How To CleanUP Vista SP1 Junks

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Software

Either your Vista is preloaded with SP1 or not, you still can clean up several gigabytes of space which is reserve for SP1 uninstallation backup data. 

To do this, open the run dialog (Win-R) and type “vsp1cln.exe” (without quotes) and press enter.

This will remove the ability to uninstall the service pack (so make sure to test everything before running the cleanup), and it will cleanup 1GB worth of data off of your hard drive.

  1. IngRaM says:

    it is safe to do this ? it said it will make sp1 permanent on the computer?
    if there is sp2 , can i upgrade it ?

  2. expertester says:

    Yep….it totally safe. I have done it several times and able to save up 1 to 3 GB of space.

    The drawback is you can’t uninstall SP1 but of course you can upgrade SP1 to SP2 when Microsoft release SP2.

  3. Anonymous says:

    but i suggest you don’t uninstall it in case Microsoft does not release sp2.

  4. igor says:

    I say leave it…. 1 gb of space isnt going to break the bank here.

    IF YOU want to remove junk, then hit the runnin programs in the backround..

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