How to fix NFS Undercover Performance Choppy Framerate

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Software

It kinda funny when people start complaining and arguing that they have state of the art computer which could run Crysis at maximum setting and GRID at ultra setting but suffer performance choppiness when they played Need For Speed Undercover. 

Among the complains are :

  • Bad framerate even at low resolution and mediacore graphics setting
  • Poor world rendering quality
  • Jagged shadow (anti-aliasing not work)
  • Poor overall graphics quality even every settings are max out
  • etc etc

Undercover actually use Prostreet 3D engine which undergone major tweaks here and there to produce stunning graphics quality. To be honest, I pretty impress with overall NFS Undercover graphics quality, fluidity and gameplay.  I am using Core 2 Duo (2 cores) and ATI Radeon 4850 and 2 GB of RAMs (Vista). But, why most of the forumers keep complaining that their NFS Undercover really sux big time?

I discover this one when my younger brother ask me the same question. Our computer basically has same performance (his computer use C2D, 2 GB of RAMs and GeForce 9800 GTX) but he seriously suffer bad framerate and graphics quality. The only difference between us is, I use original NFS Undercover while he use pirated one. It doesn’t make sense at first but it actually do.

The real culprit is paul.dll crack files. When I replace this crack paul.dll over my original paul.dll, immediately my NFS Undercover become seriously hideos game. Overwrite back the cracked paul.dll with original paul.dll, everything return to normal. 

So, in order to help my brother (but I can’t afford to send him my original copy of NFS (I am NFS Collector, so I don’t mind to pay RM90.00 for this game) due to geographical distance), I did try to find alternative solution and fortunately found one.

I do not promote any kind of piracy. But, I assume that anyone who bought the original games deserve to make a backup copy for their own personal use (I did). I am not willing to abuse my original collector game disc by any means. So, for this reason, here is the proper fix for your backup copy (or ahem ahem copy) of NFS Undercover.


Please note that you need to replace your cracked paul.dll with original paul.dll either you reinstall your NFS Undercover your you use mine (as per attach in that 7zip file).

Download NFS Undercover Performance Fixer here.

Password :

  1. Tiago says:

    Wow, thanks a lot. I have that performance problem, I hope it works 😉 Good job 😀

  2. expertester says:

    However, I do admit NFS Undercover is heavier than GRID. If your computer hardware (mainly CPU and 3dcard) are 2 years old, don’t expect miracle to be happen.

    I test Undercover using 8600GT, the performance is so so. But using 4850, everything work as it should.

  3. RJ says:

    It worked! Thanks a lot! Cheers!

  4. zeon says:

    it does not work at all the problem still persists

  5. XSV says:

    It didnt work at all for me either. I think the problem is with the crack itself.

  6. expertester says:

    yoru pc spec?

  7. kris says:

    have you tried this on your 4530?

  8. Franco says:

    It Worked for me!!!! thanks!!!!!

    I use 9600 GT, AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.6 GHz, and 2GB of RAM.
    Windows Vista Ultimate.

    And I Use nHancer because the in-game antialiasing sucks…

  9. Tiago says:

    It didnt work for me…I still have the problem where my fps are good and sudently they drop a lot, like the game freezes for very little time but several times in a row… Help?

    My Pc specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4 Ghz
    3Gb RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 9600GS

  10. expertester says:

    I am not a game expert but seem you are experiencing shuttering. Your PC weakest point is your graphic card. This game is pretty demanding where optimization for PC (porting) poorly implemented. So, don’t be surprise if Radeon 4850 with C2D 3 GHz only manage to get 35-40 FPS at high speed racing (measure with fraps).

  11. exxtremny says:

    Works like a charm..all on max..

    Intel Core 2 duo 2,6 Ghz
    BFG 8800 GTS OC 512
    Kingston 4gb ddr2
    Vista ultimate 32 sp1

  12. Suraj Oad says:

    Thanx Buddy It really worked Paul dll Was hardly fucking my pc and game now I can play my game smoothly Thank U So Much

  13. mislovic says:

    one other thing you can do, if u r runnin nvidia is til get ntune, and set video preference to high performance and turn off all other AA, vsync, blah blah blah features. you will get the lowest detail and a much smoother gameplay.

  14. Shadow says:

    I have the ORIGINAL game and I suffer from the exact problems you describe. I’m downloadinf the “performance fix” not to see if it will help me. Any1 else with the original and performance issues?

  15. Jac says:

    Hey shadow what graphic card are you using?

  16. Tiago says:

    Well my problem was solved :). It seems that nfs undercover clone dvd version still have problems with original paul.dll. Your solution doesn’t work with clone dvd version expertester, but thanks a lot! Thanks to you I realised what was wrong.

  17. d2 says:

    Didnt work for me. I have ATI HD4870 1gb and the game runs smooth with everything on max… but suddently frame rate drops to 4fps and stays like that for minutes. Driving me crazy.

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  19. volta says:

    dude im testing this when i get home… (stupid work lol)… ill be back with some feedback if you like…

    hope this helps, cuz im a hardcore NFS fan (played and finished every single release -not prostreet i hated that 1-) and this crappy “undercover” engine made me unninstall the damn game 20 mins after i installed rofl!

    Intel Core2Duo e8400
    4Gb OCZ Fatal1ty
    Sapphire Radeon 4850 512Mb

  20. volta says:

    i forgot to mention that im in Vista x64… has anyone seen a major concern about this rig/os set up?

    Intel Core2Duo e8400
    4Gb OCZ Fatal1ty
    Sapphire Radeon 4850 512Mb
    Vista x64

  21. Alen says:

    Thank’s now it work fine even on a 8600GT with 2x AA
    i have the same problem with ProStreet is there something like this?

  22. Jetbaby says:


    Tried “expertester” fix and it’s better, but stil choppy. Especially after 10 min play it’s back to it’s old problem.
    I have to mention that i run a Intel865 M/B with a P4 2.8 – 3GHz DDR400 and Geforce FX5700Le 256MB graphics card. The idea that i might be running on a lower CPU than what the game recommends but it should still not have choppy graphics. Any ideas out there???

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  24. JayMan NFS FAN says:

    Hello! Unfortunaly i have a BAD pc. I Own a ATI radeon 9200 SERIES, its enough to play NFS Carbon, Most wanted. Pro street doesnt work, an error shows up. Does undercover work on this graphic card?

  25. expertester says:


    Nope, you cant.

  26. tom says:

    You just saved me a lot of money I was going to upgrade for a new card.
    Thanks a BUNCH!!!1

  27. jac says:

    Guy you atleast need a card which has pixel shader 2.0, vertex shader 2.0. mine is mid range 8600gt(pixel shader 4.0,vertex shader 4.0).

  28. Timmy says:

    What graphics card sopuld be a min for this game? nVidia

  29. Vikram says:

    DUDE, IM getting CRAZZY!!!!

    I have AMD X 2 4000 GIgabyte motherboard, 2 GB ram
    NVIDIA 9600 GT graphic card ( DDR 3 512 MB, shader 4.0 , direct x 10 compatible)
    But shit it isnt working well.. i see poor graphics even after installing the patch..
    even at the lowest resolution, i get poor performance.

  30. Rock says:

    OK so check this out, my specs:

    Intel Quad Q9300 at 2.5GHz
    8GB DDR2 RAM at 800MHZ
    2 x 640GB HDD
    NVidia Gforce 9800GT 512MB DDR3, Direct X10.
    VISTA 64-bit
    I mean come on, with these specs this game should explode man, but I can’t even move the car even at lowest settings. Noting helps man…….

  31. Vikram says:

    Damn, yea, thats the main problem.
    Shit happens.. dude, i guess we need to wait for some patch to be released.
    lets see.

  32. asdtfsd says:

    thank you ! but can some one tell me the code pleaseeee !!!

  33. mANAs says:

    thanks … runs fine in
    8600gt 256mb ddr3
    2gb ddr2 667
    vista ultimate
    dual core 2.66

  34. Ghost says:

    I see some of you are running the game under Vista Ultimate/64 bit, this may be your problem, quite a few people have told me of games that didn’t work properly with vista 64/Ultimate, I’d suggest trying Vista 32bit or just get a copy of Windows XP Pro 32bit, I use XP Pro 32 bit and I haven’t had any trouble with any games on my computer, I did have choppy game play with undercover until I used the orignal paul.dll it does fix the bad performance with the game. I have a copy Of Vista Ultimate 64 and I’ll be installing that operating system soon to find out if Vista really is a culprit for nfs undercover performance. I’ve used the orignal paul.dll on three different computers and it fixed the performance on each one, even my brothers low end pc. (2 gb ram DDR400, Radeon X1900 GT, and a old 2003 intel BTX motherboard, Pentium 4 3.40 ghz processor.) He uses windows xp pro as well and the game works fine for him.

  35. Vishnu says:

    Hi, When i run the nfs.exe ……… the introduction appears but afterwards the screen goes blank………..i don understand why…can u pls help……..????

  36. Ghost says:

    Did you buy a legit copy of the game or download it? If you downloaded it, is it reloaded/Cloned or ripped? Also what are your pc specs? The easiest way for me to determine the problem would be for you to go to your desktop, click start, then run, type “dxdiag” without the quotes, once that loads click save all information and send that to me. You can e-mail that info to me at, I’ll take a look and make sure your computer is capable of running the game. Also, did you download the files in this topic and try running the game with them?

  37. PhenomGL says:

    Wow guys, it looks like I have worst Comp here!

    I cannot run the Game anyway,always say: This aplication has stopped working,check for solution or close the program!

    I Have Windows Vista SP1 an Comp is CPU:AMD Athlon 2800+ 2GB DDR 400MHZ,Mainboard:Asus Deluxe with Nforce3 Utra chipset and GPU:ATI Radeon X1600pro!:-D

  38. arijit4885 says:

    i confirm that this works, but not for clone dvd release.i have reloaded realease also and it works on that.also doesn’t work for toed rip.

  39. arijit4885 says:

    btw i chose to install ea download manager;not sure if it matters or not.

  40. PhenomGL says:

    I think I have Reloaded relase,but no results!:-?

  41. bhups says:

    No vistax64/ultimate is not a problem
    The game worked fine in both Vista ultimate 64 bit or 32 bit n also in xp pro sp2 n sp3 with all settings max in all cases.

    My PC specs:

    AMD Phenom Quad core 9550
    M2n MX SE + motherboard
    4GB DDR2 800MHz Kingston
    Palit 8600GT 1 GB GFX Card
    250GB HDD

    Operating Systems:

    Vista ultimate x64
    XP pro sp2 x64
    Fedora 9 x64

    All installed at the same time

  42. andi says:

    Im using
    Core2duo E4600 2,4g-
    4gb ram ddr2 vgen-
    nvidia 9800gtx+ ddr 3 512mb-
    and with vista sp1 ultimate x64…

    but when i play ‘undercover with medium detail it’s always hang in the middle of the game and the game running to SLOW..can anybody help me ?im use nfs undercover not original, its that the problem or i must change my procecor to quad core ?!!..its really different when i m play GRID its so smooth and no problem at all..

  43. Ghost says:

    No from what I’ve heard the game was designed for single cores. Why would they do this when dual core is probably the most used type of processor? I don’t know. I have a quad core processor and the game runs fine, (I have made it run on one core and there is a difference) You said your undercover isn’t original, what version do you have then? Ripped/CloneDvd/Reloaded? If its ripped that’s most likely your problem. I highly suggest just buying a retail copy of the game, or if your willing to wait, Christmas is just around the corner.

  44. Shekeb says:

    Hey guys i tested NFS-undercover on 3 pcs and on 2 pcs which runs Xp the games runs fine with high settings. and the one with vista ultimate 32bit the game runs like shit.

    1st pc:
    OS: Vista ultimate Sp1 32 bit
    Core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz
    2 gbs of ram 667mhz
    EVGA Geforce 9500gt 512mb
    The games runs like hell with highest settings but runs fine with medium graphics

    2nd pc:
    OS: Windows Xp sp3
    Core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz
    1 gb ram
    XFX Geforce 8500 1 gb which is really slower than 9500 gt in other games
    The game runs fine on highest settings and with no lags at all

    3rd pc:
    OS: Windows Xp sp3
    Core 2 Duo e4600 2.4 ghz
    4 gbs of ram
    EVGA geforce 9500gt
    The game runs fine with highest settings and 6x antialising and even with highest resolution.

    So i think vista is the problem, XP runs fine even the one with geforce 8500gt which i personaly tested on spiderman 3 and runs really slow with high settings but nfs-undercover works fine.

    i hope this helps for you guys change to Xp and you will see the miracle but i hate xp i’ll stick to Vista myself and wait for a patch hoping EA release it soon.

    anyway vista is a big problem for games change to Xp if you want nfs-undercover to work with high settings but it works fine with medium graphics on vista sp1

  45. thedarkone99 says:

    I think that performance issues in vista is caused by the game running in dx10 mode(This utilizes shader model 4.0 with compatible cards like nvdia 8xxx series upwards and ati radeon 3xxx upwards.)

    In winxp its dx9.0, uses only shader model 3.

    I also recommend u guys installing latest video card drivers from nvdia and Ati if u haven’t done so already.

    (I haven’t played this yet so my answer is theoretical)

  46. Shekeb says:

    so guys do you know any way to use shader model 3 only and dx9 in nfs-undercover in vista that way it could work better

  47. Ghost says:

    TheDarkOne99’s theory is probably very accurate to the problems with vista, I’ve used Dx10 before and its given me problems with different games, (Crysis, Gears of War, etc) Also many games Dx10 compatible have options to turn Dx10 graphics on/off, I’m not sure if undercover has it, I just went through the graphics and turned everything on max didn’t pay much attention. From what I’ve read off the internet people who use vista/Dx10 have used this: and the games they played worked perfectly after installation. Also for those of you wondering about installing Dx9.0c on vista, windows vista comes installed with Dx10, and Dx10 is backward compatible with Dx9.0c so all your games using Dx9.0c should work fine under vista. If nothing else works a last resort would be to download microsoft’s program Virtual Pc: and if you have a OEM Windows Xp disc laying around and serial just install Xp as a second operating system and run the game. Don’t forget to download drivers for your graphics card and Dx9.0c after you do this.

  48. Ghost says:

    TheDarkone99’s theory is probably very accurate to the problems with vista performance, because I’ve used Dx10 before and its given very poor performance on games such as Crysis, Gears of War, etc, even though the games run perfectly on highest settings without Dx10. Also Dx10 is backward compatible with Dx9.0c and Vista comes preloaded with Dx10 so all older Dx9.0c games should work fine, and you can’t install Dx9.0c on Vista. I’ve read on the internet that people having performance issues with games using vista/dx10 installed this: and the games worked perfectly after. If all else fails you can download microsoft’s virtual pc, and install windows xp 32bit if you have a OEM Windows Xp disc and a serial key: After you install that, just download Dx9.0c and download your display drivers, etc, then play undercover.

  49. wayne says:

    THANX SO MUCH FOR THIS PATCH!!. i bought this and was so wanting to play. i could not even play it on the lowest graphic settings with no details and 640×480, it would play but look like crap and shutter and skip.. but after this patch i can play it on medium settings 800×600 with anti aliasing x4 and v-vinc. i am running xp service pack 3 and i was getting the same issues that you guyes are with vista.. just to let you know..
    my pc is only.. p4 3.4, 2gb ddr400 ram, ati x1650 pro 516mb, 2 hd, playing on a 42inch plasma.. runs damn well!!, i was socked when it was smooth in 800×600.. thanx again to the maker of this, and being spyware free!!!.. thanx, and i was going to sell this game.!!

  50. Ghost says:

    Wow i made those post’s so many days ago.. Didn’t mean to post it twice..

  51. mrcleanliving says:


    sir have you tried it on your acer 4530? tnx in advance

  52. Shekeb says:

    Look guys its not the problem of Shader model 4.00 or Shader model 3.00 and still i don’t get it what the hell the problem is but i tested it on 2 pcs which their specs are the same exept for the Motherboad and windows the one which works fine with high graphics got a D975 Intel motherboard and Windows XP
    The other which works like shit got a D945 Intel motherboard and windows Vista so i don’t know is it the motherboard of is it the windows that causes the problem.

    I hope you guys find the damn problem for the game cause i realy like it when it runs fine with high graphics i hate it slow

  53. wayne says:

    hey, i agree!!. its not winxp or a shadrer issue. i have shadrer 3 and direct x 9c, and mine was shit, real shit, and this patch some how made it work on settings i thought were impossible before installing this patch.. maby motherboard?…
    juiced 2 is crap on my pc until you turn the music of, then it will crack up on high settings, maby some games do have a mobo issue?.. love the patch!

  54. Shekeb says:

    mine still works like shit even with the patch but ea is working on a patch for the xbox360, ps3 and pc versions so i hope it will be released soon so the performance issues will be solved.
    its a great game but with problems

  55. Shekeb says:

    I updated my sound card & graphics card drivers to latest released but still no luck in performance issues

  56. Shekeb says:

    Guys i installed vista on my other pc and NFS-undercover works just fine with max graphics, maybe the hard disk is an issue here cause vista gives this hard drive a subscore of 5.9 but in my other pc which nfs-undercover plays bad and with choppy framerates its subscore is 5.7.
    maybe thats a problem i don’t know i am just saying this but i am still checking the problem.

  57. Ghost says:

    Okay I think it should be obvious by now that the Nfs Undercover performance problems are computer specific, its not just Vista or Xp because many different people here use the different operating systems and it the game works for some of them, and not for others. Its probably hardware/software problems, Your computer’s hardware may not be able to play the game properly, or your drivers are out of date or you downloaded a illegal copy of the game that doesn’t work properly. This doesn’t mean that if you bought the game and have fully updated drivers the game will work. I’ve played different games on different computers before that worked on some and didn’t work on others, and they had similar specs but the difference was, one computer would be intel based and the other would be amd based. So some games worked great on my amd computer but ran very poorly on my intel. My suggestions are: Buy the game don’t download it, Update your sound drivers and video drivers, ALSO UPDATE YOUR CHIPSET for your motherboard yes this does have a impact on your games, I know from experience. Always download your drivers from a reliable source, Nvidia,Radeon, and your motherboards manufacturer’s website, never download from 3’d party sites. Try playing the game without the patch, if it doesn’t work like it should use the patch, then if you still have issues you can try using a different operating system. Also a lot of people think that they’re video card/motherboard isn’t good enough to run games when it doesn’t work, you should always check to make sure your processor is capable of running the game, if your not sure just ask on the nfs forums. You can also check your Nvidia control panel/ radeon’s CCC program and make sure your graphic settings are setup correctly.

  58. expertester says:

    I can’t say any better than what Ghost commented.

    Certain game is highly optimized for nVidia card (more texture than shadder) and vice versa. So do with Intel or AMD processor. However, please note than NFS Undercover is poorly ported game. No doubt about that. If it run on Intel CD2 at 2.6 GHz, ATI Radeon 4850 and SoundBlaster X-Fi at 30-35 FPS @ Highest settting, no doubt that it will run poorly on lower end machine.

    Don’t compare to GRID or other DX10 capable games (especially titles that have ‘Game For Windows’ logo. Those games are highly optimize for Windows platform and perform marvelously on middle to high end machine. And since, it is doesn’t ‘Game for Windows’ logo, I believe this is not a full fledge DX10 games. NFS Prostreet game engine use DX9 instead of DX10, so do with this game perhaps.

    I don’t and will not try this game on my Acer 4530. 4530 is never designed to handle this kind of heavy games PLUS poor optimization game engine.

  59. Shekeb says:

    You are right guys but i tried on two pcs with same specs exept for the motherboard which is intel D945 & intel D975, all other specs and OS are the same but i don’t know why it runs slow.
    anyway, i hope EA releases the patch soon so we can enjoy our Game.

  60. expertester says:

    Different mobo (tech) use different chipset right, and from my past experience, this chipset could contribute to better system responsiveness, memory transfer rate etc.

    For sure mobo with P45 perform better than mobo with 945GC, even other component such as CPU, 3D cards and sound card absolutely identical. X58 anyone?

  61. wayne says:

    this you guys might be right.. im useing a asus ps5800vm. and a legel copy. worked light crap on lowest settings. now everything medium with anti aliasing/v-sync and works great after this download…

  62. sam says:

    it worked for me thanks

  63. owu says:

    heh its so funny when ppl say shit to ea for making poor quality game… cuz of u ppl blackbox got fired and from now nfs will become some crappy burnout stylish game…

    1st buy orginal then u got rights to complain other than that shut up…

    pc specs:
    4200×2 brisbane, 3gb 667, 9600gt
    oryginal game:
    maxed graphic with fsaa 4x run smoothly in 1440/900 (very rarly got like 7-8fps drop due to 1yr old os :>)

    clone dvd
    unplayable in every graphic settings (5-15fps)

    ur fix
    max graphic with fsaa 2x in 1440/900 got some issues with loading textures (from time to time) which is equal with game pause->load->go and
    -noticed that graphic still isnt the same as on orginal
    -i got at least 10fps after all less then on orginal

  64. Ghost says:

    Blackbox made Nfs undercover first off.. The game still wasn’t created correctly, they messed up because they ported the game very poorly, and a lot of us have original nfs undercover copies and still have problems, the game works for some and doesn’t work for others, even with original copies or downloaded.

  65. Pagan Loser says:

    Ok i have the major prob sometimes and other times it runs like a gem. I have all setting on low and it blows.
    I run Fallout3 on high!
    my specs
    Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz
    3GB of DDR2 800
    Diamond ATI Radeon HD3650

    Pro streat ran fine. I tried running the fix here it dosnt help at all.

  66. Pagan Loser says:

    Forgot i am running Windows XP Pro x64

  67. expertester says:

    HD3650? That is the culprit. As ghost said, this game is poorly ported. My 4850 (checking with FRAPS), able to produce 30-40 FPS only @ 1440×900. So, assuming 4670 performance about half of 4850. And 4670 almost equal to 3870 which render your graphic card (3650) about 1/4 or at best 1/3 of 4850. So don’t be surprise if you get 10 FPS.

    As Owu said, dont simply curse the game if you use ***** copy. This fix could fix certain degree of performance poorness but not as good as original copy (even so lol…. this is still poorly ported, damn)

  68. Shekeb says:

    Hey guys i finally fixed my problem with NFS-undercover i just changed my motherboard with another one and now its fixed, and i found out what the problem was, the problem was that my old motherboard’s ram fsb was 533 but the new one is 677 and it runs great on highest settings with 6x aa

    my pc specs:
    Core 2 duo e4600 2.4ghz
    3Gb ddr 2 667mhz
    EVGA Geforce 9500 GT 512mb

    the game runs great without any framerate issues.

  69. Shekeb says:

    Just upgraded my pc

    with MSI 975X2 Platinum PowerUp edition Mobo
    4gigs of ddr2 667mhz ram
    MSI geforce 9800GT 1 GB

    now nfs-undercover works flawless with 1440×900 resolution 6x AA, highest graphics levels.
    now i am happy

  70. wei says:

    Thank for the performance fix NFS Undercover..

    i can run well with max resolution. Before that will lagging sometimes, i tot my graphic card lousy.

    C2D 2.6
    4gb cosair ram
    sapphire 4850

    thank a lot i can enjoy the game now.

  71. Johan says:

    excelente me funciono…

  72. Mitko says:

    Dear Expertester,
    Just wanted to thank you for the very, very precious topic.
    I have bought a new PC:
    Mainboard – Gigabyte EP45DS3L
    CPU – Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz – overclocked to 3.5GHz
    RAM – 2x2GB DDR2 800MHz
    HDD – Seagate Sata2 640GB
    GPU – Gigabyte HD4850 512MB
    Zalman water cooling Reserator 1
    I am an nVidia fan, but my last 2 cards were ATI because there was no nVidias in the middle class and I can’t afford the high. So, I decided that the reason was definetly in the ATI and I almost threw the graphics card in the garbage.
    On the highways I have 50-70 fps, but on the start and in the city where you have many cars and buildings it drops down to 21 fps. By the way, there is probably something true in Shekebs post above. After overclocking the CPU i changed the BUS frequency from 200MHz to 333MHz and the difference was huge. Before overclocking the fps used to drop to 15, sometimes even lower.
    Once again many thanks to Expertester for saving my ATI and 200 USD to me.

  73. Mitko says:

    Forgot to say something:
    For those who didn’t manage to run Undercover – don’t be too upset. Nothing in common with NFS Porsche Unleashed, Underground 1, 2 … It is quite a poor arcade game (according to me). No simulation at all. GRID is a much better game – it is a drivers game.

  74. Shekeb says:

    Fuck you Mitko with your sayings NFS series are great so fuck off
    from Underground till now they are the best.

  75. Vikram says:

    Awwww Man, I am still SO SO SO damn UPSET

    my game isnt working.. it shows choppy performance even thou all the patches were applied.
    Is there any technician who can remotely access my computer and do the patch thing for me?

    I personaly work as a DELL TECHNICAL SUPPORT. .. god.. im not able to fix this game.
    please help.

    I use

    512 MB NVIDIA 9600 DDR 3 Shader 4.0, Direct X 10 graphic card
    Gigabit motherboard
    2 GB memory
    AMD DUAL CORE x 2 4000 processor
    WIndows XP professional service pack 3 (I used Vista SP2 and thought of running NFS in XP)

    PLEASE HELP (yahoo messenger) (email) (secondary email)

  76. Ghost says:

    This “patch” only requires you to copy paste, or extract the files into your nfs directory. Noone needs to remotely connect to your computer for this. Run virus scans/spyware scans. I’d suggest AVG and Spyware Doctor at the least. As said in my previous post’s the game works for some people and not for others, it could be any of your hardware or maybe even a program on your computer that is slowing down nfs undercover’s performance. There is no miracle cure to make need for speed undercover work on ANYONE’s computer.

  77. Shekeb says:

    For those which the patch didn’t work for them.

    after all my investigations i found out that the problem is the ram, those with rams lower than 677mhz and not running on dual channel mode have these choppy framerate problems, so i suggest go out there and buy 2 or 4 gigs of 667mhz or 800mhz rams cause 800mhz is even faster and put them on your mobo and play and enjoy.

    i hope it help you guys with the problem.

  78. kw64 says:

    Runs fine on my PC. 1440×900 at ~35fps but the drawing of the distance texture is very strange. For example, for a building which is already there, it keeps being ‘scanned over’ and re-drawn. Same thing happens to trees etc.

    C2D 2.4 – 2GB 667MHz – old ATI X1950XT 256MB – XP SP3

  79. shohag says:

    Thanks a lot man …it worked fine for me…its smooth as shit now//..

  80. Shekeb says:

    To: Kw64

    the drawing distance of the textures and tress problem is because you are using an ATIx1950XT which is old slow and also its vram is not enough for the game the game’s minimum vram is 512mb so you better get a new VGA card for yourself if you can.
    hope this helps you.

  81. Daniel says:

    Thanks friend, for its knowledge and having carried through upload of these archives that they had really decided, my problem now I can play with all the configurations in the High my configuration is:
    Pentium D925 3.0GHZ 4mb L2 – 2Gb of Ram – eVGa 8600GTS 256MB Gddr3/128bit-Hd 160Gb Seagate 7200rpm 8mb Sata

    thnksss friend , im very Happy !!!

  82. Nirav says:

    hey under cover is not working i had used dark coder & puall.dll file then also not working
    my pc
    intel core 2 duo
    E8200 2.66Ghz
    1 gb ram
    please tell me what to do & give me site name to get all files

  83. Rory says:


    This did not help it just made it worse!


    AMD 4200+ AM2 Dual Core @ 2.5GHz
    2GB DDR 2 800
    ATI 4850 512mb 256bit

    I know not the best pc but still should be running it alright, but its very stuttery! doesn’t matter what I set the graphics to it will always stutter!

  84. Itamemole says:

    Hi Sir:
    Keep working ,great job!

  85. rdbx1234 says:

    Wow! It worked wonders!


  86. Resi says:

    It works! Thanks a lot! 😀

    With my old X1950PRO, of course I won’t get good fps to be playable…
    But I think the game runs smoother with your files… 🙂

  87. erik says:

    my specs

    4 x core 4.21 Ghz
    32 Gb Ram 1024 Mhz
    4 x nvidia geforce 9600 GT turbo ( 4096 Mb )
    2 x 500 Gb HD
    1 x 70 Gb HD ( for my windows )
    2 x 1500 Gb HD

    total $ 15.000 US dollars

  88. LOL says:

    lol let me tell you that you have been ripped off lol .. 15k for that :O i would get 5 times better than this for under 6k

  89. torrentleech says:

    Thanks man! This stopped the sudden FPS drop (116 FPS to a constant 8 FPS) I’ve been experiencing!

  90. preet says:

    thanxxxx it worked for me……

  91. Sonik says:

    Did no notice any difference, actually it messed up the GPS mode in the game…went back to the way it was.

  92. Hakimi says:

    Thanks dude, the performance fixer patch worked pretty well for me since I had experienced a lot of lag and had this framerate issue on it while playing on resolution 1280 x 960 and others maxed out. However, I firstly tried the resolution 1440 x 900, and after playing it for few hours, the game minimizes itself to desktop and shows up an error message and says the default display driver stopped working normally, so I have to restart to restore full functionality. And that, I decided to play it on 1280 x 960 resolution to avoid that problem literally.

  93. Psychopathik says:

    this fixed my problem, thanks!

  94. sanand says:

    This fixed the problem, so thanks a million. For those of you that say that this didnt work, here’s what I did:

    1. Do a fresh install of NFS Undercover from any of the torrents/downloads.
    2. Apply the crack from the “Reloaded” rip. This is important because I’ve tried other cracks and none of them seem to work excepts this one. You can dl the crack alone from here:
    3. Download the paul.dll file from above.
    4. Important: Go into your game folder and change both your paul.dll and the cracked nfs.exe files to “read only” by right clicking, going to properties and changing to “read only”. Otherwise the game will change these files when it runs, and the second time you run the game it’ll be back to bad graphics.

    These steps worked for me….

  95. Andy says:

    – Well – I’ve done a lot to have this game working
    (ASUS K50AB – AMD Turion X2 64 – 2core 2.2Ghz – 3Gb RAM – ATI Radeon HD 4570)
    – I start the game and go to Windows – start Task Manager – run it as Adin – double click nfs.exe – Set Affinity – to use 2nd Core ONLY – Virtualization OFF – configure the videocard before also
    – That seems to work
    – before I got there – I got AMD Dual Core Optimizer & AMD Fusion For Gaming
    – I also switch the Themes Service off – before I start the game
    – runs fine – doens’t heat – but Most Wanted is way better (as I didn’t yet find Sterering Adjustment in Undercover)
    Real Licenced Copy…

  96. Shift says:

    THe link doesnt work. Can you please reupload?

  97. Sam says:


  98. Sam says:

    hello could you please help me with something?
    i fixed the problem with paul.dll but i was so dumb that i cracked my nfs.exe before patching the game and i lost the game DVD. And now im DESPERATE if somebody could PLEASE SEND ME THEIR ORIGINAL nfs.exe. PLEASE IM DESPERATE!! D:

  99. phil says:

    yeah, just like he said, just erease the paul.dll.
    i went to “controll panel” after that and went to uninstall,
    but instead of uninstalling i ran the repair option,ran the original game disk. put grafixs on max everything.and now it runs smooth NO HICKUPS, and before i did all this it ran like shit,i would smack into cars because it was so bad, so thanx.
    btw i’m running a dell xps 410 with 4 gigs of ram,4870 grafix card, 700 wat power pack, 23″ lg moniter running 1920×1080 hd. so yeah even us high end dummies have problems to.again thanx.

  100. Sam says:

    im sorry, i was wrong about what i said, the nfs.exe wasnt the problem, its just that i need the original paul.dll so i could patch my game. Would you please be kind enough to re-upload the original paul.dll file because the link expired? Thank you in advance!

  101. If u r getting bad frame rate in NFS undercover even with the crack, when the game asks for pressing enter, press alt+tab–> ie goto windows

    Press ctrl+shift+escape and goto processes–>goto nfs.exe–>rightclick–>set affinity to only one processor and not both.. enjoy.. the game runs too good then

    Works both on Nvidia and ati raedon

  102. ram says:

    I used the reloaded crack and the original paul.dll (guv, urs is removed)but still doesn’t help. i have a core 2 duo and a 2.53Ghz 2 GB RAM. I have a nvidia 7 512MBseries card . I doubt this would creat a problem since the read me file recommends the nvidia 7 series also .. the default settings were initially pathetic..i changed all the graphics settins to low and changed my camera setting to driver .. things did improve a bit and still it remains insufficient.. not so kickass as Most wanted.. could anybody suggest ny other alternative?

  103. […] It kinda funny when people start complaining and arguing that they have state of the art computer which could run Crysis at maximum setting and GRID at ultra setting but suffer performance choppiness when they played Need For Speed ….. EVGA Geforce 9500gt 512mb. The games runs like hell with highest settings but runs fine with medium graphics. 2nd pc: OS: Windows Xp sp3. Core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz 1 gb ram. XFX Geforce 8500 1 gb which is really slower than 9500 gt in …Read more… […]

  104. shaz says:

    Can you send me the paul.dll file? Coz i’m not able to download from the link provided. Pls do send it to Thanks.

  105. Gino says:

    Can someone please send me the FIX for NFSU? heres my email: The link Provided above is dead.

  106. fah says:

    hi could you please reupload this file.
    Regards Fah

  107. Hakimi says:

    Hey guys, I still have Expertester’s original paul.dll since the download link above is broken. You can dl it here:

  108. rzvrazvan says:

    What is the pass for the zip, pls?

  109. interesting content, very useful for those who read it.

  110. b akshaj says:

    works!!! like a booon thanks alot

  111. Niko says:

    The link doesn’t work?

  112. Evan says:

    I cant download that files. because it is no more longer

  113. lorsef says:

    Link is here

    Password :

  114. ÜnLoco Mqx says:

    can you reupload please ?? mediafire gives “file deleted” :/

  115. Bejan Stefan says:

    can someone send me the original paul.dll file? my e-mail is:

  116. Woah this blog is excellent i love studying your articles. Stay up the good work! You recognize, many people are looking round for this info, you could help them greatly.

  117. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.
    I will remember to bookmark your blog and will often come back in the future.

    I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your
    great posts, have a nice weekend!

  118. Fahrul says:

    Link is broken, Can someone send me the original paul.dll please? My email:

  119. Dan says:

    Link GONE. Re-upload please. Thank you.

  120. fdsfdsfsd says:

    What is currently the best, and checked solution for FPS issues in Need For Speed Undercover?

    Original CD-Key.

    I explaining.

    The Origin version of the game is running slowly.

    The same for latest cracked patch version, so the one before adding challenge series, while it may perform better than original initial build non-cracked versions. Because crack was previously one of the solutions for FPS issues.

    The trick is following.

    You just need to install normal, retail 1.0 DVD version, and then apply this patch – v. You can buy Origin version, extract key from your account, and use this key during activation, after installing retail version.

    Version run slower, and has FPS drops. The same for Origin’s Steam version was kind of a crap, as far as I know. CD-key to use from Steam version should be in registry in plane text.

    Still, you can have just enough powerful computer to handle 60 FPS on FHD, and not take care about such things. But on hardware like Quad, and Radeons R9 270 or 78xx this guide may be very, very helpful.

    Please note that texmod is very picky in matter of versions of the game. wasn’t able to launch with texmod, resulting black screen on launch. There are two texture mods in the net, and I used one of them along with ENB for this game, and the game looked the best imo. then. But world effects have to be decreased to get ride intensity of bloom which is compensated by ENB. I think it looks really nice then. Still, you can encounter FPS issues on versions supporting texmod. It maybe even yet, cracked binary.

    I also tested solution for setting only one core active, but it performed worse in my case.

    And don’t mess in registry with unavailable settings in game menu. It may deteriorate graphics. I encountered some effects of visual treatment in rather beta stage posible to set from the registry only.

    I think that’s all.

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