How to Save As PDF in Office 2007

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Software
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Yeah, yeah, I hear you. There are a lot of free PDF writer out there. PrimoPDF, CutePDF to name a few. But, if you are using Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft actually provide a free plug-in which you can save your office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) from Save As menu. Pretty handy heh?

For example, I want to save one of my word file (in docx format) into PDF. What I need to do is click on the Office Orb (upper left) à Save As à PDF or XPS (as in the screenshot below).



Another advantage which might not exist in other freeware pdf writer is this one :

I dearly love ‘Create bookmark using : ‘ section because when I open my PDF file via Adobe Reader, there is a nice bookmark list as screenshot below :




Since I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 in my system, it is good to compare both product straight out of the box.


In term of bookmark and links (in pdf file) :

By using Office 2007 Save as PDF plug-in, all heading could be convert as PDF bookmarks and all links in words file are working, either within the PDF file itself or external link. This is usually not possible by using most free pdf virtual printer like cute PDF for example.


Office 2007 PDF plug-in output


Adobe Acrobat 9 (virtual printer) output

As expected, since Adobe Acrobat 8 doesn’t support Office 2007 (I believe Acrobat 9 does support), there is no bookmark list base on Ms Word 2007 heading.


In term of size,

  • Ms Word 2007 : 435 kB
  • PDF converted by Office 2007 plug-in : 540 kB
  • PDF converted by Adobe Acrobat 8 : 606 kB


In term of speed :

Office 2007 Save As PDF plug-in way faster than conventional method which Acrobat 8 use (virtual printer).


In term of quality (I do not adjust anything…default setting) :

Pic above : Output from Adobe Acrobat 8


Pic above : Output from Office Save as PDF plug-in

Note : Both screenshot is taken from Adobe Reader 9 with 100% zoom. No more no less.




So, where to download this plug-in?

If you are using Genuine Ms Office 2007, here is your LINK.

But if you are using ahem Office 2007, here is your direct link (without WGA checking) : LINK or MediaFire Mirror




In case of you want to see and check for your self those docx and pdf file, here are the links :

Source of documents :




So, should I use this instead of other alternative?

Depend. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 there is no reason not to use this plug-in. It is way faster than conventional virtual printing method, the output quality is better in term of quality and features (bookmark and links), free and pretty small to download (600 kB in zip format). However, if your document is not produced by office 2007, you might need to use other solution, either free software such as cute PDF or premium software such as Adobe Acrobat. Or if you want to secure up or lock your PDF file, this plug-in simply can’t provide you that option.

As for myself, I use both. Adobe Acrobat 8 and this small handy plug-in. But one thing for sure, as long as I need to send any of my office 2007 files to my friends of boss in pdf format, this plug-in is a must 😀

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