Bye bye Izzi, Welcome Back Streamyx

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Internet
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Oh yeah, finally my Izzi subscription ended. What a relief. Today will be the last day I use izzi as my broadband service provider. I already can’t ‘tahan’ (bear) anymore the service quality. Most of the time I only get 80 kbps..yes…you read it right. It is kbps, not capital letter B. Which mean, my download speed is somewhere around 8-10 kBps. What a phatetic service, and still need to pay RM98 (RM88 for renewal subscription, monthly basis).

I stay at Kelana Jaya and according to Izzi guy, KJ is the most saturated izzi user. Even so, this should be not their reason to provide 8% of their advertise speed. Would you not be mad, if you pay RM98 for 1000 kbps broadband but they only provie you 80 kbps? That is 24kbps faster than dial up speed. No wonder my browsing (I already say bye bye to torrent and download, unless I have too) experience become so terrible. It need more than 20 seconds to open So do with other website which utilize heavy graphics and flash… 

So, last week I do myself a favour. I went to TM Point Kelana Jaya and register myself Streamyx Combo 60. Pay RM75 for phone line activation fee and RM30 to the tm contractor (he came to my resident area and config. phone line jumper). Total up, RM105. I am pleasantly surprise because I used to think that I need to fork out around RM300-RM400 upfront, for the phone line, deposits etc etc. But, what I do actually need just RM105, LoL. And, if I already have a phoneline activated, I should pay nothing to register streamyx (I mean upfront). And I expect my first bill will consist of 2xRM60 (this month and deposit of my combo60). Activation (streamyx) already waived…yay.

But, why i subscribe Combo60 (384 kbps) instead of Combo90 (512kbps) or Combo110 (1Mbps) ? 2 reasons actually.

First, I don’t know that my appartment copper line is in good or bad condition. Streamyx use ADSL technology which is base on best effort basis. If I subscribe 1 Mbps service and the copper line is relatively bad for high freq. signal, my stremyx line will be throtled down upon handshaking between my modem and ISP. If my modem insist and agree for 1 mbps connection, but the copper line can’t hold it, frequent disconnection will occur. Frequent DC is what I hate most. So, I start with slow line speed, observe the average downstream and upstream speed, and if I confident that this line could support higher speed, I will upgrade (upgrade can be done fromt their website and FOC). However, if I start at 1mbps and this copper line could only support up to 600 kbps, I will doomed as doesn’t entertain any downgrade request. Simply said, during the contract period (1 year), you can upgrade your streamyx speed but you can’t downgrade due what so ever reason.

Second, Streamyx is known for their fair usage policy or in other word, P2P packet throtling. Theoritically, my combo60 will allow me to download at 48 kBps (I test at, download speed (FTP) at 49 kBps, sweet), but if they throtled my torrent and cap it at 10 kBps, I don’t see any reason for me to get 1 Mbps service. 384kbps is more than enough for email, browsing and casual downlaod activity. 

And 59 kBps is way faster than 10 kBps (this is what Izzi provide me, most of the time, except during 2AM to 6 AM, but I am sleeping at that time duh..). 

I am fully aware that streamyx has its own problems and headache too. Well, if anyone could tell me that there is 1 ISP in Malaysia that able to provide headacheless service, I will jump from KLCC 😀 . I rather bear streamyx problem (but consistent 45-50 kBps downstream speed) rather than virtually no problem for izzi but downstream speed averagely 8-10 kBps. (Imagine, when I use Izzi, once i format my PC, i need to let my pc perform windows update from 12 midnight till 7 AM in the morning). 

So, how fast my stremyx combo60 actually?

Here we go. 479 kbps for 384kbps service. For RM60, I got this speed + a working phone line where I can use it to call any number in Malaysia (different charge) but assuming I running out of mobile phone credit, I could use this one for emergency. However, upload speed is lower than what they advertise.


let see how fast this line when we use Singpore test server.

Sweet, still more than 384kbps.


So, let recap how much Izzi could provide me.


Well, picture speed thousands of word…as I am already speechless looking at 80 kbps from 1Mbps izzi subscription.


Final word : If you want to subscribe to izzi broadband, ask the reseller to perform a speedtest first at your home. Try to test the connection speed at your desired working area, as wireless signal may detrotriate and affect your wireless broadband speed. If you have phone line and willing to wait 7-10 days, simply go for streamyx. For RM60, I got lifetime warranty modem and faster line speed (practically) compare to izzi, 1 year warranty and slower practical broadband speed for RM98. 

  1. Boy says:

    Pity u coz my izzi works fine..depends on location lah dude..and yes my friend stays in Kelana Jaya the line sucks there..bu at least the customer service being honest with u that the area were congested…does other isp provider being that honest to tell to their u have been using it for 1 year..why wait so long? Why don’t u refund it earlier.. this morning my izzi speedtest using izzi – 1000kbps (most people said their speedtest lie) so i used and getting 1160kbps (that’s more than 1mb)..using p1 speedtest getting 800kbps…so now who’s speedtest is cheating….i’ve read in some forums that they mentioned izzi speed were lying but i don’t think so coz my getting more than izzi speedtest… actually it depends on location and ur pc performance… yes this is important too..i have friends who staying in Damansara..using izzi and he’s gtting around 100 – 200kbps…and he asked me to come over to have a look…luckly i bring my laptop and izzi…so did a speed test..i’m getting 800kbps..1st i suspec his pc got virus or he’s running a torrents, etc..but nothing and he just format his laptop a day ago…so we swtich our izzi unit…still same thing..he’s one slow mine faster…then we disconnect and he used my id login and password to connect and i used his…still ame thing happend…this is rater weird coz we where siting next to each other..even we switching places just to be sure it’s not becoz of the spot…so can u explain this??? Imagine hundreds of izzi customer were like my friend here..who thinks their speed problems or the lying, it’s was his laptop..he said before he format it was ok..but after he format and install kaspersky antivirus it becomes like this…scan spyware , malware..nothing..his laptop run works fast..but internet speed like who’s to BLAME? iZZi? R u really sure? Coz it works fine with mine? So who’s to blame….one thing..welcome to theworld of iT..which is not all were explainable…wirelss is unpredictable..don’t compare a 1mb wireless speed with a fix line’s stupid comparison…do compare it with a wireless isp which provide 1mb too..then we can tell….do not compare izzi 1mb with p1 2mb package…offcourse 2mb also sometimes getting 1365kbps..not exactly 2mb….same goes to izzi..1mb but getting 800kbps…it’s not exact 1mb..that’s why it says UP to 1mb..not exact 1mb..just like Sogo sale..SALE UP to 70%..but not everything in there were offered 70%..some 50%..some that’s what it means by UP to 1mb…depends on ur location..adios…yeah streamyx is good coz i used both stremyx and izzi..and also celcom vedofone

  2. expertester says:

    Sigh.. my PC or notebook is fast enough to handle izzi. Even my antique athlon xp 2500+ also no problem one. From Nov to January, i manage to get 1000 kbps. From time to time, KJ area become saturated with Izzi users, so nothing could be done la. Virus? Malware? Spyware? Hmm..I don’t think so. Either newly format or not, same thing happen. Even Izzi technical guy also got same speed.

    Yep, they are honest telling me that KJ area too much P2Per and heavily congested. But if you read iBurst whitepaper, theoritically this technology only allow 24 mbps downstream, in other word, each tower could only support 24 users if all of them fully utilize the bandwidth alocated to them.

    The reasons why I still use their service till end of my subscription are :

    They promise and I expect they will built more tower. They did last 2 months, but unfortunately, that tower face the other side of my apartment. So I can’t enjoy the new and near tower and still need to rely on old tower.

    Refund policy look good on paper but nightmare in practical sense. Couples of my friend already curse Izzi because how troublesome they need to face before they able to get their money back. And it is more than 1 month. For sure, I am not willing to sacrifice my precious day off just to go to KL city and Izzi office for this reason alone.

    Izzi performance become this bad (below 100 kbps) since last 2 months. At this stage, no point for me to get refund already. It practically impossible. Before that, Izzi manage to give me 300 to 400 kbps, depend on time. During peak hour, I would be happy to get 300 kbps. I believe modern website need at least 200 kbps line. Below than that, you will feel everything load too slow.

    Third reason, I want to keep izzi modem. Who knows, if I move to other place where Izzi performance is good, I can resubscribe (monthly basis, or prepaid basis) their service. According to Izzi website, RM88 per month for renewal subscription.

    I sincerely agree, Izzi performance depend on location. That is why I state my location, Kelana Jaya. This area seriously got a lot of performance problem. They might address it in the future but I lack of trust on iBurst technology to date. You are lucky to get those kind of speed easily. If you trace back my entry, end of 2007, I was Izzi super duper happy customer, but anyone who get 100 kbps or below from their 1 mbps line will complain, or silently complain.

    So, moral of the story, if you want to subscribe to izzi,

    Ask the reseller to test at your place.
    Subscribe 6 months package instead of 12 months package.

    No perfect ISP in Malaysia but above all, I choose TM-Net streamyx.

  3. Joe says:

    hey pal…i agreed with u all about izzi. Now izzi is not easy anymore… it become more difficult.. I stay at bandar sunway just near KJ. Its really bad for izzi rite now. 1st time i used izzi ..can say ok laaaa…not so conjusted about the line..even on pick hours, but nowdays…from time 2 become bad. I try to complain to them about this stituation..only feedback i get ..they said check my signal..check if i have firewall and also check my antivirus. They always expect all people dont know about computer that why they askk the stupid thing. For me people getting better knowledge already about computer and is not the reason they should ask…coz normally people who complained about this thing…have a think about it.

    I also everyday checked thier website..under maintenance notice…almost every day…they have maintanance…for some area. I dont know what they ar maintaince about? but the time still worst from time to time. I have tried a few line from Maxis, Digi , celcom , streamyx and also wimax p1. I can said that izzi still need 2 upgrade thier system if they want 2 continue thier services.

    I found izzi line very fast on morning time around 7am – 11am after that its getting bad and after 7pm-1am the line more bad…u can reach less then 100kbps sometime less then 50kbps. As far as i get the fastest speed for izzi only at 700kbps..that one only morning time. U can imaging if i want to open my gmail account its take about 5 minit to load..but sometime error message come out…your line connection to slow to load current page… what the hell u can imaging that….!!!!

    I try to used speed test so many time with different location and also different website…all the results almost the same…thats mean no cheater on that… I checked also for hardware from kyocera corp. about iburst terminal in korea and australia… then try 2 update for new driver…. the result still the same. They said izzi suppose 4G broadband, its should give a better quality on that. I have no idea how they serve and say they have a good quality. Only i can say that quality for money or quality for satisfaction? Nowday people can make money for everything even they know they are not good enough only luck can be the truth.

    so for izzi services provider pls think about it. we not complaint coz of u guys but you should keep your promised to give the best for us, without us will be no izzi in malaysia.

  4. jacko says:

    hahahahha…. congratulation!!! , you the only one of the 24 million people in malaysia who says streamyx is good.
    well tmnet should give you award for all of what you have say that streamyx is better. buts lots of people know streamyx is suck.more suck then others provider. i’ve been using this slowmyx more then 5 years. only 1 ip that make faster on it. that ip start with others..fuck tmnet. so if you wanna used fast service on streamyx make sure your ip start with how to do that? restart your modem until you find those ip. otherwise… say hi hi bye bye…

    use to be 1mb soho acc but only get 32kbps slower then dialup.

  5. Joe says:

    hahahhaha…u be honest u have a bad luck with streamyx line. I already used streamyx for 8 years. Start with 512kbps until now up 2mbps. Yup sometime it will be suck also but not as bad as other internet provider like maxis, izzi, celcome and others. I have try so many broadband. Streamyx u need outside modem not provided by TMNet itself coz thier modem suck with ZTE or a few brand also. What u should have go for better modem can prevent heating and u will get better performance with streamyx line. U should check also ur telephone line coz noising effect for telephone line will make ur streamyx line suck. So far i dont have anyproblem with streamyx. Even download and upload. If u said about pick hours…of coz all the line almost same, but speed much better then others.

    If u compare IZZI with streamyx.. IZZI only provide MTU = 1400 but Streamyx MTU=1500 for windowXP. P1 MTU=1500 also same like streamyx but once u reach ur treshold ur line will got worse then other.

  6. Caryn says:

    Do you intend to sell your izzi terminal??? how much it will be

  7. Ah Ming says:

    Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December”


    Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To F@CK Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You Money So Fast For What?!


    Now I’m Keeping To Hold 3 Month Bill No Pay But I’m Still Can Using It!

    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

    Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Ready To Be WaterFISH

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  9. broadband services these days are getting and cheaper and faster too, very soon we would have an affordable Gigabit internet `

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