How To Optimize Windows Vista

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Software

One of my PC running on Windows Vista Ultimate. After several months being abused 24/7, I start to notice significant slow down in term of responsiveness compare to its prime time (fresh install). To be honest, I am a bit skeptical using third party software to maintain my Vista. But with this kind of slowdown and I am pretty lazy to restore one of my backup image, I decide to do some spring cleaning.

History :

This PC is used for internet server, home entertainment media server, workstation consist of Microsoft Office, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop. Currently using Rising Anti-Virus and previously used Avira AntiVirus. The only performance utility installed is Perfect Disk 2008.



Currently I am using Perfect Disk 2008 (for several months, schedule it to defrag my hard disks once a week). Since this PC act as my home server and internet server, it is on 24/7, so scheduling is not an issue. But somehow, Perfect Disk 2008 dissapoint me. Whenever I check my defragmentation level for C drive, approximately 20% of this partition not defrag well. So this time, I decide to give Diskeeper 2008 Server Edition to automatically defrag my hard disk whenever fragmentation occurs. I find this solution is better suit my pc usage because I mostly let this PC do its thing while I am working.

One thing that make me really interested on this product is its IFASST feature. It constantly monitor file activeness, and put the most active files at the outer layer of hard disk which practically has the fastest transfer rate compare to inner side of hard disk plate. It might consume some CPU cycles but with current CPU and multi gigabytes of RAMs, I can live with that.


To combat my registry error, after some googling and homework, I found RegCure might do the job. Surprisingly, it found 992 errors.

Thanks goodness, it able to fix em all. Download HERE. (Password :


So after RegCure did its job, definitely my registry now full of holes or in other word, my registry become fragmented. I used Auslogic Registry Defrag (Freeware : DOWNLOAD HERE) to defrag my registry. The way Registry Defrag work more or less like disk defrag but it defrag registry instead of files in your hard disk. Please bear in mind that heavily fragmented registry could affect your PC responsiveness.

Most of you already know that a fragmented registry slows down computer speed (same as hard disks). But few are aware that the registry is fully kept in the memory when your PC is running. Memory on your PC is much smaller than disk space and the more bloated the Registry becomes, the less space there is for other programs to run. Knowing that, it should not come as a surprise to you that Windows Vista or XP runs noticeably slower after a few months of work


Last but not least is msconfig utility. This is built in tools in any windows. I disable some application to autostart during start up. You can access this tool by typing msconfig in Vista StartMenu SearchBox.


Result :

Big smile and happy face 😀

My PC become far more responsive, better boot up time and best of all, no errors (phew…this is the major reason why I try to avoid any 3rd party utilities before).


Note :

Please backup your work before performing any spring cleaning like this. I did J

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