How to Share Izzi (USB) with other PC

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Hardware, Internet
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I am using Izzi You (the USB one), and I have other PC and notebook in my house. But because this modem use USB interface, I can’t share my broadband directly. So what I need is Windows Internet Sharing and a network card (NIC). Both Windows XP and Vista has ICS and I bet almost all notebook and mobo nowadays has network adapter.

I am going to share my izzi broadband with my other PC using direct connection (cross cable). Let assume :

  • PC 1 = PC with internet connection
  • PC 2 = PC without internet connection
  • Objective : To share PC1 internet connection (izzi broadband) with PC2 using direct Ethernet connection (2 network adapter and 1 cross UTB Cat5e cable).

PC 1 :

Click on Properties

Choose Sharing, tick both option as in the picture above.

If you have more than 1 network adapter (LAN, WLAN, Virtual LAN), you must choose the right adapter for ‘Home networking connection:’ . In mycase, I choose ‘Local Area Network’.

No need to touch Setting button if you are not sure what you are doing. You are done in PC 1.

ICS will set your IP as static and form a virtual gateway. This is normal.

PC2 :

Set your IP to automatic. That’s all.

Step :

Start Menu à Control Panel à Network and Sharing Centre à Manage Network Connection à Right Click on your LAN (the one you connect with PC1) à Choose Property

OK, done.

  1. shiroh says:

    you can also get a pci wireless card or usb and set up an adhoc network. no router necessary.

    i was doing research on izzi top up…
    i got 3 months voucher

  2. ricardo says:

    thank you, it solved my csharing problem 😉

  3. sutera says:

    where can i get the topup for izzi broadband?

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