Izzi Speedtest

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Internet
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Picture speak thousand words.

Here we go, 1 mbps service from Izzi iBurst so called 4G technology. And the best part of it, I consider myself lucky to get this kind of speed this day. During peak hour, 56 kbps dial up to ISDN 128 kbps speed could be considered normal. Sigh.

Yep, you see it right. 100% signal strength. 46 days to go before my subscription end.


One izzi guy call my number and asked me about my izzi performance and told me that second tower already up at Kelana Jaya. Pretty excited and I did speedtest (www.speedtest.net) and choose Singpore and Malaysia server… surprise suprise….


not satisfied….restart computer and restart modem…

bah…still below 200 kbps (and this is local server in KL)….. 11 AM some more…sigh.

How about another try for singapore server (to reflect oversea content speed…well most of the websites and materials I require mostly from oversea base server)


what is this?????

Pay RM98 for 1 mbps and get this result? No wonder it take almost a minute to open this wordpress edit page. zzzzzzzzz

  1. zairol79 says:

    Solution: 1: Move out to another area where are no people using Izzinet
    2: Just throw the modem into klang river
    Luckily I used it at area where the people still do know what is Izzinet.. 600 – 900kbps

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