Turn On Hibernate Function in Vista

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Software
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Scenario One:

You accidently delete hibernate file at ‘Disk Cleanup’ windows, which render your Vista hibernate function suddenly disappear from control panel. To make things worst, your hybrid sleep can’t work properly and obviously you are no longer can hibernate your PC or laptop.


Scenario Two:

You are using Vista x64 with 4 GB of Ram, and you found out that your OS control panel can’t turn it on or off this feature. No matter how many times you click on “Turn Hibernate Function ON or OFF”, it will always send you to “Power Edit Plan Setting”. How frustrating right.



  1. From start menu search bar, type cmd
  2. Right Click on cmd.exe and choose Run As Administrator

  1. From command prompt console/shell, type powercfg -h on



  2. Press ENTER
  3. Done


Extra :

Now you can turn on Hybrid Sleep (Sleep + Hibernate function)

  1. Start Control Panel from start menu
  2. Choose Hardware and Sound
  3. Select Power Option
  4. Click on change on plan setting
  5. Click on Change Advance Power Setting
  6. Set hybrid sleep to ON and configure Hibernate After as you desire.


  1. suhaibah says:

    cmne nk buat biar cmd prompt 2 x disable by administrator?
    kte bukak cmd 2 die tls disable by admin…
    pas2 dye suh press any key..
    ble press trus xde…

  2. expertester says:

    first sekali check ko nie administrator ke tak utk laptop ko tu.

    Control Panel –> User Account And Family Safety –> User Account.

    Sebelah kanan page tu, akan tunjuk logo account ko dan privilage (administrator ataupun User).

  3. hoseyn says:

    Thanks a lot for your solution

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