How to Slipstream and Custom Build Vista

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Hardware, Software

Okay, here is the scenario. I have a copy of Windows Vista 32 bit Ultimate Edition, without Service Pack 1. So, whenever I format my PC (assuming I do not use image backup software), I need to install Vista from this DVD and apply SP1 manually which both activity will cost me almost 2 hours. Furthermore, I feel Vista Ultimate a little bit bloated. So, I was thinking, what if I remove some of un-necessary features, which rarely or never use at all. I could save some hard disk space and make my registry more compact, which translate to better performance.

Requirement :

Step :

  • Put Vista DVD in your DVD drive or mount vista iso image using your favourite iso mounter (such as Daemon Tool Lite : HERE)
  • Install vLite as usual
  • Install Windows AIK
    • Method 1 : Burn Windows AIK image into DVD+R using your favourite software) or
    • Method 2 : Mount Windows AIK image using your favourite ISO or IMG mounter (such as Daemon Tool Lite)
  • Run vLite

  • Click on browse button, and choose your DVD drive which contain your Vista installation disc. In my case, my vista installation disc located at drive J. Then click OK.

Choose appropriete drive then click OK

Click OK

Create a new folder in any of your hard disk partition (which has more than 4 GB free space). I create mine and name it as vLite Output

vLite is copying my Vista Installation disc.

Choose your Vista version. Since my vista is ultimate edition, I choose this one.

If everything goes fine, your vLite should show something like this.

Click on Task Button

Service Pack Slipstream Checked. I want to integrate Service Pack 1 (which I download before from microsoft website).

Integration Checked. Reason : I seriously lazy to install my video, motherboard, sound, lan, mouse drivers one by one. Even if vista installation disk can’t detect certain hardware while installation process is running, those drivers will be saved in driver cache / pool. So, when I plug that device, windows will recognize it and install it automatically. Pretty handy heh.

Components Checked. Reason : As I said before, I feel Vista Ultimate a little bit bloated. I want to remove certain application or programs which I rarely or never use at all.

Tweaks Checked. Reason : A little bit tweak here and there should be OK. Everybody love super smooth OS ‘aight.

Unattended Setup checked. Reason : I love ‘controlled’ automatic. With this feature activated, you provide all required installation details, so Vista installation process will never bug you. Run it, get some coffee and snack… several minutes later…your vista installation completed. Sweet.

Bootable ISO Checked. This is a must. It allow your freshly bake Vista disc to be bootable when you start your computer from DVD drive.

Enable before apply Checked. Reason : This option allow me to access it without applying any change to this ISO image. Optional.

Click on Slipstream button

This is Slipstream Windows. Click on Select button, to choose your predownload Vista SP1 file.

Here is my Vista SP1. Select it and click Open button.

vLite is doing its job. Give it some time to crunch those datas and integrate ’em into Vista installation disc. It is advisable to disable your anti-virus to speed up the process. But if you are paranoia enough, you can keep your antivirus on. Go grap a cup of coffee or soda unless you are geek enough to watch installation bar to move at snail speed πŸ˜€

Phew, after close to 1 hour, this dude finally finish integrate SP1 into vista installation disc.

Click on Integration. I don’t have any hotfix in my hand currently, so I will skip that one. Click on Drivers instead.

Enable it. Press insert button.

Browse to your driver directory. In this case, I choose Razer Death Adder driver (inf)

Click Components.

Note : Check to REMOVE .

This is the list of components I remove. Please note that my list should not be used as your personal list because I remove something that I don’t want but might usefull to others, and vice versa.

Press Next.

vLite will check componnent dependency. In case of I screw up, and mess up with vista dependecy, vLite will inform me.

Choose Yes instead πŸ˜€

Security, Explorer, IE and Services remain default. When finish, press Next

This is for unattended setup. I prefer to skip product key for security concern here. You should put your product key πŸ˜€

Choose Specify and change the value if necessary. Press next when you done with it.

I choose to create image (in iso mode) instead of burn it directly into DVD+R. Reason : to save my DVD+R, in case of I screw up my Vista Lite :D. I can always test this vista lite using VMWare or Virtual PC first. If you want to directly burn into DVD+R, change Create Image to Direct Burn and specify your burner as below.

Then presss ‘Make ISO’ if you choose to Create Image or ‘Burn’ button if you decide to burn it directly.

Since i choose to burn image, vLite will ask me, where should it create this image file. I choose to create it here. Press Save.

Image creation in progress…..

Complete. You may press Exit button here.

So, at this stage, we already have our custom vista installation disc, waiting to be evaluate or burn into any DVDR. According to vLite, I already save almost 4 GB of hdd space.

credit : expertester

  1. defaultname365 says:

    Fantastic job! So clear and accurate. The screenshots at every step are great ! Will absolutely try it out… in fact, the official site is not as clear as yours. Yours is the most simple and clear. Kudos. I was afraid to try, but not anymore.

  2. Pierre says:

    What happenes if your copy of windows is just an upgrade? will this still work?

  3. BOB says:

    Let me rephrase that actually, I know you can do it from a Vista AnyTime Upgrade DVD. I am unsure as to whether or not you can do it with other upgrade CDs.

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