Rising Antivirus : Full Feature Certified AntiVirus

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Software

I found this product from WilderSecurity forum (my favorite PC security forum honestly). This FREE internet security product named : Rising AntiVirus. At first, I am very skeptical with this product. Perhaps it is my first impression as I never heard this kind of antivirus. But, after reading here and there, cross check with independent lab, I could rest assure this product is a legit one.

Before we go any further, let see what certifications this antivirus has :

Awards & Certifications

Rising Antivirus 2008 now also works on Windows Vista. Rising Antivirus completely supports Windows Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit. More…

As a result of August comparative anti-virus products test, the report done by Virus Bulletin indicates that RISING, with its powerful technical strength, is the winner of the VB100 award.

For many years, Virus Bulletin has carried out independent comparative testing of anti-virus products. Indeed, Virus Bulletin’s tests are widely recognized within the industry. The tests tend to focus on virus detection rates and scanning speed, as well as looking at how each product fares when scanning a set file that are known to be clean.

The VB100 award was first introduced in 1998. In order to display the VB100 logo, an anti-virus product must have demonstrated in our tests that: it detects all In the Wild viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning; it generates no false positives when scanning a set of clean files; The product must fulfill these criteria in its default state. More…

Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop Certification

For a product to be accredited to the Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop certification, the desktop product must be able to detect all those Viruses, Worms and BOTS currently ‘in the wild’, which are listed in the WildList current at the time of testing.

This gives a clear and independent indication to end users of those anti-virus products that they can be relied on for their detection capabilities. More…

Checkmark Anti-Virus Disinfection Certification

For a product to be accredited to the Checkmark Anti-Virus Disinfection certification, the product must be able to disinfect all files infected with those Viruses that are capable of being disinfected, which have appeared on the WildList in a 12 month period prior to the time of testing.

This gives a clear and independent indication to end users of those anti-virus products that they can be relied on for their virus disinfection capabilities. More…

Checkmark Anti-Trojan Certification

For a product to be accredited to the Checkmark Anti-Trojan certification, the product must be able to detect all active Trojans – around 500 different and validated samples – in the Checkmark test suite current at the time of testing. More…

W.C.L Level 1 Certified

The West Coast Labs Checkmark level 1 & 2 certifications are given to antivirus software that detects all current “in the wild” viruses, generated no false positives, prevented virus replication and disinfected all of the viruses that could be disinfected. More…

W.C.L Level 2 Certified

The West Coast Labs Checkmark level 1 & 2 certifications are given to antivirus software that detects all current “in the wild” viruses, generated no false positives, prevented virus replication and disinfected all of the viruses that could be disinfected. More…

WCL Trojan certified

For a product to be certified to the Trojan Checkmark. The product must be able to detect all Trojan in the West Coast Labs Trojan test suite, which is regularly updated. The product should not cause any false alarms (based on testing against the West Coast Labs false alarm test suite). More…

RISING can be viewed in the SC Magazine Asia Pacific online edition. More…

TÜV Monitored Virus Protection
Antivirus certification by TÜV Learn More…

Wow, impressive. VB100 and WCL Checkmark certified. Latest Av-Comparative do not has rising AV in their list yet…perhaps this AV too young to be included. But, by passing strict latest VB100 and WCL checkmark, rest assured that this product has excellent capability. So, is it really FREE? Yes it is, as long as you use it for personal use. Any different with PAID version? Their answer : NO. Cool heh.

Let examine this product features :

Features of Rising AV :

  • Active Defense Technology
    • Rising’s Active Defense Technology is designed to prevent the execution of malicious programs. It provides more open rules for advanced user customization, which enables the user to define unique defense rules depending upon the special circumstances of his/her own system, thus maximizing the system’s protection.
  • Patented Scanning Technology for Unknown Viruses
    • Rising’s scanning technology for unknown viruses is protected by patents in the United States of America and Europe. This technology protects your personal computer before new virus definitions are available. Unknown Virus Scan&Clean(Patent No.:ZL 01 1 17726.8)
  • Patented Fully Automatic SmartUpdate
    • Rising’s Automatic SmartUpdate Technology enables Rising software automatically detect the latest version and automatically updates. RISING Virus Lab provides updates at least three times per day with instant updates. Fully Automatic SmartUpdate(Patent No.:ZL 01 1 42155.X)
  • Smart Virtual Machine with Behaviour & Packing Pattern Recognition
    • RISING Antivirus comes with an integrated smart virtual machine, which is used for virus scanning and malware recognition. RISING’s proprietary smart virtual machine technology provides the additional safety for your computer without slowing down your system. Suspected code and program can be run in this virtual machine for RISING Antivirus to check for potential malicious behaviour. RISING’s Behaviour & Packing Pattern Recognition allows to test such potential malware thoroughly without influencing the performance of your PC and protects your system against new viruses and unknown viruses.
  • Application Protection
    • Application Protection can protect specified applications from attack by malicious programs. A user can apply rules to game software, instant messenger, etc. to customize protection. Rising Anti-Virus 2008 provides users with eight rules: Anti-DLL Injection, Anti-CodeInjection, Anti-Memory Modification, Anti-Memory Read, Prevent Suspension, Prevent Termination, Anti-Simulated Sending, and Anti-Simulated Key.
  • Self-Protection
    • Previous versions have not offered complete protection to Rising products themselves, resulting in damage to Rising products by specific viruses such as Orange August. The spread of such viruses has prevented users from running Rising products or to browse the Rising website. We now employ Active Defense Technology to address this omission.
  • Application Access Control
    • Application Access Control monitors suspicious programs to limit their access to computer resources.
  • Program Startup Control
    • Program Startup Control allows users to monitor the startup process of programs, thus being able to intercept and prevent the execution of unknown malicious programs as well as detecting any modification of applications
  • Malicious Behavior Detection
    • Malicious Behavior Detection monitors programs running in the system to detect and report the behavior patterns of malicious code, optionally allowing the user to authorize or reject suspicious activity.
  • Hidden Process Detection
    • Hidden Process Detection can detect processes that cannot be seen in the Windows Task Manager that may contain malicious code, including rootkits.
  • Computer Security Check
    • The Computer Security Check function informs the user of the current security level and guides him/her in strengthening it to prevent intrusions.
  • Security Tool Integration Platform
    • The Security Tool Integration platform provides the following tools: Other Embedded Scan, Registration Wizard, Latest Installation Creation Tool, Application Protection Wizard, Vulnerability Check, and View Quarantine.

Look at their customer list… :

Limitation :

Too bad, for free product, they do not include Firewall. Free firewall coming up next 😀

Alternative :

  • Avira Antivir Classic Personal Edition (Currently use this one…but compare to paid version, free version doesn’t support POP)
  • AVG Free
  • Avast Free
  • Norton Security Scan : Google Pack
  • Comodo AV

Verdict :

I personally wanna try this security software. It has everything except firewall which Comodo Firewall (free) with or without HIPS could be firewall replacement.


Man, I love this free AV. Super light in resource. I never know my vista could be this responsive even an antivirus with antispyware, HIPS, antirootkit and anti spam working underneath. My PC seem as fast as it was naked.

Rising AV has more bell and whistle compare to Avira (could be considered superb virus detection, but lack of HIPS, antirootkit, antispyware and antispam) but, hell, Vista with Rising is more responsive than Avira Antivir alone….hmmm interesting.

Virus detection rate … honestly, I do not put my hope too high. But since it get WCL and VB100 accreditation, it should be OK. After doing complete scan in my PC, it found 2 trojans, hide deeply in my 7zip recursive archive. Ah ha… gotcha.

Overall : Still impresive.

  1. xfader says:

    how good is this av compared to BitDefender v.11? since it’s rated to be par with kaspersky rite?
    NO.1-2 AV in The World? cmiiw

    i bought BitDefender v.10 for IDR 50.000 / USD 6 only (i consider it as cheap as candy or at least better than downloading the hacked “multi license key” version and having to download another hacked version whenever its been blacklisted by the AV server)
    the cool thing is, i can use the 1 year license key to install BitDefender 2008(v.11) which costs around USD 20… (saved USD 15!!)

    btw, i personally hate avg free (the latest ver. i used was 8.0) right after it caused my explorer.exe to crash so often and many other problems..

  2. expertester says:

    @Xfader :

    Bitdefender is big name in anti-virus industries. There is no clear cut which antivirus actually the best. Different independent lab give different result due to different methodology they used. Even av-comparative (http://www.av-comparatives.org/seiten/comparatives.html) give different result for on-demand and retrospective result.

    I read somewhere that this AV use Kaspersky ‘reverse engineered’ engine and Kaspersky already took legal action on Rising but how truth this news is unconfirmed.

    I am using this AV currently. Very light in resource. Lighter than Avira PE and KIV itself. Rising found 2 trojans in my PC. One in 7zip archive (multi layer) and one not. Interestingly, Avira, KIV and web base Bitdefender scanner never detect it before. False positive? Probably 😀

    To be honest, I don’t know how good this AV compare to other big name in AV industries yet. According to AV-comparative.org, rising has lower signature base detection compare to Avira but (there is a big but), Rising has HIPS…which is very important feature to prevent virus infection even Rising don’t has that particular virus definition. One more interesting feature is, Virtual Sandbox, something like that. The idea is, Rising create a isolated virtual environment to let suspected file do its thing and monitor it closely…kinda honeypot. Once the suspected file think it got what it need and start its nasty job, boom…gotcha. Virus detected 😀

    So, signature base alone, Rising is an average AV. But with HIPS and Virtualization, Rising could perform at least on par with other big name in AV industry.

    For your situation, better stick with Bitdefender 2009 since you have license for that one. Rising is good alternative for those who do not willing to pay several bucks for their AV protection. If you wanna try, why don’t you uninstall BitDefender or di-activate it online monitor, install rising (+ update) and scan your PC. Let see how much malware it able to find 😀

    Note : HIPS and bloodhound is different. Most AV pre-equipped with bloodhound (heuristic) which is alternative method to detect virus base on their suspicious activity rather than virus definition. This is usefull especially when zero day virus release and AV company do not has its signature yet. However, HIPS is a method to prevent malware to hijack and take windows trusted programs/application to mask thier nasty job. Definition + Heuristic + HIPS + Sandbox is the new way of Antivirus should work 😀

    Since BD don’t have HIPS, perhaps you should try any free HIPS available in net. Comodo Firewal Pro has HIPS but bear in mind, while its HIPS is very solid, it also very annoying.

    So far, Rising AV protect my PC pretty good. Hard to measure when the user itself don’t download crack or visit ‘ahem’ website…you got what I mean right. The best AV is the user commonsense 😀

  3. xfader says:

    will try this and see if it can be tagged along with my BitDefender 2008…
    where can i download this bro?

  4. AnonEmp says:

    I’m currently testing their Internet Security 2009 software and so far it’s a great product. BUT something that surprised me is the lack of antispyware.

    I contacted Customer Support and they told me to install their free tool called PC Doctor which has antispyware capabilities and makes no conflict with Rising Internet Security.

    Other thing is that it seems that the updates are not daily, but I’ve been testing it for just two days, so I’m probably wrong.

    TIP: Rise all security to High for better protection and detection capabilities.

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