How to create a self extracting installer for free

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Software

Windows XP (Home or Pro) has a built in self extracting installer which enable you to package and deploy multiple files into a compressed executable files.

Step 1 : Start menu –> Run

Step 2 : Type ‘iexpress’ without the ‘

Step 3 : Follow the wizard.


  1. jani129 says:

    At first glance it looks really neat.
    It wont let me add all the files I have in a certain directory, I have to click around for each and every subdirectory.
    This is annoying but can be accomplished. However,
    the thing wont add 2 files with the same name, even if theyre in different subdirectories.

  2. Chanthaneth says:

    thank you

  3. FrozenFire says:

    Is this method works in installing Windows Vista / 7?
    I’m working on my program and I have problems in installing Vista & 7…

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