Acer 4530 64bit driver

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Software
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Finally, 4 GB of RAMs is no longger an issue.

For those who are still trying to install Vista 64bit or Windows Server 2008 64 bit to fully utilize your 3 or 4 GBs of RAM, good news. All the required drivers now available.

However, straight from Acer driver DVD disc, graphic and motherboard chipset driver for 64bit OS is not included. Due to that very own reason, I upload both driver here.

Download Acer 4530 Graphics and Chipset driver here :

Yep, I realize, new version of 9100M custom INF has been release but due to some unknown reason, whenever i try those version (176.37 for example, my vista index down from 4.1 to 4.0). 175.61 is the driver I used to achieve 4.1 vista index.

However, if you wanna test and experiment it by yourself, feel free to check this link : 17x Series GeForce Driver

Step :

Download both drivers (graphic and chipset) from the link above.

Install chipset driver first and restart. Then install graphic driver. Put your Acer driver disc in your optical drive and install other driver (bluetooth, wireless lan, ethernet lan, sound, quickbutton etc)- (for vista) as usual.

  1. sxeal says:

    Bro expertester,i’m a nubie here..:)
    Just wanna ask quick question, is it still worthed to buy 4530 ??
    In indonesia, they sell at US$665, ACER Aspire 4530-700516Mi (Acer Indonesia)
    Spec :
    # Processor Onboard AMD Turion™ X2 RM-70 (2.0 GHz, Cache 1 MB)
    # Chipset NVIDIA nForce MCP77MH
    # NVIDIA® GeForce® 9100M G 64 MB
    # 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM PC-5300(free upgrade..1GB)
    # Max. Memory 4 GB (2 DIMMs)
    # Hard Drive Type 160 GB 5400 RPM

    any comments,my friend..?

  2. expertester says:

    Yep. In Malaysia, Acer 4530 now as cheap as RM1800 with 2 GB of DDR2 667 RAM. In Indonesia, more or less it should be around 6-6.5 juta rupiah right. As long as the price within this range, I don’t see any clear reason why not to rate this notebook worth the money.

    Furthermore, latest bios revision fix most of the early annoying bugs (for pirated winxp sp2 user espcially) and to be completely honest, I never face any probs with this lappy.

    One thing need to remind you, this lappy is not a gaming machine. It might capable to play latest game with decent frame per second but it is never designed as gaming machine at the first place. If you are going to play graphic intensive game for extensive period (more than 3 hours), consider yourself to get metal or aluminium notebook cooler.

  3. gidion says:

    i want to request driver wireless acer nplify for windows xp..thank

  4. sxeal says:

    Could possible to run corel X3 & illustrator in this lappy ??

  5. Hrishikesh says:

    My blue tooth is not working.
    Llease help.

  6. expertester says:


    what is nplify?


    Are you using Vista 64 or Windows Server 2008 x64?

    If you are using Windows Server 2008 x64, natively this OS doesn’t support Bluetooth due to security reason but you can download its hacked version of x64 bluetooth stack.

    Link :
    You need 7zip (free open source archiver) to open it.

    But if you are using Vista x64, your bluetooth should be working fine. Before install your 4530 bluetooth driver, switch it on first and make sure your disc (DVD) driver in DVD-drive. Wait couple of minutes until vista install it own version of bluetooth driver and you can install acer 4530 (provided) bluetooth driver. The key is, you need to switch on bluetooth before you install its driver.

    Hope it help.

    Sxeal :
    Corel X3, Ilustrator, Photoshop CS3 run flawlessly in this lappy.

  7. Now i’m using vista ultimate SP1 64bit. Can we download the nvidia” drivers from the website? I’ve downloaded the “178.24_geforce_winvista_64bit_english_whql” (for vista 64). But when i’m installing it, it says: The System detected that the operating system in use is not Vista 64bit). How could it be? I’ve tried to opened the Properties (right click) on “Computer” and saw that my current vista is 64 bit (with 4Gb Ram supported). Can you help me? sorry for my bad english

  8. expertester says:

    have you tried the 64bit vga driver i posted above? It work fine with me.

  9. nexus4 says:

    Hi Expertester,

    I’m planning to buy this lappie and upgrade it to 4GB ram, and I’m planning to install Win Vista Ultimate 64bit (sorry….pir*te*d ver) on my own, after I download 2 drivers in your link above…where should I store it? Flashdisk or DVD?

    If I stored it in Flash disk, is USB already running after the fresh installation?

  10. Jiwo says:

    I have a problem installing Windows Vista 64-bit in AHCI mode on my 4530. Setup says that it needs a driver to make the disk controller works. I understands this. But the weird thing is the HDD detected normally but the DVD is not detected at all. I think i need the AHCI driver for Windows Vista 64-bit. Where can i download this driver?

  11. tcchuin says:

    bro..can u show me a pic below the lappy?i want to see the ventilation…im choosing this comp or the compaq CQ40-125AX…but it’s battery life’s short and it’s hot…(due to it’s dedicated GC) show me a pic ya?thx..^^

  12. expertester says:


    I bet you are installing Vista x64 WITHOUT SP1 right. I face the same problem with my vista (non SP1) and solve it by slipstream SP1 in my Vista installation disc

  13. acer4530 says:

    Hye Expertester…. don’t you have graphic card driver for XP…. please help me where to find it… i buy this model from low yat… please…

  14. Jiwo says:


    Thanks for your advice, but slipstreaming Vista 64-bit with SP1 doesn’t work in my case. My workarounds are install the 64-bit vista in IDE mode, install drivers (especially chipset drivers) and SP1, then enable the msahci service via regedit. Reboot with AHCI mode. This method works in my case.

  15. namara says:

    Nice information, I will Try Install Vista ultimate 64bit..


  16. namara says:

    Dear Expertester,

    I couldn’t download your link Acer 4530 Vista x64 MCP Chipset Driver properly , I’m using IDM and it can’t finished only 99,99% downloaded.have u another link?

    Thank before


  17. ingram says:

    hi expertester, i already did install vista x64 on my acer 4530.
    but the strange is, my vista x64 run so slowly after sleeping mode.
    what happened i really dont know.
    could you help me please ?

  18. mullah says:

    hi expertester, after i read all of opinion and review about acer 4530, finally i installed vista 64 on my notebook. however, i have a problem with wireless you have any references for my problem?

  19. expertester says:

    @Namara, I re-verify that i can download those driver with no probs. Please try again, without download manager.

    @Ingram, how much ram u got there? Bare in mind that the 64bit chipset driver I post is not come with acer, those certain feature such as hybrid sleep doesn’t work properly. My unit, with fully charge battery, It can’t sleep more than 2 days.

    @Mullah, before u install wireless driver, kindly switch on the wireless first by pressing wireless button, left side of the notebook. Then, proceed with installation.

  20. Kuchaiii says:

    Hello expertester, i’m from Indonesia. I’m currently use Aspire 4530 with BIOS version v1.3333. Last week when I go to Indocomtech 2008, i see 4530 in there already using BIOS v1.3334. Do you have the BIOS file? Or do you have the link to download it?

    Acer web support suck all the time, the latest BIOS in their website only provide BIOS ver 1.2228 or 1.2226…

    Thank you very much…

  21. Jiwo says:

    What is/are difference(s) between 1.3333 and 1.3334?

  22. Lou says:

    I installed 4gb of ram,(which doesn’t show.)and after putting my Vista 64bit I’m prompted to do a media boot install? All I want to do is to install the Vista 64bit Home Premium and to get my 4gb of ram to post on my Acer AS4530.

  23. expertester says:

    Media boot install? Care to elaborate.

  24. Potato says:

    Hi Expertester,

    My Aspire 4530 is in trouble. I’m using Windows XP SP3 before and downgraded to SP2 now to find out what’s wrong with my notebook. Also using v.1331 as my BIOS.

    The problems are:
    1. Everytime I boot up the laptop, it’ll start with a DIMMED (no light) LCD screen. Everything (Loading, Login, Desktop stuff) is working even without any light on screen. In the next 5-10 minutes the LCD is working fine (the light turn ON by itself).
    2. My laptop can’t go SLEEP, HIBERNATE or even SHUT OFF when I press the Power Button. (My Acer guy said it was because my SP3. Even I downgraded to SP2, still like that).
    3. Sometimes I can’t start by pressing the Power Button, so after wait a few minutes then I can power it up. (My Battery is full and chargeable).

    Could you help me to figure out what’s wrong with it?
    Do you have any new BIOS updates for my 4530?

    Thanks a lot bro. 🙂

    A friend who need help.

  25. Lou says:

    Yes, do a “media boot install” is the response upon trying to boot the Vista HP 64 over the installed 32bit Vista. Now from what I’ve read regarding AS4530 OS upgrades, there is a cheap $10.00 fix from Microsoft, a patch of some sorts that internally upgrades 32bit Vista to 64bit. I’ll be horn swaggled though, as I shelled out 99.99 for an REM copy!

  26. Lou says:

    And another thing, I finally did get my 4gigs of Ram to post, I hadn’t seated one of the ram units properly. However, as to upgrading the Vista 32bit HP to the Vista 64bit, I’m still loosing a lot of sleep. I would be very grateful for any help in trying to work around this PC rigmarole so that I could outfit my AS4530 into a super duper lappy.(AS4530+4gb DDR2-533,Vista Home Premium 64bit.)

  27. expertester says:

    Yeah, those HP 64bit driver doesnt 100% compatible with our 4530 ACPI hardware. Sleep work but, it can’t hibernate in case of the battery running out. It cant do hybrid sleep hybernate too. That is the trade off. I am still looking and waiting official acer 4530 64bit drivers.

  28. expertester says:


    Your problem seem related to hardware failure too. I belief, send it back to Acer service center is the best move.

  29. Cleo says:

    My Acer 4530 use Vista Ultimate 64-bit and 4gb of RAM. I have installed all of the driver and work, but the wifi still undetectable. If I push the wifi button, the word “Wireless Enabled/Disabled” appear normally, but the wifi didn’t work. In my network connection, the wireless device didn’t appear, not like the other connection (LAN and dialup connection appear normally). My first conclusion, I think it’s happened because my WLAN device didn’t have the right driver, because in device manager the Network Controller is still have a exclamation mark (it means that the device doesn’t have driver).

    I almost forgot, my Acer series is “ACER 4530-xxxxxMn”, it’s the newest production. I heard that the newest production have a different WLAN device (I heard it’s Atheros with other series). So, is anyone have a link for download the newest WLAN driver for this laptop ?? Especially for Vista 64-bit…
    Thx before.

  30. IngRaM says:

    Dear expertester,

    The problem of my acer4530 is :

    -Yes that my acer4530 can go to sleep mode or hilbernation, BUT if i resume…
    the windows can start nicely, but its laggy….

    -i dont know why… do you have the same problem expertester.. please answer..

  31. IngRaM says:

    Dear expertester,

    The problem of my acer4530 (vista 64bit) is :

    -Yes that my acer4530 can go to sleep mode or hilbernation, BUT if i resume…
    the windows can start nicely, but its laggy….

    -i dont know why… do you have the same problem expertester.. please answer..

  32. IngRaM says:

    i got 4 gigs ram elixir, highest pc provided for acer4530

  33. expertester says:

    my laptop can sleep but can’t hibernate using hp compatible chipset driver. however, wake from sleep doesnt exhibit any slowdown or laggy. Only sometime it report USB connection could be faster….

  34. Cleo says:

    Finally my 4530 running smoothly in Vista 64-bit with 4gb RAM.. yeah !!

    Like Expertester said, wake from sleep doesnt exhibit any slowdown or laggy. Just for advice, you can check your memory after wake from sleep or hibernation using Task Manager, maybe you’ll find the solution.. Good luck !

  35. expertester says:


    Would you mind tell us your driver (chipset and graphic) that u use for vista 64 other than I post here…because my vista64 can’t hibernate at all. The option simply not there. Can’t switch it to on either.

  36. IngRaM says:

    acer 4530 x2 turion
    memory pc highest for this lappy and 4 giga max performance

    Okay, here is the list of my driver :

    Chipset_NV v.17.05c
    Vga driver download and installed using windows vista 64 update
    Card Reader_Realtek v.6.0.6000.20094
    vga bios standard is version 1.3333 originally from acer

    The fact is :

    -if i use xp sp3, my sleep goes very well.

    -xp sp3 or vista x64 my webcam still work like dumb, like blank screen, usb notification
    (im gonna take it to acer service center this month).

    -im gonna buy xp 64 bit cd, but i have to search the driver first.

    -i see that im not the one that having sleep wakeup laggy problem, other people also have.
    But they’re not using acer4530, it’s desktop pc. The solution is something like s3 power options.
    How come i fix my s3, if the bios of acer 4530 not provide the option ?????

    Im really confused because my notebook has great power on vista64 but no sleep ? and my webcam
    still work like dumb.

  37. Cleo says:

    Can’t hibernate ? Maybe you should check the power management setting at control panel. I forgot where’s the menu, and I don’t bring my laptop now. I think your hibernate mode is disabled.
    One thing, I run my laptop in IDE mode.

    I browsed it at internet and use the driver from this site…
    Open the OS spoiler and you’ll find it.

  38. Zaene says:


    Many thanks for those drivers, i was really looking for them. Plus, I’ve been installing XP, Vista ENterprise 32 and Vista Ultimate 64 on my Acer 4530, and I notice that the best one is Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

    Once I was using Ubuntu 8.10 on it, but it seems that the graphic is driver-less.

    Anyway, i got no problem regarding Sleep, Hibernate or so until now. Just that some games won’t run with Vista Ulti 64 right now. Take Diablo 2 and O2 Jam for example. Anyway, thanks again.

  39. expertester says:

    Glad it help you Zaene.

    Well, this driver and lappy can hibernate. It is my fool mistake where I accidently delete hibernate file from Disk Cleanup windows.. /slap forehead 😀

  40. Cleo says:


    Be careful of the Disk Cleanup…. hehehehe… ^_^v

  41. tomie says:

    sesama pengguna acer peace… (^_^)

  42. IngRaM says:

    btw expertester. what firmware are you using now ?

  43. expertester says:


  44. kris says:

    can you post all drivers for vista 64 bit including lan, wlan and webcam.planning on upgrading my laptop.thanks

  45. Cleo says:

    Just look at post no.37 above.

  46. Julianto says:

    I have already installed vista ultimate 64 bit. but my camera cant work…
    it started but the camera only appear black screen inside…
    does anyone know what is the problem? please?

  47. Cleo says:

    Try Suyin driver..

  48. red says:

    Hi mr.expertester this aspire 4530 is can be “OVERCLOCK”??

  49. tuvergonter says:

    dear expertester,
    can vista 64bit run smooth with a system with 2gb RAM installed??

  50. expertested says:

    driver for win xp pro sp2 x64 plz…
    thx b4…

  51. chetan says:


    …i hav acer 4530 ,i had installed winn xp 64 bits….where to get drivers for it.

  52. ikhsan says:


    huh…so tired thing bout this recovery..i’ll haven try almost all the url that you all suggest and i can download it but went i install it cannot done!!here is a new massage that the program given after i install it….

    “eRecovery can not be installed – 6.SoftwareDisk”

    what is my problem with my laptop??…huh..what is the massage mean??and how to solve it…i know its difficult to solve this problem using the word but is that anyone can give me some clue??actually i just want to use the eRecovery for backup my system and OS into the that i can easily make a format CD for my laptop if i want to reformat it again..

    anyway guys…thanks for your help and support..

  53. expertester says:

    Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost work for Acer 4530.

  54. romantic says:

    where i can find the latest bios for acer 4530

  55. romantic says:

    I have a problem with my webcam….
    when used it, it always show blank.
    can u resolve it?
    thx b4

  56. pro4530 says:

    I am currently using the 4530 with the following specs:
    * v 1.3335 BIOS
    * ZM-80 processor
    * 4GB DDR2 667MHz memory
    * Win Server 2008 Standard, 64-bit
    My problem is that my bluetooth driver (64-bit) seem not to completely install all BT-related devices. There is this ‘unknown device’ that still shows up on the device manager. I’ve tried installing the latest 64-bit drivers for the BT device, but to no avail. There’s this BT Stack posted earlier, but it seems that I don’t know how to use it right.
    Can someone please post how to install the BT device in a step-by-step fashion? It will be of great help. Thanks in advance!

  57. ReN says:

    plss help me… igt problem wit my laptop acer aspire 4530.. how to format ist into winXP..n if i format in windows XP oredy…were can i can downlaod the driver for win XP…

  58. gnlogic says:

    To use the OEM edition of Vista on an Acer 4530, is it essential that corresponding BIOS firmware be present. I bought mine without an OEM bundled package. Can I still install the OEM edition using the Acer certificate & CD key ? Or do I have to flash the OEM Bios firmware before installing it.

    (Note – agreed that its illegal, this is an educational query 😉

  59. Weinter says:

    You can try we will try to close one eye each
    The certs and key are available on my site.
    You definitely have to flash the BIOS because you need SLIC present to do the activation
    You can use Everest Trialware to check for the presense of SLIC Certificate after you flash to see if you are successful.

  60. Weinter says:

    On your Question on the order of procedure, you can flash the BIOS whenever you like.
    Because the BIOS is loaded on boot so the SLIC will be available AFTER the BIOS is flash.
    Meaning if you are using Retail Vista Key now, do a flash,check if it works SLIC sucessfully inserted in BIOS ( using Everest)
    Reboot, change Key activate
    Do let me know the outcome as you said it is an educational query.

  61. Weinter says:

    Sorry wrong order after flashing, reboot then check if SLIC is present using Everest

  62. daniaal says:


    im using acre aspire 4530 amd turion x2 rm-72 2.1Ghz.
    can i overclock it?

  63. Ammar says:

    hey…may i ask something…
    do u have a link for acer aspire windows 7 ultimate x64???

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