Rising AV Performance

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Software

If you read my other post, I mentioned that I am using Rising Antivirus since last 2 months (almost). Previousy, I use Avira Antivir (Free) and would like to give Rising AV (free too) a try judgin from their features (AV+HIPS+Anti Trojan). However, recently the way my computer behave quite weird. Out of the blue the hard disk and CPU activity spike like no tomorrow till my Vista almost lock up. It happen many times (more than 10) so I suspect that my computer security already compromised.

A quick check at Rising AV Security Audit (as screenshot below), shows it got High Security with no virus infection. Run full scan exhibit no virus at all. I still not satisfy.



So, I redownload Avira Antivir again and update it. Run full scan and tadaaa… 13 viruses infected. Oh my God.



So, I have to say Sayonara for rising AV and welcome back Avira.

  1. Andry says:

    Actually, Avira is not that good. My lappie got these alman viruses (increased infected exe’s file size). Avira was able to detect the virus and, unfortunately, instead of repairing the exe file, it just delete the infected exe files!! T_T Right now I went back to Symantec Anti Virus (NOT Norton Anti Virus). And it’s repair features works like a charm.

    Just want to share my experience here.. Great review though..

  2. expertester says:

    Thanks Andry..

    No doubt, symantec corporate antivirus is an excellent anti-virus but it come at price right. For budget conscious user, good free AV might their only choice 😀

    Are you using Symantec EndPoint?

  3. Andry says:

    I use Symantec AntiVirus 10.2 Corporate Edition Client. Not the newer Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.
    I know that I use the ahem.. version of Symantec AntiVirus, so it seems that budget is not a problem for me. (blame my conscious..)

    (I hereby sentence that I don’t promote others to use pirated version of Anti Virus software)

    Thanks Expertester.

  4. Hi, stumbled upon your excellent blog while trying to see if acer 4530 is a better buy than dell inspiron !
    Using it more for blogging,web design (dreamweaver /flash) and photo-editing purposes, and web surfing

    Would be great to have your comments, or other suggestions



  5. expertester says:

    Albiet wrong post, I will try to answer your question honestly.

    Acer 4530 has strong performance over value especially in 3D department, thanks to GeForce 9100GM. However, its battery consumption a little bit short for standard modern notebook. You can expect 2 hours for casual use. Anything more than that…I could consider bliss.

    For your kind of work, I think any notebook with dual core and couple of GB of rams will do, either 4530 or Inspiron. The reason I choose 4530 instead of Inspiron is the price for roughly the same spec.

    I use Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and SwishMax 2 for web authoring. And I find that, those application feather light in Acer 4530. I hope I do answer your question.

  6. Tks expert for your kind opinion. And given so promptly too !

    I look forward to your new postings


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