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Posted: August 7, 2008 in Hardware
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I found a very interesting website related to battery…not limited to laptop aka notebook battery only. Most of the articles there grab my attention, so instead of summurize them, it is better for me to direct linking their articles.

Table of Content :

Facts about batteries

Sharing battery knowledge

When was the battery invented?

Battery chemistries

What’s the best battery?

The nickel-based battery, its dominance and the future

– The nickel-cadmium battery
– The nickel-metal-hydride battery
Is lithium-ion the ideal battery?

– The lithium-ion battery
– The lithium polymer battery
– Restrictions on lithium content for air travel
– Restrictions on shipment of lithium-ion batteries
The high-power lithium-ion
– Types of lithium-ion batteries
– Definition of Energy Density and Power Density
– Confusion with voltages
Prolonged battery life through moderation

Lithium-ion safety concerns

– Recall of lithium-ion batteries
– Safety level of lithium-ion systems
– What every battery user should know
Can the lead-acid battery compete in modern times?

– Plate thickness
– Sealed lead-acid
– Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries (AGM)
Will the reusable alkaline battery have a future?

What’s the role of the supercapacitor?

Packaging and safety

Battery packaging – a look at old and new systems

– The cylindrical cell
– The button cell
– The prismatic cell
– The pouch cell
– Battery packs for portable devices
Safety circuits for modern batteries

Serial and parallel battery configurations

– Singe cell applications
– Serial connection
– Parallel connection
– Serial/parallel connection
– Charging and discharging lithium-ion batteries
– Household batteries


Charging nickel-based batteries

– Charging nickel-cadmium
-Charging nickel-metal-hydride
Charging lithium-ion batteries

-Preparing new lithium-ion for use
-State-of-charge reading based on terminal voltage
Charging the lead-acid battery

– Charging lead-acid batteries with a power supply
– State-of-charge reading based on terminal voltage
– Battery as a buffer
Charging at high and low temperatures

– Ultra-fast chargers
How to charge-when to charge table


Discharging at high and low temperatures

– Pulse discharge
Discharge methods

– What is C – rate?
– Depth of discharge
– Discharge currents and load signatures
– What constitutes a discharge cycle?
Calculating the battery runtime

– The Peukert number

Internal resistance

How does the internal battery resistance affect performance?

-Talk-time as a function of internal resistance
Internal resistance as a function of state-of-charge

Intelligent battery

The ‘smart’ battery

– The Single Wire Bus
– The SMBus
– Negatives of the ‘smart’ battery
The battery fuel gauge

– The state-of-charge indicator
– The target capacity selector

Storing and recycling

How to store batteries

– Priming new batteries
Recycling batteries

Summary Table

Do and don’t
battery table

Prolonging battery life

The secrets of battery runtime

– Declining capacity
– Increasing internal resistance
– Elevated self-discharge
– Premature voltage cut-off
Non-correctable battery problems

– High self-discharge
– Low capacity cells
– Cell mismatch
– Shorted cells
– Loss of electrolyte
Memory: Myth or fact?

– How to restore and prolong nickel-based batteries
– Field results on exercise and recondition
How to prolong lithium-based batteries

– Longevity of high-power lithium-ion

How to restore and prolong lead-based batteries

– The sealed lead-acid (SLA)
– Valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA)

Battery performance as a function of cycling

– Nickel-cadmium
– Nickel-metal-hydride
– Lithium-ion

What is the best cycling pattern?

Battery applications

Choosing the right battery for wireless communications

– What’s the best battery for cell phones?
– Counterfeit cell phone batteries
– What’s the best battery for two-way radios?

How to increase the runtime of your wireless device

– It’s not always the battery’s fault
– Battery rapid-testing

Choosing the right battery for portable computing

– What’s the best battery for laptops?
– How to calibrate the battery
Choosing the right battery for industrial applications
– What’s the best battery for video cameras?
– What’s the best battery for still cameras?
– What is the best battery for medical devices?
– What is the best battery for power tools?

Choosing the right battery for wheeled & stationary applications

– What’s the best battery for wheelchairs?
– What’s the best battery for the electric bicycle?
– What’s the best battery for the electric vehicle?
– What’s the best battery for stationary applications?
Are the Hybrid Cars here to stay?
-What’s the best battery for the hybrid car?
-The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
-The paradox of the hybrid vehicle

Battery service

Rapid testing portable batteries

– The load test
– The AC conductance test
– The Cadex QuickTest™
Rapid testing automotive and stationary batteries

– Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
– Commercializing Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Why do different test methods provide dissimilar readings?

– Battery rapid test methods and how they work
– Capacity measurements
– An important need fulfilled
What causes car batteries to fail?

– Acid stratification, a problem with luxury cars
– The challenge of battery testing
– The tough choice

Starting is easy… but can I steer and brake?

– What is the difference between CCA and RC?
– Capacity measurements, the most comprehensive battery test
– Early test results on Reserve Capacity
– Summar
y BU42D

Testing deep cycle lead acid batteries
– What is the difference between Capacity and CCA?
– Battery rapid-test methods
– What are typical battery problems
Advanced battery analyzers

– Fixed current analyzers
– Programmable analyzers
– Battery adapters
– Service programs
– Printing

Computerized battery testing

– Cellular dealers
– Cellular service Centers
– Battery fleet owners
– Manufacturers and pack assemblers

How to service two-way radio batteries

– The ‘green light’ lies
– Maintenance of fleet batteries

How to service cell phone batteries

– Refurbishing, a cost-effective exercise
– Storefront battery service
– Why was storefront service not done earlier?
How to service laptop batteries

– Battery connection
– Repairing a ‘smart’ battery
Increasing battery power by zapping

Battery behavior

Observing batteries in everyday lives

– The personal battery user
– The fleet battery user
– What lack of battery maintenance can do


Will secondary batteries
replace primaries?

– Capacity rating of alkaline cells
– Run-time estimation
– The switch to secondary batteries
The Cost of Battery Power

– The primary battery
– The secondary battery
– The combustion engine
– The fuel cell

The fuel cell

– Type of fuel cells
– Applications
– Limitations
The miniature fuel cell
– Will the fuel cell replace the battery?

Comparing battery power
– Battery power and the Boeing 747 jumbo jet
– How are newer battery chemistries faring?

Things to come

The future battery

– What is the ultimate miracle battery?
– Will the fuel cell replace the battery
Battery Statistics

– Where will commercial batteries come from?

Up-to-date statistical battery information

Credit : BatteryUniversity.com

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