nVidia PowerMizer for Acer 4530

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Software

NVIDIA® PowerMizer® technology is an intelligent power management solution available on all NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) that can effectively extend battery life and reduce wasted power – all while providing performance on demand even while plugged in the wall.

Key Benefits

  • Extends battery life
  • Intelligently adapts performance based on a user’s needs so it saves power even when the notebook is plugged into the wall
  • Runs in the background to provide the best balance of performance and battery life
  • Helps the notebook run cooler and quieter under normal operating conditions by dissipating less heat in the GPU

What’s so SMART about PowerMizer Mobile Technology?

The ultimate goal of PowerMizer technology is to optimize power use for the longest battery life in a notebook PC while providing the performance necessary for the task at hand. Some office applications like word processors and spreadsheets require less processing than is necessary for an immersive 3D gaming experience or for viewing a crystal clear high definition video. PowerMizer technology will intelligently adapt itself to suit the performance needs of the application.

Intelligent digital watchdogs monitor the power utilization in various parts of the GPU. When a certain processor engine is not in use or is not required to run full bore, these digital watchdogs will turn them down. This is happening at such a speed that the user will not experience a change in performance, but will know that every watt of battery power is being conserved.


So, if you are using nVidia base system notebook or laptop such as Acer Aspire 4530, you can enjoy this features with these little tricks and softwares.

What you need :


What you need to do :

By default, nVidia driver version 185.20 doesn’t enable PowerMizer by default. You need to enable it manually using regedit.


Step 1:


**********************credit to Weinter*************************


Run Regedit from your start menu or press Windows+R


Navigate to HKEY_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{ Your graphics adapter}0000 and 0001

(Note : windows will automatically duplicate entry creation in 0000 so you no need to create both entry 2 times. However, just to be safe, cross check either in 0001 has both entries which is PowerMizerEnable and PerfLevelSrc.

To locate the registry entry expand all the entries until you see one with lots of registry setting That will be the the registry containing your Graphics Options

Right click on the right Window to create a new DWORD 32bit value
The value name change to “PowerMizerEnable” value select “1 in hexidecimal
The value name change to “PerfLevelSrc” value data “3333 in hexidecimal



**********************Link : http://daemonadvocate.blogspot.com/2009/01/nvidia-powermizer.html *************************


Step 2:

(Note: If you skip step 1, PowerMizer Switch will report that PowerMizer option is not enabled)

Extract PowerMizer Switch and run it under administrator privilege (right click on PowerMizer Switch icon and choose Run As Administrator.)


There are 3 buttons here. The first one isrecommended to save battery life when your laptop running on battery but you want maximum performance when your laptop is connected to AC power. I choose this one as Adobe CS4 requires GPU to run at full speed to help rendering process….but when I am on the go, battery life is more important.

Choose second button if you want to turn off PowerMizer completely. This is recommended for gamers who don’t want his games fps drop significantly when GPU temperature start to enter overheat territory as PowerMizer will reduce GPU Core Frequency automatically if it think GPU temperature a bit on high side.

Choose third button if you want to permanently turn on PowerMizer regardless your laptop run on battery or AC power. This is recommended who use his/her laptop for non 3D intensive application such as browsing internet, office application and normal programming. Save battery and low GPU temperature.

Click on any of these 3 buttons and reboot your computer.


Step 3 :


Run GPU-Z utilitiy.

By default, CoreClock frequency is 450 MHz. Click on Sensors tab and check your current CPU Core Clock Frequency. As for my case, GPU frequency will drop from 450MHz to 169 MHz when I pull out my AC charger socket from my laptop and as expected, GPU Frequency jump up back to 450MHz when I plug in my AC charger socket.


Result :

When laptop on battery….note CPU Core Clock = 169 MHz.


When laptop is connected to AC source. Note that GPU core clock raise up to 450 MHz.

  1. kukuh says:

    helpful post mr ex

  2. aspire says:

    wao..really useful info to optimize my aspire4530

  3. I have to say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have an awesome template . Where have you got it from?

  4. Alex says:

    that was very helpful, in fact ia have already tried that and its effective, but the problem is i upgraded to vista 64 to utilize my 4 gb ram, and nvidia update kept saying that its only for vista 32, how can i use powermizer in vista 64, thanks

  5. Weinter says:

    I want to ask if the PowerMizer Switch change mode at runtime or you have to do a reboot?

  6. expertester says:

    it change on the fly….with some delay (several seconds usually at worst case)

  7. expertester says:

    Alex…the screenshot was taken from Vista x64. It should work even if you use vista x64.

  8. Alex says:

    hey thanks, i reinstalled and it worked

  9. Vinjayz says:

    will this work in vista32?

  10. romad says:

    hi mr expertester..i followed your instructions about enabling powermizer but im still having problems with GPU temp.. GPU-Z displayed 98 Celsius even if its idle, then jumps to 120 when playing games..my highest record is 129 when playing titan quest..im using the forceware 185.85 vista 64-bit..pls help..im getting random crashes when the temp seems too high..lappie will restart repeatedly..thanks in advance

    • mike says:

      i had the same problem with my toshiba. I’ve cleaned radiators and it works fine now. temp is ok. it should help you too

  11. Weinter says:

    What are your laptop specs?
    My solution is to dismantle the system and replace the thermal paste and size up the vent.
    It has been working well so far now my max temp hits 85 degrees while gaming.
    My blog has the full dismantle instructions and all the tweaks I did to drop the temps.

  12. romad says:

    acer 4530 zm-80 2.1 Ghz, 4 Gb ram, not overclocked.. hmmm.. ok i’ll check it out and give it a try even though im not good with hardware stuff.. i hope i do it right.. hehe.

    thanks for the reply weinter

  13. Weinter says:

    ZM-80 should be better because the TDP is 33 Watt compared to my RM-72 TDP 35 Watt so your processor should be cooler.

  14. Maor says:

    Thanx for the info, however i seem to have an issue:
    First let me state I’m using an updated Nvidia driver version 187.66 (W7 64).
    All installation was smooth, but now I can see that my clock goes down to 169 MHz and up again to 640 after few seconds. I’m not running anything aside for this post and a HW monitor (monitors GPU temperaturte).

    I tried to reduce power because of the anoying fan (high speed every ~10 seconds).

    Can you please advice?

  15. rando says:

    hi, I’ve followed your step and I was able to run powermizer switch but whenever I choose to set powermizer on, off, or on at battery/off at AC, the powermizer says registry access is not allowed. and it gives me two options whether to continue or quit.

    If I choose continue, there’s nothing happened, then I closed the powermizer window and reboot my laptop. after that I’m using the GPU-Z utility to see that my GPU core clock is now 169 MHz both on battery or AC. before I installed powermizer it gives me 450 MHz GPU core clock (you said that yours is 169 on battery and jump to 450 on AC after installing powermizer). Also it is not increasing the battery life at all, my battery still run out after 35 minutes of usage, no difference between using powermizer or not.

    If I choose quit, then the powermizer window closed.

    I’m using acer aspire 4530, win7 32 bit, and nvidia driver version 190.73

    I need you help, please answer.

    Btw, since we’re using the same acer aspire 4530 is there any working tips to extend the battery life? I’ve tried so many but none of them is seem to working.. because mine is always run out after 35 minutes of usage (though the battery icon on taskbar still showing 40% left for 30 minutes, and i’m using the power safer power plan)

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