How to Bypass BIOS Password

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Hardware
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What happens if you have forgotten your BIOS password ? You can’t boot your laptop computer !

You can send it to the manufacturer to have the BIOS reset (but this can be expensive and not covered in warranty) or use a BIOS backdoor password

Before you begin typing in passwords read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting. Some BIOS configurations will lock the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times.

Award BIOS backdoor passwords
589589 589721 595595 598598 1322222 _award ALFAROME ALLy aLLy aLLY ALLY aPAf AWARD PW AWARD SW AWARD?SW AWARD_SW AWKWARD awkward BIOSTAR CONCAT CONDO Condo d8on djonet HLT J256 J262 j322 j332 J64 KDD Lkwpeter LKWPETER PINT pint SER SKY_FOX SYXZ syxz TTPTHA ZAAADA ZBAAACA ZJAAADC

AMI BIOS backdoor passwords

Phoenix BIOS backdoor passwords

Toshiba BIOS bypass
Most Toshiba laptops and some desktop systems will bypass the BIOS password if you hold down left shift key during boot

Remember: read your motherboard / computer documentation to be sure that your system will not lock completely after 3 attempts. I’m not responsible if you or anyone else locks your system by using these passwords.

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