nVidia GeForce 9100M G Benchmark Comparison

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Hardware
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nVidia GeForce 9100MG Benchmark : A Reality Check

Base on previous review (you can read here) for Acer Aspire 4530 which pre-equipped with GeForce 9100MG, we know that 9100MG score 1415 for 3dMark06 and 3393 for 3Dmark03. But, how good/bad this number mean.

Obviously, for benchmark freak, they will recognize how good this integrated chipset will perform since they have ‘built-in benchmark database’ in their head. But, how about the rest of us. So, a quick check to numeruos website need to be done, to get a rough idea what that number mean.

Acer 4350 score 1415 for 3dmark06

Acer 4530 score 3393 for 3dmark03

Desktop VGA Chart at Tomshardware.com :

3DMark06 (v1.0.2) SM2.0 Score

SM2.0 Benchmark (1024x768x32, no AA, Trilinear Filtering, Default Q)

This notebook (Acer Aspire 4530 with AMD Turion X2 with GeForce 9100M G) score 1415, which is almost as good as dedicated ATi X1650 XT with desktop CPU. In my perspective this figure is really good when we consider 9100M G is integrated chipset for budget notebook. But bear in mind, Tomshardware result is based on 1024×768 resolution setting while this notebook benchmark was done using its native resolution which is 1280×800). Other setting should be remain the same (default setting).

Xtreview.com (3Dmark06 result for 3 desktop VGA Cards)

Again, with 1415 score, 9100M G perform better than Radeon HD 2400 XT (budget dedicated 3D card for desktop) and almost close to GeForce 8400 GS (budget dedicated 3D card for desktop too) score. This result still able to impress me as Radeon 2000 and GeForce 8000 series could be considered as recent discrete 3D card for desktop environment.


Here is an interesting comparision. All notebook here use GeForce Go 7400 which is dedicated / discrete 3D chip for notebook. Released by nVidia too. At their prime time (around 2 years ago), this chip is pretty powerfull to handle 3D application and game. I still remember, my youngest brother, bought Dell XPS M1310 which use GeForce 7400 Go. This notebook cost him RM4500.00. Around USD1300.00. He could play Need For Speed Most Wanted using that notebook (decent graphic setting), even my old rig, Athlon 2500+ & Radeon 9600XT strugle to play that game at medium-high setting. I was a bit shock to see a notebook could play that game without any significant lag.

However, 9100M G score better than GeForce 7400 Go. Almost double. Either 3dmark03 (3393 vs 1702) or 3dmark06(1200 vs 400). Impresive huh. Let see, how good this new integrated chip vs his brother, GeForce 8400M G. For the record, base on my experience, for dell notebook, I need to add RM290 to upgrade from X3100 to GeForce 8400M G.

GeForce 8400M G score 2597 for 3dmark03 while 9100M score 1200 flat. Note that, to achieve this score, ASMobile use T7700 processor which has 4x L2 cache compare to 4350 AMD Turion X2. But still, GeForce 9100M G win. Same goes to 3Dmark06. Acer 4530 with 9100M G beat every single notebook in the list above except F3SC which use T7500 Intel C2D CPU. Imagine how expensive this notebook will be. Totally not a budget CPU. That is for sure.

Compare to Ati Mobility Radeon 8400, the score is about the same. 3120 for 3dmark03 and 1328 for 3dmark06. 9100 win slightly for 3dmark03 but 2400 beat 9100 128 points.

Conclusion :

nVidia 9100M G = 8400M G (discrete graphic from nVidia for notebook, usually need to add extra RM300 for this option) = Ati Radeon Mobility 2400 (direct competitor to 8400). So, basically, this notebook will perform as good as Intel or AMD base notebook which pre-equipped with dedicated discrete low end graphics chip such as GeForce 8400 or Radeon 2400 Mobility. Pretty good deal heh…espcially for sub RM2000 notebook J

  1. eBuyHD.com says:

    Great info in the post!!! Many thanks

  2. expertester says:

    no probs mate

  3. adit says:

    i just bought 4530 and when i check the gforce 9100 temperature using ntune, the result is 61 C and reach 74 C when im playing Titan Quest at about 10 minutes and BSOD after 1 hour.
    is that normal temperature?????

  4. expertester says:

    Hmm….normal GPU temperature playing around 55-60 for my system.

    As you can see on my other post, I do a lot of benchmark and torture to this notebook, including 3Dmark 03 and 3dmark06. Temperature rarely exceed 70. Maybe I am not stressing as much as you do…maybe.

    In that case, I would like to recommend you a good aluminum base notebook cooling pad…since you use your notebook as a gaming machine. I dont bother to buy one because this notebook only used on the go….at home and office i use PC instead.

  5. Farid says:

    Hey tanx 4 those useful infos. I just bought the aspire 4530, and I’d like to ask; what kind of PC games that I can play at its best performance? Can games like PES2008, NFS Carbon and other hot online games run smoothly in this notebook?

  6. Shreeder says:

    yasss….thanks 4 de info. i like this notebook, if you use xp as your os, almost all the game(created before 2007) will run extremely impresive. but it is a litle disappointed when i try to run games that use directx 10(such as assasin creed)..uhh lag maa…

  7. shamtt says:

    Hi, there. i just bought lenovo y410 with embedded intel X3100 (256MB shared memory). Can this notebook upgrade to this NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G?. Tq.

  8. expertester says:

    NFS Carbon? No problem.
    Assasin Creed? Come on la….that game is even designed to run with 8000 series desktop 3d card. It is a bless when integrated low power notebook able to run it, even as slide show 😀

  9. Conan says:

    I have questions :
    1. How if this notebook compared with acer 4920 (core 2 duo)?
    2. Is the processor as good as intel core 2 duo or dual core?

  10. expertester says:

    C2D is better than turion. Either in power efficiency or effective performance. But C2D cost a little bit much higher than turion.

  11. Iqbal says:

    one question here. my current laptop is using ATI x1400. all 3d mark score for this 9100 is higher than my x1400. and i can play almost all the latest game with my x1400 with low setting without lag. whats the reason of this 9100 for not able to run the latest game smoothly with low setting? will the higher amount of ram boost the gaming capabilities? huhu. hope my question is not too demanding since you’re like an IT genius. huhu. tq

  12. Conan says:

    so, how about overall performance, acer 4920(C2D with intel 3100) vs acer 4530, what do u think the better?
    What is + and – acer 4530, can u mention it?

  13. expertester says:

    Iqbal :

    To be honest, I am too old to play game, especially on notebook. I rather play games on my PC or PS2. However, many younger user claim, they can play COD4 without any issue. I believe COD4 is pretty demanding game right. So do Devil May Cry 4 if i am not mistaken. What can I offer here is synthetic benchmark which might represent actual performance in real world application.

    Conan :

    I already post detail comparison between intel base C2D notebook couple with X3100 vs Acer 4530 here. Obviously, Intel C2D is superior processor (albeit the price a little bit on higher side) but X3100 seriously outdated, slow and cripple graphic chipset. C2D + X3100 is slower than TurionX2 + Geforce 9100 in graphics department.

  14. ibnu says:

    hi there,

    check this out

    the top is installed with vista; which got the directX 10
    the bottom is installed with xp with direct X 9.0c

    look at the vram, is that even possible?
    where is the setting? in my bios, maximum is 256.
    and to be able to utilize the pixel shader and vertx shader 4.0 am i need to install vista?
    or just update the directX?
    is there an update from directX 9.0c to 10 for XP?
    what is the newest updated version of the drivers of 9100 M G?

  15. KayAun says:

    Hey man, is it possible that this graphics card is SLI capable? Because Nvidia’s website says this :

    “When combining a discrete GPU (GeForce 9300M GS or GeForce 9200M GS) with GeForce 9100M G motherboard GPU, GeForce Boost technology kicks in for an increase of performance. This is equivalent to a GeForce 9400M discrete GPU class performance.”


    Notebookcheck also says this :

    “In conjunction with the Nvidia 9100M G integrated graphics, the 9300M GS supports Hybrid-SLI (HybridPower and GeForceBoost). HybridPower is a technique to choose between the integrated and dedicated graphics core, if performance or battery runtime is needed. This works only in Windows Vista. Up to now the user has to use a tool to switch between the GPUs. Later Nvidia wants to switch automatically in the drivers. GeForceBoost uses the integrated graphics core of the 9100M G and the dedicated of the 9300M in SLI mode to achieve better frame rates. ”


  16. KayAun says:

    Yet another link :


    HybridPower unleashes graphics performance when needed and switches to quiet, low-power quiet operation for everyday computing. Combine an NVIDIA Hybrid SLI-enabled GPU into a NVIDIA Hybrid SLI-enabled motherboard (mGPU) for the ultimate control. Dial up performance for demanding 3D games and applications; downshift to the mGPU to reduce noise and extended battery life for everyday computing tasks like browsing the Web, word processing, or watching High Definition videos.

    GeForce Boost
    GeForce Boost turbocharges the performance of NVIDIA discrete GPUs when combined with NVIDIA motherboard GPUs. Plug any NVIDIA Hybrid SLI-enabled GPU into any NVIDIA Hybrid SLI-enabled motherboard to enjoy additive performance and more for your money.”

  17. Ratana says:

    I want to remind you that GeForce go 7400 is not as shitty as you claim.. the bench mark value is 11000 for 3Dmark2001, 4100 for 3dmark2003, 1800 for 3dmark2005, and 800 for 3dmark06 and geforce9100 can only surpass the go7400 at 3dmark06 which is understandable considering it’s already more than 2 years old..

  18. Mark says:

    hai.. I want to ask comparison between geforce 9100 (Acer 4530) vs Intel GMA 4500 (Acer 4925), which one is better?

    Thanks in Advanced.. 🙂

  19. Iqbal says:

    to Mark – some ppl says english word for Intel GMA is ‘this pc is not for gaming’

    hope my little silly statement helps..

  20. Santosh says:

    Hi ,
    My Q is same as KayAun and Can we add any discrete graphics card like 9200/9300.9500 M Gs on this laptop.Again do you have any idea how much these cards cost.Can you have any laptop model which really using HYBRID-SLI feature.

    Waitnig for your reply.

  21. Can says:


    I’ve ask that question to one of those “PC guys” before, they totally laughed at me. The point is laptop that can upgrade it’s GPU are only available for high-end ones such as those Alienware and Dell XPS. If you really wanted to do that you could try google “MXM” and see if your laptop has the feature… if you have one you might able to upgrade your GPU.

    So if you want to do gaming on a computer, consider a PC instead…

  22. chingis says:

    plz help me, I have this card and cant find drivers for XP

    nVidia geforce 9100

  23. daniel_febrian says:

    hi chingis,,,i have the driver xp for that card…

    if u want,email me at daniel_febrian@ymail.com

  24. MadDoux says:

    What is the latest driver for this 9100. I used vista. I noticed the forceware version of my laptop is little out-dated (175.66) or is this the latest? Someone??

  25. weinter says:

    The latest official version is 176.60(WHQL) Windows Certified
    The version is 178.15 Unofficial
    Both are available at http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/

  26. pokeFan says:

    Hi all,

    do you think acer 4530 with nvidia geforce can play devil may cry 4 and the unreleased diablo 3?


  27. pokeFan says:

    Hi all,

    do you think acer 4530 with nvidia geforce 9100 can play devil may cry 4 and the unreleased diablo 3?


  28. expertester says:

    Acer 4530 can play DMC4 with low setting and decent resolution. I believe (strongly believe tho), it has no problem to play unreleased diablo 3 judge from the leak screenshot.

    This lappy can handle NFS MostWanted and NFS Carbon without any fuss. Some report they even play COD4 using this lappy (out of my experience).

  29. Jeff says:

    Hey! I just bought the Acer 4530, it was the Geforce 9100m. I was wondering what games I’ll be able to play? Be as specific as possible. Thanks!!

  30. anonymous says:

    Actually for Games , the graphic card need to be consider.. not the processor.. processor only take slight contribution to the games for some graphical settings.. for me if the C2D and the Turion .. i prefer take acer Aspire 4530 wth the 9100M nvidia graphic..

  31. Matt says:

    Ok, i’m just wondering if this AMD Mobile Athlon 64 X2 QL-60(1.90GHz) is better then my Intel 2140 for my desktop pc, it’s 1.6ghz dual core.

  32. john says:

    how does the 9100 m compare to a geforce 7800 gs?

  33. towz says:

    I can play COD 5 and gearz of war with this notebook..but with a little lag..

  34. mrcleanliving says:

    hello people

    Just want to ask if i added 2gb ram to make it 3gb, does it make a big difference in my gaming experience? specially wid COD5 and NFS UNDERCOVER.. tnx in advance

  35. nVidia 9 says:

    can this graphic card handle crysis n bioshock?

  36. tafmimie says:

    which is the bests between Aspire 4530 and Aspire 4930?
    can u xplain why?

  37. Reg says:

    Hey guys i am planning to buy an acer 4530 with 9100 mg well i need to know whether vista or xp is a good choice if i need gaming performance vista is using 60% normally

  38. Aning says:

    Which is lappy is better for gaming MSI EX400 (Intel dual core, ATI HD 3450) or Acer 4530?
    Thanks a lot..

  39. Aning says:

    Which lappy is better for gaming, MSI EX400 (Intel dual core, ATI HD 3450) or Acer 4530?
    Thanks a lot.

  40. mrcleanliving says:


    just want to share this experience for those people who has acer 4530 laptop..

    if you want to play cod4(medium settings) cod5(low settings) nfs undercover with AA x4 in medium settings and gears of war (medium settings), adjust your video card from quality to high performance. =) happy gaming…

  41. alan says:

    has anyone played wither enhanced edition in this laptop. and what are your setting. thnx

  42. alan says:

    also i saw this on the nvidia wecsite

    “The NVIDIA® GeForce® 9100M G motherboard GPU brings enhanced system performance to the value segment. Enjoy a Blu-ray movie with NVIDIA PureVideo® HD. When combined with a GeForce 9M series discrete GPU with Hybrid SLI® technology, system performance level can increase by up to 80%, supporting visually-intense applications and game-play without breaking your wallet.”

    what does this mean? can you add another gpu in this laptop?

  43. john says:

    i dono wan buy which one graphice card.

  44. ollie says:

    can i get a decent performance of acer 4530 running adobe premiere pro 2.0 and autocad 2009?

  45. xaero says:

    I have tried this card on my Acer 4530 and I am not much satisfied with it. Even running games like NFS most wanted I experience lags when there is huge frame variations like on sharp turns etc. This card is good enough for running Vista Aero theme only..

  46. aspire says:

    hi all, i bought a new aspire4530 (amd turion x2 2.2GHz+ GF9100M G)…with the clockspeed 2.2GHz, any big different here??

  47. agung says:

    i think, there is no big different with new acer aspire 4530…
    it has higher processor clock speed…
    a have question,
    can I play COD 5 with low resolution on this notebook???

  48. speed says:

    I have acer emachines g620,and i want to know what do you think about it

  49. oopie says:

    Hi all,

    Anyone ever tried to play Left4Dead with GeForce 9100? Does it run well?
    I have Acer 4530 notebook with this graphic card.


  50. Raz says:


    hi oopie I’ve played Left4Dead on 4530 Gf9100mg and it runs fine on medium settings, but i’ve never tried multiplayer…on medium settings i get about 15-20 frame per seconds…

    if you want to know your frame rate during gameplay just download a software called Fraps…i highly recommend it.

  51. Ady says:

    hi all
    i need an opinion
    i wanna buy a notebook but i’m not sure which one is the best for games.i wanna know if i can play one of this games on it :Call of Duty – World at War or Modern Warfare , Nfs- ProStreet.

    i have to choose between:

    Fujitsu Siemens Pi 3525 T5800 Core2 Duo with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD
    MSI VR630X-038EU, Athlon64 X2 QL62, with video 9100M G

    and which one has the best VGA???

  52. Raz says:

    To Andy:
    The 9100M G outscores Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD..

    so because of that i think i’ll go with the MSI VR630X ,the two laptop’s other specs are pretty much the same anyways

    but those r just my personal opinion ,u might wanna ask other ppl too .^_^

    btw i’m using the 9100M G too and its pretty good ,i got around 30-40fps while playing DMC4 and some other games.

  53. ronnie says:

    I just bought 4530 rm-74 yesterday with new size procie 2.2 GHz and HDD 250 GB. Is it because too many poeple said this is better for playin the games. But I try to playing cod4 this is lagging..

  54. Weinter says:

    You have to set Nvidia Control Panel to performance.
    9100M G can render games but not with Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic filtering on.
    Also updating drivers will help.

  55. lester says:

    what is better nvidia gforce 9100 or ati radeon hd

  56. Divas says:

    Geforce 9100 is better than ATI cards

  57. Krisbow says:

    Can it run PES 2009 on high setting very well? because i saw HD3450 can ran it without lagging..

  58. Sailendra says:

    Does the Acer 4530 heats up frequently while gaming .It shows around 65 deg C while normal functioning.Is it OK.How good is the AMD Athlon X2 64 processor?

  59. Kdwhalen lou, KY says:

    I want to build my own computer. My parents have an old dell and I was goin to try to build off that. Is that possible?? I want to build it to be able to play crysis and other games with atleast medium graphics.

  60. Kdwhalen lou, KY says:

    I am a beginner so im trying to learn all this on my own and what I can gather from you all and other internet sources.

  61. Pokloh says:

    I’m prepared to buy the acer 4530 turion with Gf 9100 mg..but suddenly I found this blog and I can’t keep from asking, “whatabout Racedriver Grid? can I play it, theoretically, with this notebook’s specs?”

    Of this notebook, I think the price to performance factor is very interesting.

  62. Zhie says:

    i just bought 4530 and when i check the gforce 9100 G temperature using PC Wizard, the result is 93 C and reach 115 C when im playing games like PES06, Football Manager 09, Dynasti Warriors, and many more at about 10 minutes. i never BSOD..
    i have checked to acer service my notebook, but there is no change about it,
    do u know why?
    please help me,

  63. Weinter says:

    check my blog on replacing thermal paste in Aspire 4530.
    It dropped to 80 + degrees in a Air Conditioned Room after I replaced the default thermal pad

  64. Zhie says:

    can u help me??

  65. Zhie says:

    where is your blog??
    please tell me your url

  66. netto says:

    Why my 4530 only get 1.145 on 3DMark 06 dan 2.998 on 3DMark 03. I’m using DDR2 PC-5300 512 MB 1pcs + 1 GB 1pcs. Should I upgrade to DDR2 PC-6400 1 GB x 2pcs?

    Sys Info;

    WinXP Pro SP2
    VGA Driver 185.85


  67. reca says:

    hi there..just askin..nvidia gforce 9100 vs ati radeon hd3200. which one better?

  68. reca says:

    what is better ati radeon hd3200 or ati radeon 9100igp

  69. Gaebryl says:

    Anyone have any experience running world of warcraft on Acer Aspire AS4530-6823 NoteBook with NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G? I am considering purchasing and playing wow would be 90% of the usage.

  70. Vince says:

    I am planing to get ACER Aspire 4530 – AMD Turion X2 NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G, Anyone can tell me can I play Tomb Raider – UNDERWORLD on this Laptop?

    Thanks in advance ^^

  71. Nell says:

    Hi! Can I play The Sims 3 (considering future expansions) smoothly on Acer Aspire 4530? If not, can anyone recommend a laptop model with specs that’s right around the same budget. Thanks

  72. Roy Sukro says:

    don’t buy it

    it obsolete!

  73. Weinter says:

    Check out my site I already listed the successor 4535G and no G.

  74. jeff says:

    Hey guys, which is better: MSI EX400/EX401 or Acer 4530? Pls answer…

  75. william says:

    of course MSI EX400 it has HD3470

  76. Gino says:

    NVidia 9100m g is much better if you install the latest Dox Driver. I Dont really rely on Benchmarks, I rely on my Expirience, especially with different PC and Laptop GPUs. I can play L4D, Kings Bounty: The Legend, CS Source, Half Life 2, COD4, Race Driver Grid, RA3, Kanes Wrath, DemiGod, Sims3, Spore and NBA 2k9 in High Setting except (Far Cry 2 and DemiGod). Far Cry 2 and Demigod runs at my acer 4530 with medium settings.

    Acer 4530
    Windows 7 build 7100
    Turion X2 Ultra 2.2 GHZ
    4 GB of Ram
    Nvidia 9100m g

  77. Janck says:

    Acer ofcourse.

  78. Gino is right, the Dox Driver makes a large difference.

  79. [-erick-] says:

    Is it possible to upgrade the 9100M G on the Acer Aspire4530?


    Win7 32bit
    3gb DDR2-800
    320gb SG

  80. Devilshand says:

    my stats are horrible, i need a new computer

  81. dexter says:

    Hi, I just read your post….I’m wondering which is better in terms of performance ATi Mobility Radeon HD 3470 vs Nvidia GeForce 9100M….

  82. Mamat says:

    Of course, by all mean Radeon 3470.

  83. pato says:

    Hey are you kidding me ? I can play assasins creed with medium settings and plays fine no lag plus fifa 2010, GRAW 2, NFS MW and rainbow six vegas

    and I only have the athlon x2 version with 3 gb ram and vista

  84. pato says:

    plus CATIA and Solidworks Premium

  85. Do you know of this content jogs my memory of some other the same a single Someone said some other place?

  86. ksenya says:

    че че??)

  87. terr says:

    i am ACER4530 user.. the problem on my laptop is about the graphic.. i already upgrade my ram to 2gb.. when im playing facebook gaming like empires & allies.. its not hang but its running slowly.. i mean when im move my cursor.. when im clicking any bonus or other.. can u help me..

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