WD 250GB need replacement

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Computer, Life
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I used to use HD Tune 2.55 (freeware) to check my hard disk performance and health. And recently, I found out that data in my almost 3 years old Western Digital Caviar SataII 16 MB Cache (250GB) start to corrupt and certain file can’t be copied to other partition or hard disk. Let alone delete it. Once a while, when I perform scan disk (complete), I notice there was a lot of error need to be fixed.

Finally, I fire up HD Tune 2.55 and I got this :

Health Status : OK….

Hmm… other than very high temperature (I already ignore this one because this model really hot since the very first day I bought it) and Relocated Sector Count, everything seem normal. Like most normal user out there…I thought this is OK. (Actually it is not 😀 ).

Still not satisfy with this result, I download Hard Disk Sentinel to check my hard disk. Surprisingly….

There are 72 bad sectors on the disk surface. The contents of these sectors were moved to the spare area.

The drive found 5 bad sectors during its self test.

Based on the number of remapping operations, the bad sectors may form continuous areas.

There are 20 weak sectors found on the disk surface. They may be remapped any time in the later use of the disk.

It is recommended to examine the log of the disk regularly. All new problems found will be logged there.

It is recommended to backup often to prevent data loss.

Very handy isn’t it. HardDisk Sentinal mark which partition is OK and which is not.

Still not satisfied… test with Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and I got this one :

Hmm… all these screen shots really made me aware that I need to backup my data ASAP. And of course I gonna need a new hard disk. Further action : Check this hard disk still got warranty under WD or not.

Western D hdd : http://support.wdc.com/warranty/

Seagate HDD : http://support.seagate.com/customer/warranty_validation.jsp

Ah ha…. This unit still has warranty. Thanks God.

Last step : Call 1800 88 1908 for their WD Express Doorstep Warranty Service. (That number only for Malaysian :p )

  1. weinter says:

    OMG 71 degrees?!!
    No wonder it will fail
    My WD 250GB 16MB Buffer Caviar don’t even come close to 45 degrees
    Yours is probably a manufacturing defect

  2. expertester says:

    yeah lol…maybe it breath hole got defect..who know. Well, tomorrow i will call WD guy to collect this hdd 😀

  3. bandsxbands says:

    Reading these kind of posts reminds me of just how technology truly is undeniably integral to our lives in this day and age, and I am fairly certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside… I just hope that as memory gets less expensive, the possibility of copying our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s one of the things I really wish I could encounter in my lifetime.

    (Posted on Nintendo DS running R4i DS SerVo)

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