X-Fi + Vista Start Kickin’

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Hardware, Software
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Recently, Creative release latest driver for their SoundBlaster X-Fi for Vista and Windows XP.


Surprisingly, these new drivers really kicking. I mean it.

Previously, I curse Windows Vista because it make my SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum seem overprice. Lack of punch and treble. However, after update my x-fi soundcard with this latest driver, immediately I could tell the different.

Entertaiment Mode. Bass and Treble working like charm. So do Crystalizer and X-Fi CMSS

This one working too….but no EAX Advance HD

This mode …hmm cant comment much. I pay for this feature but never use once.

First and foremost…. the console is back in full of its pass glory. Bass and treble sound as good as in XP. Multimedia entertainment wise, seem Vista could fight with XP 😀

Secondly, there is no crackling or sound driver conflict when I switch from Entertainment to Game or Music Creation as I face with previous console.

However DirectSound EAX Advance HD, you need to depend on Creative Alchemy….sigh.

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