be standard de factro. Just like XP did to WinMe or 98. But after more than 8 months, I still can’t. There is no reason for me to love or use vista. What XP did to windows 2000, ME or 98 is different. XP provide a lot of reasons for user to migrate from older OS but vista can’t. Virtually none except that dx10. XP give Windows 2000 (formerly known as NT5) stability with Windows ME or 98 multimedia capability. It kinda merging two OSes and pick the best from both. People hate windows95 and 98 because it BSOD (blue screen of death) and people dont want to use Windows NT4 because it cant support games and other multimedia feature (except the simple one). So, XP seem the answer. I still remember how fast XP SP1 (and I believe it still the fastest windows for the current hardware).

And…how about this. Microsoft decide to launch their new OS, codename Windows 7 (Vista was windows 6), somewhere in 2009. From XP to vista…they need almost 7 years. But vista to next OS only 2 years. Why. The only reason i could think is, Vista is HALF BAKE operating sytem. They know that vista is delivered to end user in rush manner. A lot of new features still not ready to be implemented. WinFS for example, was promised to be one of the biggest Vista features, can’t make it on time. So do with other features which they promise somewhere in 2003 or 2004. I think, Windows 7 is the true next generation OS after XP. Just take it this way. Windows Vista is Windows ME. Temporary OS from Win98 to XP (windows 2000 not actually a home user OS at that time). Windows ME is a windows 98 with minor modification and extra features. But still, it use windows98 code. As Vista as temporary OS from XP to Seven, Vista (it it base on its own code, not winxp mod code) doesnt provide any ground breaking features compare to XP.

And, it is a little bit funny when I heard, Vista SP1 update vista kernel. It clearly show, microsoft ship out Vista in rush, till they need to update the kernel after they ship it 1 year after. Oh God. Never happen before for end user OS …L.O.L (for microsoft product as far as I know).

Furthermore, Windows XP with the latest Service Pack (3), seem much better in term of stability and speed. You can googling to see how good SP3 improve windows XP performance. Yeah, it may the last service pack for winxp, but for XP user (which haven’t wasted their money on vista yet), this SP3 should provide them enough reason to wait for next year windows Seven. If you ask me…i really regret to spend close to 1 thousands ringgit for Windows Vista Ultimate (OEM). I rather spend that kind of money for GeForce 8800 GT or QuadCore processor. If only I could resell my vista license or disc, sigh.

And for direct x 10 thingy, for most games I tried (Crysis, Gear of War, Grid, World In Conflict, Unreal Tournament 3 and Enemy Terroty Quake Wars), most of them give not so good frame rate when dx10 features turns ON except UT3, Quake and WIC). So, unless you have GeForce 8800GT or Radeon 3870 or better 3D cards, then it make sense to buy Vista to enjoy the glory of DirectX 10. (Remark : My native screen resolution : 1440×900)

So..for non Vista user…ask yourself this very simple question when you wanna buy Windows Vista.

Why do I need Vista when XP does all what vista can do (except dx10).

Think twice before you dump your hard earn cash for Vista. Don’t regret later as I did. Who wanna buy my vista? Heh.

  1. expertester says:

    I take back my word. Wanna know why I start to love vista? Weird huh.
    Knowledge and Information is the key.

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  3. Me says:

    You are a confused dumbass.

  4. Unified ECM says:

    I’ve found a way to create, capture, organize and share the library of information in my world from one secure interface with Unified Home Edition. UNIFIED Home Edition For Windows XP is ideal for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, homemakers and anyone who needs to organize ALL of the information in their life and make it work for them.

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