Ok, I love Vista

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Software
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Author : Expertester

Contradict to my old post (Why XP not Vista) I finally fall in love with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (as server and workstation).

However, this is not happening overnight. A lot of effort and time had been put to understand, learn and study how to fully utilize Vista potential. Vista is the current generation of operating system and I have to work alongside with it instead of keep fighting it in order to enjoy maximum benefits of Windows Vista, thus resulting better productivity.

Bear I mind, I do not compare Vista to any operating system directly, be it Windows XP, 98, 2000, OSX or even Linux. This post more or less, explains why I as a former Windows Vista hater / basher could fall in love with this Operating System.

  • Security : Out of the box experience
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Current Technology
  • Matured driver
  • New Networking Experience
  • Advance Sleep
  • Installation and Recovery
  • Ultimate Package
  • Bloated?
  • My Documents Issue
  • Aero
  • I use Office 2007
  • I have to use Ms Visual Studio
  • Compatibility
  • Games and DirectSound
  • Stability
  • DreamScene
  • Fully Bake OS
  • SuperSearch

Why I love Vista:

  • Security (out of the box experience)
    • Vista Firewall
      • Firewall is a firewall. My previous understanding regarding firewall made me jump into conclusion that Vista firewall is a piece of crap. Firewall like Comodo is Firewall + HIPS. Comodo without HIPS (deactivate Defense + aka D+), is weaker than Vista preloaded firewall. Comodo without D+ could be terminate by most Trojan. Moreover, Comodo HIPS seriously has its own flaws. Absolutely, its HIPS is very aggressive and solid but the weak point is the user itself. I am tired with nonstop questions, which I need to answer; either to allow or block ABC or XYZ application to access internet or hook with other application. Most of the time, I choose ‘allow and remember this answer‘. What if I accidently allow malware? Boom!!!
      • Out of the box, Vista able to stealth every single port from any port scan. Outbound protection though, I need to self configure its rule. Once a while when too explicit action such as P2P application requesting inbound and outbound connection, Vista will ask me.
      • Even I could find several free personal firewall out there, I believe with my very own common sense (in term of internet usage), I do not need extra 3rd party firewall (which will consume my precious CPU cycle) to protect my Vista. However, I definitely need one if I use Windows XP as primary OS for outbound protection.
    • Anti-Spyware
      • Windows Defender automatically updates its definition thru Windows Update. It silently protects and cleans up my Vista from any known spyware. It integrates well with Vista and act as part of it. Compare to XP, windows defender work like (more or less) 3rd party or add-on application. I notice when windows defender installed in my XP box, system responsiveness degrade to certain degree. But since Windows Defender is a part of Windows Vista, I can’t tell the difference.
    • Security Center
      • I like the way Vista keep remind me that my computer might has some vulnerabilities, either outdated virus definition, firewall not activated, Windows out of date etc etc. Windows Defender also integrates well with Vista Security Center and Operating System too. XP also has Security Center but not well integrate as in Vista.
    • Network Connection Profile
      • One major issue with Windows XP is Network Connection. My scenario is more or less like this.
        • In my home and office (private) network, I enable resource sharing such as hard disk and printer sharing. However, when I use this notebook at public network (such as Starbucks or Airport wireless connection), I need to turn off all this thingy manually. So it pretty troublesome for me to enable it back when I hook this notebook at my home or office.
        • Vista however has Public and Private Profile. Every time I hook network cable or switch on my wireless adapter, Vista will ask me either to enable network discovery or not. If I choose to turn on network discovery, Vista will automatically search any available PC or network device in that network and populate them to me (even with different workgroup). Pretty cool. Moreover, exactly right after I decide to activate network discovery, Windows Vista will ask; either to set this network as private or public and apply correspond network and firewall setting automatically. Sweet.
      • Either public or private, Internet connectivity is not an issue. I can access internet, receive my mail without even switch on network discovery.
  • Speed
    • Ready Boost
      • ReadyBoost actually work but I need to have a proper flash USB drive. My cheap Kingston 2 GB is not fast enough to allow vista fully utilize ready boost feature. When I test ReadyBoost feature with ReadyBoost ready USB drive (SanDisk Cruzer Contour : 24 MBps read and 18 MBps write), Vista system responsiveness impress me. I never know ReadyBoost could be this good. At the end, I do myself a favor by purchasing a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Contour (note : for testing purpose, I borrow this amazing pendrive from my mate).
      • Even with 4 GB RAMs, flash drive which has fast random 4kb file access (1ms compare to 8-10 ms from hard disk) really contribute to better system responsiveness. There is no clear benchmark but you could feel the difference.
      • Basically, operating system will load (copy) files need to be executed from hard disk and load it into memory, and then processor will run that file. So, even we have a lot of RAMs but that required (frequent) files do not exist or not loaded yet in RAM, operating system need to request it from hard disk. With ready boost, assuming that file is very frequent requested file, big chance is that file already stored as cache in hard disk and readyboost USB flash drive. Since flash drive has very fast random access time (less than 1 ms) compare 8-12 ms for hard disk, operating system could load that file much faster.
    • SuperFetch
      • Another brand new memory management and optimization from Microsoft. Superfetch is smart memory management. It will monitor user usage pattern and preload favorite application into RAMs even user haven’t click on that particular application yet. It even able to remember what application mostly uses at specific day and time.
      • However, like other artificial intelligent, it needs to be ‘trained’. Right after fresh installation, I couldn’t feel what SuperFetch could offer me but it is well understood. I keep using Vista as my primary operating system for a week and I start to notice my Vista getting snappier. Tell me what other OS could improve its speed over time. XP will slow down from time to time without proper maintenance right.
      • Example: Every morning, while sipping my coffee, I will fire up Mozilla Firefox to read online newspaper and some tech. website and blog. Then I will open my Microsoft Outlook 2007 to read my Gmail. This is my routine. However at night, usually productivity suit such as Office 2007 or Visual C sharp will be fired up. So, what Vista do is, it analyze my routine and preload Firefox and Outlook every morning and Office application and Visual C# at night. Result : Very fast application loading time (in fact faster than XP, honest)…
    • HDD Tweak
      • Finally I able to enjoy high speed file copy process. Maybe it is not faster than XP but close. What I did is install SP1 and this :
      • Windows XP has high performance file transfer speed (between partition and hard disk) but its algorithm is not safe as in Vista. I used to have many corrupted files when I did major parallel copy activity in XP. Cold reset also will cause corrupted files too. Vista addresses this problem by using direct IO instead of cache method. Result : better reliability.
    • Manage memory better than XP
      • SuperFetch and ReadyBoost
      • Come on, 2 GB of RAMs less than RM135 to date and we all know RAM price will get cheaper in the future. Having 4 GB of RAMs nowadays is a common thing. My Vista with other application, utilities and driver more or less use 1 GB which is 25% of my actual RAM. 3 GB not being utilized yry. If I use XP, overall utilization not even touches 700 MB. Since I pay my RAMs, why shouldn’t I use it right? (SuperFetch)
  • Reliability
    • Protected Kernel : Read HERE
    • UAC
      • A lot of Vista hater or user including me complain about User Account Control (UAC) annoy us too much. Some of us even disable it. However, that is not Vista fault literally. UAC activated because software developer do not properly code their software to 100% compliance with windows Vista. In order to protect user from accidently install half bake, wrong version, malware embedded application, Windows Vista warn user explicitly via UAC. In short, Vista will prompt user that this application is trying to get administrator privilege and install itself into user system.
      • If I am installing a software and UAC appear and I confident that this software will not harm my operating system, I will allow it. But if suddenly UAC activated from nowhere… CODE RED…something fishy here. Without UAC, how on earth (assuming I don’t have HIPS installed in my system), I could intercept this? Out of the box Windows XP don’t have this feature.
      • I start to love UAC once I understand its benefit. If I could use sudo command in Linux / Ubuntu every time I need root privilege why should I complain if Vista ask me to click 1 or 2 buttons to confirm certain suspicious activity.
      • If you feel UAC too annoying, you can download UAC tools which will mute UAC from keep nagging at you without turn off UAC feature.
      • I turn ON UAC without mute it. UAC only annoy me when I am installing something new in the OS especially after fresh install. Thanks to Acronis TrueImage, I no longer need to install Vista from scratch. Since I no longer need to install new software (or rarely to be precise), I don’t give a damn either UAC is there or not. I even almost forgot that UAC is activated in my machine.
    • Self Repair (easy enough for average user or non geek)
      • Out of the blue, my Ubuntu can’t boot. I didn’t change anything except delete one partition in windows. That partition was in western digital hard disk while Ubuntu was installed in Seagate hard disk. Since I am not Linux geek, this problem simply annoys and disappoints me. It is either I have to spend several of my productivity hour to read and ask someone in forums or reinstall my Ubuntu. I never face any problem with Windows. I might not smart enough to use Linux, I admit. So do with the rest of major portion of human population on earth.
    • Previous Version (Shadow Copy), System Restore (powered by SC) and Full Backup.
      • Windows XP has System Restore but Windows Vista has System Restore which works alongside with Previous Version. Most of us already aware what is System Restore but what make I like vista is it has Shadow Copy aka Previous Version.
      • In case of I screw up my work.doc or simply my work.doc infected by macro virus, I can get previous copy of my word.doc by simply right click on that file and choose Previous Version. Depend on how many restore point has been made, I can choose 2 or more previous version of work.doc. Really handy and save my day.
      • Imagine I can’t use previous version and my work.doc screw up, I might need to spend days to redo my work. Result : Improve Productivity.
    • Auto Defrag (out of the box)
      • Windows Vista has auto defrag (schedule I believe) to automatically defrag your PC when you are not using your PC. Compare to Windows XP which (out of the box), you need to defrag manually. Windows Vista try to discourage its user to defrag manually by showing very basic defrag interface. In other word, you can forget about defrag job if you use vista.
      • JK defrag, Auslogic and Defragler are free and good defragmenter . PerfectDisk 2008 is superb defragmenter for Windows Vista. So do with latest Diskeeper. But should I bother to install all this defragmenter if built in Vista could do the job? Note : For my Vista box I use PerfectDisk 2008 (because I bought it). My Windows Server 2008 laptop use built in defragmenter (to date).
    • Full Backup
      • I use Acronis True Image 11 to fully backup my operating system partition. But, a lot of my friend doesn’t have. So do many of my customers PC. If they use Vista, I could help them by perform complete PC backup without any extra charge. Both happy.
  • Current Technology
    • Stay with current technology.
      • Windows XP is yesterday news. Current headline is Windows Vista. If I keep refusing to accept Vista and lazy to go thru its learning curve, I will eventually become an old man with outdated knowledge.
      • When Windows XP was out, I eagerly want to know this operating system. I still remember its code name..whistler. Windows 98 could run fine with 64 MB RAMs but Windows XP recommends 256 MB. 4x more than Windows 98. 512 MB is the sweet spot. Judging from 64 to 512, Windows XP require 8x more memory than Windows 98. But maybe, because I was a university student back then (high curiosity and so much time to be wasted LoL), I study, explore, learn its technology and try to work with it in full of young man enthusiasm.
      • So it is not fair to Windows Vista if I hate and bash it because I simply lazy to explore and learn on how to use it properly.
    • More and more place (office, school, university, lab, etc) start using Vista.
      • What can I say? Even internet shop nowadays uses Windows Vista. Microsoft already stops selling Windows XP. So, either way, I need to get use with Vista.
    • Have to be competent Vista user.
      • Operating system is computer productivity overhead. To minimize this overhead cost, I need to be competent enough. My workplace PC use Vista, my notebook use Vista and even my calibration lab use vista…so, what I am waiting for? No matter how much I rant Vista is sux, Vista is slow yada yada nada tada, the world is changing and evolving. All new PC nowadays will use Vista.
  • Matured and fully baked drivers
    • nVidia
      • Finally, no gaming performance hit in Vista anymore. Sorry Vista…it was not your fault but hardware manufacturer driver…heh.
    • Creative X-Fi
      • Yay, thanks Creative. My x-fi now rockin’. Perfectly stable, no boot delay and superb sound (as good as in XP).
    • Certain notebook didn’t provide XP drivers anymore
      • Compaq for example…need I say more?
  • New Networking Experience
    • Pre-made profile
      • As I explain in security section above.
    • One Stop Solution
      • Every single network setting in one place. Network and Sharing center seriously centralize network configuration and wizardry in one window. No more hide and seek lol.
      • I love Sharing Discovery feature. We could fine tune how we share our files as easy as ABC.
      • Network Map is pretty handy especially when I wanna troubleshoot my network.
      • I could change my network from Public to Private (and vice versa) on the fly. I love this one.
    • Auto assign IP really work
      • With Vista, I could say bye-bye for network manual or wizard base configuration. Either my IP is static or dynamic, once I plug LAN cable (from router/switch or other PC), Vista will automatically configure it and allow me to access that particular network in seconds. Even a newbie could access non restricted network as simple as plug the Ethernet cable.
      • No matter if my friend has different workgroup name or has static IP, vista will find it and list his/her pc for me automatically.
      • Internet Connection Sharing allow me to share my broadband (USB Modem) with my other home computer. Configure ICS in vista is really simple. No wizard needed.
  • Advance Sleep
    • Sleep with hibernation. New way of shutdown.
      • When Microsoft keeps boasting their new sleep feature, I was about …what the hell.
      • Since Win95 to WinXP, shutdown is the normal way to switch off my PC. I already get use to it. Sleep does not exist in my PC vocabulary. I know it exist since Win98 but I rarely use it. Most of the time, after sleep, my PC will lock up.
      • However, Vista has advance sleep function. Confident with Vista sleep code, Microsoft replace red shutdown button (WinXP start menu) with Red Sleep Button (Windows Vista).
      • Before I completely understand this feature, I keep bashing Vista which make my life harder even to shutdown my own PC. Fool me. Actually I do not need to shutdown my PC. What I need is SLEEP it. While Vista is sleeping, every single hardware except RAM (and other sub component to supply 1 watts of electric to RAMs) are turned OFF. Not only that, Vista will duplicate RAMs content into hard disk in case of electric energy cut off accidently which in this case, windows will be resume like hibernate. In short, Vista SLEEP function is a combination of windows XP sleep + hibernate.
      • Benefit : Superfast start up, since Vista doesn’t require cold boot. With one key stroke, Vista will wake up and ready to serve me in seconds. Do this at XP, 50% chance my XP will lock up.
      • If I consider Vista SLEEP vs XP SHUTDOWN – clearly Vista is the winner.
    • Notebook
      • Since Vista sleep function is 100% guarantee will work…it is a bless when I use my laptop. Close the LCD lid, Vista will sleep. Open up the lid, Vista will resume. No need to manually hibernate or shutdown. Battery efficiency improves.
      • My Acer 4530 has so many probs with Windows XP including sleep function.
  • Installation & Recovery
    • Fast
      • I clocked my vista installation process is faster than XP; despite Vista installation size could be as huge as 14 GB. Image copying FTW 😀
      • However, installing Ubuntu is way faster though.
    • Built in Backup and Restore function in vista is really handy. I can completely recover my corrupted vista from bootable installation DVD as easy as ABC. I can’t do this without 3rd party software for XP. (In real world, software cost money).
  • Hard Disk
    • I never ever need to insert my Vista DVD whenever I want to add Vista features or install driver. Try these at XP, most of the time; XP will request XP installation CD.
    • This is possible because, during installation, Vista will copy its own DVD image into hard disk (that explains why Vista Ultimate fresh install consume up to 14 GB). But 14 GB is nothing compare to current average hard disk size(500 GB). I can afford to have waste 2 or 3 GB of hard disk space for the sake of simplicity and convenience.
    • Still wanna bash? When Windows XP roll out, how big average hard disk capacity at that moment. Around 20 GB right. One year after XP released, probably user already uses 30 GB hard disk. Fresh XP installation will consume about 1.5 GB hard disk space. So, Windows XP will consume 5% of 30 GB hard disk space. Vista? 15 GB over 500 GB = 3% of current hdd space. Base on this time relative comparison, Vista consume less % !
  • Vista Ultimate : The Ultimate Package
    • Windows Vista Ultimate could cover every single type of customer. In Windows XP, user needs to choose Home Edition, Professional or Media Center. There is no all in one package.
    • So my Vista Ultimate serve me well for my
      • Work which require IIS, advance networking, shadow copy
      • Home Entertainment as what Media Center could do in XP.
      • In case of I has tablet PC, it is well covered too.
  • Bloated?
    • Add remove windows component. Remove anything you don’t like.
    • vLite : Custom made your Vista installation disc.
    • Terminate / Disable unwanted service
  • My Documents Issue
    • Just move it to other partition. Well organize. Get use to it.
    • Admittedly Vista has more dedicated folder in default My Documents. When I still struggle to use Vista efficiently, I blame this feature but once I start to get use to it, I really appreciate how organize my documents and files organization, guided by Vista.
    • In order to solve My Documents folder located in C drive, actually I can move these special folder by right clicking à properties à Location à MOVE.
  • Aero Effect
    • Current hardware has no problem or slowdown with Aero activated.
    • Aero is not Vista add-on, in fact it was made from ground up with Vista. How many of us install Windows Blind (even with performance hit) just to get better Windows GUI.
    • Apple Mac OS also has good looking GUI, why non of Vista Basher hate it?
    • Everyone love something beauty, so do I.
    • I pay my Geforce 8000 and 9000 series card. Able to enjoy it outside in-game and out-game environment is a bonus. No performance hit either Aero turned on of off.
  • I work with Ms Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project and Visio) – (Linux)
    • Yep, XP has no problem with Office 2007 but my Ubuntu has. Open Office or Star Office is not an option for me. Perhaps for those who are adventure enough could fully utilize this open source office suit, but for an old guy like me who need to work for a living, Office 2007 is a must. Whenever I go, proficiency in Office 2007 is a must.
    • I buy my Ms Office 2007 so I should use it, to make my ROI faster.
  • I need to use Ms Visual Studio 2008 Professional (Linux)
    • My office supplies me with this programming suite. I need this piece of software for my productivity. I fully aware Linux has a lot of free programming software but none as comprehensive as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Furthermore, extra learning curve to study and troubleshoot set of independent programming software is not an option for me.
  • No more compatibility issue
    • As Microsoft already ship 60 millions copy of Vista and most 1st tier PC or Notebook manufacturer by default preinstall Vista, almost all software developers already release their Vista compatible software. To date, all my engineering software is natively Vista compatible.
    • No more headache with Vista Emulation
  • Games and DirectSound
    • Latest games are designed with Vista in mind. Instead of relying on DirectSound emulation, game developer nowadays use OpenAL instead; which fully supported by Vista and high end audio card.
    • Most A list games currently support direct 10. Current mid range card such as Radeon 3650 or GeForce 9600 (Sub RM500……my 9 months GeForce 8600 GT price at its prime T_T) could be considered pretty cheap. These cards could exploit DirectX 10 potential at it best. One of my friend bought Radeon 3870 for RM540 at LowYat Plaza and play current A list Dx10 game at highest setting with ease. For the record, 3870 approximately perform 200% better than my 8600 GT.
    • So, is it fair to blame Vista and DirectX thingy if I can’t afford to buy current 3D card? Vista provide the platform for developer to implement better game visual effect. No more & no less. It is up to the hardware to keep up with current games technology and requirement.
    • With latest driver from AMD/ATi or nVidia, Vista to date, perform as fast as XP for DX9 games. Period.

  • Stability
    • Now I know why my previous vista so not stable. I learn it from the hard way. As I said in my previous post, I have 3 OSes installed. Vista, XP and Ubuntu. The problem is, Windows XP could see and manipulate Vista partition including protected folder. Because I use XP most of the time, if any 3rd party poorly coded tweaker, utility, defragmenter or even myself, tampered Vista partition, its integrity is already compromised. Under Vista environment, this stupid activity is guarded.
    • I realize this matter when I remove Windows XP complete and restore Vista Image, update it and use it as my primary OS,un-mount Vista partition from Linux and use only Microsoft Certified utility such as Perfect Disk (need to disband Disktrix for this reason), my vista is ROCK SOLID stable. If I rate XP stability as A-, I rate my current vista as A (highest ranking is A+).
    • Somehow, I believe, we need to think twice and even thrice what cause certain OS not stable. It is because the OS itself, or half baked drivers or the users themselves.
    • During my learning process, I learn that I should use Vista under ‘normal user’ account instead of Administrator account. So do you, for the security sake. (If I agree to use Ubuntu under normal user privilege account, why should I use Vista under Admin account right).
  • Fully Baked OS ; Period
    • For those who are still thinking Vista SP1 is still a half bake product from Microsoft, think again.
    • Vista SP1 use the same kernel as Windows Server 2008, the best OS from Microsoft stable. In fact, Windows Server 2008 is among the best server OS in this world currently. Vista without SP1 might be half baked OS but with SP1, Microsoft already addresses most of the issue.
    • Windows Seven (next generation windows) will be base on Vista code with extra polish, feature added etc. The foundation of Windows 7 is Vista.
  • DreamScene Issue (unsolved)
    • The only feature not available in my Vista Ultimate is DreamScene. I found that DreamScene is still buggy and contribute to BSOD. Without DreamScene, my vista runs flawlessly.
  • Super Search
    • Start Menu
      • With Vista, I rarely scroll and find my desire application one by one as I did in previous version of windows. What I did is, from the search box in start menu I type my desire application name and in a blink of eye, the program listed. Hit enter.
      • Example I want open Ms. Word 2007.
        • From start menu type word
        • Press enter
      • Not only it will show my Start Menu contents (under programs section), It will show my files, bookmarks, emails related to word as well.
    • Windows Explorer
      • Nothing much different here but we can narrow down our search into specific drive/partition or files. For example, my documents folder located in D drive. I know that. And I want to find something like mywork.doc; I double click on D drive, and search mywork.doc. Because I already specify Windows Search to focus on D drive only, the search result comes out in split second. (I index my My Documents folder).
      • Most 3rd party search application such as Google Desktop Search able to cover this section. However, due to some security issue, I no longer install Google Desktop Search in my Windows XP box. I rather trust my OS than free 3rd party application. Do you read all the lengthy Term Of Agreement when you want to install anything in your PC? I leave that to you.
    • Control Panel
      • Here is the best part. In Windows XP, sometime we need to turn windows XP control panel to classic mode in order to ‘manually’ find certain application. Let say battery option. By default Windows XP (and Vista too) categorize control panel items in an organize way, but some of us really get used to Windows 95/98 style :D.
      • In vista what I need to do is, type battery in Control Panel Windows (Search Box) and done
      • Isn’t this cool? I know I want to configure something related to battery. Instead of manually click at Classic View and look for anything related to battery, I just type battery and let vista automatically show me every function in control panel related to battery. I love this feature.

So let recap.

  • Vista is a slow OS?
    • No, with current hardware (RM200 processor is dual core and with RM130 you could get 2 GB of RAMs).
    • Most current A list games are designed with Vista in mind.
    • Driver for 3D card already mature and some of them even perform slightly better in vista compare to xp.
  • Vista is too fat and bloated?
    • No, 15 GB on 500 GB hard disk is almost nothing (3%). 500 GB hard disk will cost me RM230. Sweet spot.
    • Did we complain XP bloated when it consume 1.5 GB while Windows 98 only need 400 MB?
    • We have vLite to custom made Vista installation. You could shave up to 5 GB using this utility.
    • Software cost money. In the age of P2P and pirated software, people seem to forget that they need to pay for their own software, as they pay for their own hardware. It is a good thing when Microsoft ships a lot of application, utilities, and programs with Vista. At least, I feel it worth for the money I invest. Windows XP has tones of new feature compare to Windows 98. Anyone complain? Anyone said XP too bloated? Win95 has tones of new features compare to windows 3.11. Anyone complain? But why, when Vista has a lot of new cool features, people start to bash it as fat, bloated, etc? Pretty funny right.
  • Is Vista still has compatibility problem
    • Software : Most major software developer already release their vista compatible application. In case of some math or statistic software has compatibility problem with Vista, run it under WinXP compatibility mode. As simple as that.
    • Hardware : All new hardware come with Vista driver nowadays. Old hardware sometime out of luck.
  • Vista is more secure than XP?
    • Definitely.
  • Is it true Windows Vista require more technical skill to setup a network?
    • It seem to be like that at first (well, for me at least), but actually it is the opposite one. Vista automatic network configuration really works. It is as simple as Plug and Play.
    • Configuration takes effect on the fly. No need to restart the OS.
    • Vista support IIS7 and IIS7 could handle PHP and MySQL as well (thru FastCGI). No need Apache, XAMPS or WAMP here 😀
  • Is it true Windows XP copy file faster than Vista.
    • Yes. Even with special tweak, XP copy file faster than Vista. No doubt about that but….at the cost of other programs and system responsiveness. When I copy a DVD image (4.5 GB single file) from partition A to partition B, XP will focus all its strength to complete this job as fast as it could resulting my other application seem not so responsive, lag and even temporary lock up. Thing will get worst when I copy several big files over several location. However, in vista this kind of problem rarely exists. Vista will smartly monitor my computer system resources and do some load balancing. I could copy how many files I want to how many place I desire (parallel) and still I could compile my C++ code, or watch DIVX or whatever I want to do with my computer. Behind the scene Vista will manage my computer resource and prevent any kind of sluggish performance and lock up for active application. I seriously willing to sacrifice 10% raw copy performance for this efficiency and reliability.
  • Why some of my friends keep complain about Ms Digital Signature Problem?
    • When vista rolls out, a lot of software did not compatible with Vista. So did with drivers. Digital Signature is an indicator that that particular software is fully tested by Microsoft Quality Lab to ensure highest degree of software compatibility with Vista. But this is old story. To date, I rarely find any digital signature problem with my latest software.
  • Why so much people hate vista?
    • There are two groups who hate vista.
      • Prior SP1 user who frustrated with Vista performance and compatibility (including me).
        • Microsoft already improves Vista significantly with new kernel, SP1 and tones of update. Hardware drivers and software compatibility also are yesterday news (always update your application, install latest hardware…make it as habit).
        • Vista is new OS. It requires new approach to use it. Vista is not Windows XP. Albeit some of the GUI has similarity with XP, it has major GUI overhaul in order to give user better computing experience. Since I used to Windows XP ‘manual’ approach, it take some time for me to appreciate Vista ‘automatic’ approach. As I said before, OS is an overhead for daily productivity. The more automatic it is the better our productivity will be since we could focus our work rather than fine tune, maintain and handle our OS manually. This is a matter of personal taste actually. Certain people love manual gear box for their car while other prefer automatic box. But Vista power user got ‘DSG’ gear box!
      • People who never use Vista but read / listen to the first group.
        • Microsoft tackles this issue with Mojave experiment. Read HERE. Pretty interesting though. It kinda Pepsi challenge.
    • Most of my friends who are not so computer literate don’t give a damn about Vista vs XP. They bought a laptop with Vista pre-install and use it without a fuss.
  • Vista needs some learning curve?
    • Yes indeed. Any new OS require you to learn on how to use it effectively. Either you are Windows XP power user or newcomer.
    • I still remember, several years ago, my dad took Windows 95 class. Pay several hundred bucks though.
    • I myself experiment and self study Windows 95 like nuts too. Win98 and ME has not much different compare to Win95.
    • When Windows XP rolls out, the same process repeated. I still remember how hard for me to make my SoundBlaster Live work under XP.
    • In my opinion, Vista requires much less learning curve for newcomer. But for XP Power User, they rebel because their XP knowledge can’t be completely applied in Vista. (Remember how Visual Basic 6.0 power programmer rebel when Microsoft release VB.net? Today, we all know how powerful dot.net framework right.)
    • When I use Apple MacOS X for the first time, I was about what the …. Where is right mouse button? How to create new file without right mouse button. Etc etc. No need to list my rant here. But eventually, I get used to it and start using it in Mac way. In short, every OS need its own learning curve.
    • For the sake of my reader, I upload Vista ebook here :
  • Could Vista improve my productivity?
    • Depend. If you could work alongside with it and fully utilize it superiority, your productivity will improve. This is quite a long shot. I myself need more than a month to improve and change my work habit with this OS in order to increase my productivity. But once you reach there, you could say ‘Sayonara’ to Windows XP. Currently, no more Windows XP in my system (PC and Notebook).
    • Yes. Less headache, less manual maintenance require, better network connectivity, improve security and lot more automation feature, my productivity indirectly improve as I no longer need to manually tackle them. If I want to accomplish job A, plug A and done. So do with B and C job. In other word, I could spend more time on my productivity suite instead of the OS itself.
  • Is it true Vista is more expensive than XP.
    • Nope. Vista retail / OEM price is more or less like XP except for Ultimate version which XP don’t has comparable product.
      • Vista Home Basic (RM325) = XP Home (RM295)
      • Vista Home Premium (RM420) = XP Media Center (RM455)
      • Vista Business (RM515) = XP Professional (RM470)
      • Vista Enterprise = XP Professional Volume Licensing
      • Note that Windows 98 is more expensive that Vista Home Premium : LOL
      • Source : PCZone.pdf (from www.lowyat.net)

OK, I am done here.

Bottom point, I manage to love Vista now. Vista provides long list of new cool features which might improve user computing experience and productivity, together with ease of use and reliability. However for veteran or XP power user, we need to shift our paradigm first before we can see the beauty of Vista. For those who are still happy with XP and not willing to spend several hundred bucks on Vista, no problem though because Windows Seven will be released late 2009 or early 2010.

I like XP too, simple yet effective. From 2002 to 2008, Windows XP is my main and primary OS. Now it’s time to give this good old OS rest in peace for good.

And I impress with Ubuntu Linux. In fact, when I can make it working (no problem with my PC, almost everything working out of the box, but I have never ending difficulties with Acer 4530 notebook….drivers issue), Ubuntu is really straight forward operating system. Too bad, commercial productivity suite can’t work properly in Ubuntu, unless I am willing to use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office 2007 which is not an option since OpenOffice Calc is somehow inferior compare to Excel. Calc also get confuse with Excel complexity table and calculation too. Considering Ubuntu is Free Of Charge and able to provide stable, ease of use and fast operating system, Microsoft has their right to be worry.

Remember : OS is OVERHEAD. The most important aspect is your productivity. If windows 98 could give your higher productivity compare to Vista, by all mean, stick with Windows 98 😀

Note : Before you start to bash and critics Vista, ask yourself first.

  • “Are you using Genuine Windows Vista?”.
  • “Are you using latest driver from your hardware manufacturer?”
  • “Do you turn on Windows Update?”
  • “Are you using cracked security software?”

If you are using cracked version of any operating system, how could you be so damn sure that the operating system never been modified or tampered on purpose? How could you be 100% sure if there is no rootkit there? How could you be so sure your cracked version Vista work exactly like genuine Vista? In my humble opinion, if you are using cracked version of Vista, you have no right to bash it. No offense though.

Turn windows update on. Whenever there is new security patch and performance update, it will automatically install. Your vista will be more secure and less chance to give you ‘gray hair’.

If you are using cracked security system, you already install a time bomb. Your computer has been compromised. Do you think those crackers, crack security software for nothing? If I am one of the crackers, I would love to crack the most favorite antivirus software in the market and release it for free but with one thing in mind, to steal your info and drain your bank account. That is a big IF though as am not as geek as that, period 😀

I still remember, when I wanted to apply Esset Security 3.0 crack last year, I need to apply it in safe mode using administrator privilege. Restart my computer 2 times. And viola…my computer starts to haywire. After countless of hours check and troubleshoot, I actually install rootkits when I apply that crack. At the end, complete image restore was needed. From that moment, I rather use free security software like Avira AntiVir PE or Rising AntiVirus if I am not willing to spend RM50 for Kaspersky Antivirus 2009.

Don’t blame Vista if your cracked OS and security software ‘sabotage’ your windows experience, ‘aight. Don’t blame Vista if you can’t turn Windows Update ON because you use pirated version of Windows. Don’t blame Vista if you are too lazy to download latest driver from your hardware manufacturer.

My 2 cents. (comment and critics are welcome…this is a free world)

  1. Iqbal says:

    nice review. welcome to vista lovers club. lol:P

  2. expertester says:

    Thanks Iqbal. Sooner or later, more and more world population will join this bandwagon.

  3. Jr [WINDOWS-TEAM] says:

    Hey, my name is JR and I work with the Windows Vista Outreach Team. This post is excellent and does a great job of pointing out why Windows Vista is such an improvement over XP and really a next generation Operating System. You addressed some of the major misconceptions users have who have limited to no Vista experience. Thanks for spreading the word!

  4. I Loved Vista Since BETA says:

    I have bookmarked this page and will email it to all my friends and Family. You cannot fight the future I will skip Windows 7 as I am very happy with Vista and have been since BETA testing. I never understood all the negative BS all you have to do is sit down and learn how you save on 3rd party software, find files and programs in start menu search, easy networking functions, better stronger security, and before you know it Vista is a Value. Why I love Vista most of all is power usage management, its greener, uses less energy when not in use, loads programs that are used more frequently into ram at start up, with one click you are on the web, no more clicking thru folders either to find a document simply type first three letters in search bar, no more run command just do it in search bar. I am so glad to have you as a convert and that you have made this extensive post a real eye opener for the new Vista convert.

  5. ehternet cables are still the ones that i use for my home networking applications *.`

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