How to Re-sync or Re-timing subtitle

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Software


You download a movie from torrent, direct download or whatever P2P software but at the end you found out that there is no suitable subtitle for that movie. The entire subtitle you found from the net doesn’t has perfect synchronization with the movie as you hope for. In the other word, the timing between audio (actor/actress voice) and subtitle doesn’t matching.

And now you start to wonder (I was) if you could re-synchronize the ‘not so match’ subtitle to with this video/movie (voice)?

The answer: Yes you can and it doesn’t require even a single cent.



  1. Download Subtitle Workshop from Download page here.
    1. Subtitle Workshop is a freeware.
  2. Your movie and it’s ‘not so match’ subtitle (example extension .srt)



Install Subtitle Workshop (current version as I type this mini tutorial is 2.51).

Launch your Subtitle Workshop 2.51

Load your movie into Subtitle Workshop by : Click on Movie à Open (from the its menubar)

Load your “not so match” subtitle into Subtitle Workshop by : File à Load Subtitle (from its menubar)

    Note : Alternatively, you can drag and drop your movie and ‘not so match’ subtitle into Subtitle Workshop.

You should have this kind of screen (more of less, if you use Dragon war movie and nedivx subtitle).


Now, what you need to do is to know when is the exact time for the first voice will be heard.

So, play the movie (using Subtitle workshop) by pressing play button and listen carefully. Be ready to hit pause button when you start to hear voice related to subtitle wording below. If you miss the exact time, you can either estimate how much fraction of second you need to deduct or simply redo.

As for my case, I notice that the first voice saying “Everyone believes the time….” start at 8.803 sec.

Note that, in my ‘not so correct’ subtitle, the first phrase is at 49.849 seconds which is almost 41 seconds later than what it should be. Indirectly, you should catch up by now, what you should do is, make all phrases (timing) in this subtitle start (49.849-8.803 = 41.046) 41.046 seconds sooner.

In order to do that,

  1. Make sure your sliding indicator at the correct time
  2. Click on any subtitle phrase and press CTRL+A (or click Edit à Select All)



  3. Move Subtitle (Alt+M) or Movie à Subtitles à Move subtitle


  4. Result : All phrase in my subtitle now, move 41 second earlier which is the correct timing for this movie.



Wrong timing….


Perfect timing…. (note that : duration between first and second phrase still remain).



To verify that your new subtitle perfectly match with your movie audio (subtitle) simply click on Play button. Subtitle Workshop will play the movie and display your newly edited subtitle. If you satisfy with the result, save it by : File à Save (or Save As).







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  2. CrackedCPU says:

    Wow, Thank you very much…

    It’s very very useful,


  3. DT says:

    Thanks for the tip very helpfull and usefull.

  4. MrRiddz says:

    Beautiful, thanx alot for this tutorial

  5. Anon says:

    Thanks a lot for this, made watching some of my movies a lot more pleasurable!

  6. Behrad says:

    Great explanation!

  7. ara says:

    Thanks! This is very helpful.

  8. Hadi says:

    Your help is great here. But I have a question. My subtitle beginig matches with the movie but subtile goes out of sync again as movie plays. How can you fix that?



  9. Maria Chloe says:

    Great tutorial. It was well explained.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  10. karthik says:


  11. Terra says:

    Maria Chloe :
    Great tutorial. It was well explained.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    Hadi :
    Your help is great here. But I have a question. My subtitle beginig matches with the movie but subtile goes out of sync again as movie plays. How can you fix that?

    same here, got same problem… beginning matched but as the movie plays, the sub becom out of sync again

  12. ciel says:

    i cant open my video. .
    the file is HDTV.X264.720p. .
    what should i do???

  13. reza says:

    it is great! I really need it and you explanation is greaaaaaaaaat…
    tnxxxxxxxxxx a bunch

  14. expertester says:

    If your subtitle and video are in sync at the beginning of the movie but become out of sync somewhere in the middle of the movie, that mean you are out of luck.

    What you can do is, re-timing the subtitle several times (instead of Ctrl+A the whole subtitle). What i mean here, try to divide the whole subtitle into several sections, and each section will have its own re-sync.

  15. lani says:

    Heloo, I already DL that software but every time i open the movie file error message come out, what should i do thanks

  16. norlia says:

    Thank you for your tutorial, I manage to get the subtitle sync, but what type of file should I ‘save as’. Please help. Thanks

  17. farah says:

    the re-sync only work for the first line. how can i get it works for the whole time the movie is playing?

  18. Chandu says:

    Great work…!! Very nice explanation…Thank u so much..

  19. Dolly says:

    Hey! Great tutorial. However, is there maybe a program for mac?
    Cheers 🙂

  20. Wajay says:

    Yo great Tutor!

    A simple question…After you sync your subs with the vid, do we need to encode the vid and the subs again? I mistakenly encode the vid and the subs first without sync-ing it

  21. somple says:

    how you got this formula /
    (49.849-8.803 = 41.046

    How you brought the 49.849 ?

  22. Shakib Ally says:

    Thnx a lottt!

  23. MaDa2DaNe says:

    Great tutorial… i like it… thx…

  24. Mindhunter says:

    thx a lot….i was looking 4 it many days

  25. s3ng0ku says:

    lani :
    Heloo, I already DL that software but every time i open the movie file error message come out, what should i do thanks

    it’s same for me. i can’t open the movie .
    when i open the movie,there is error message. can someone help my problem?

    • vinamra gehlot says:

      even i have the same problem
      whenever i add the subtitle file into this program there is an error message which shows to close or debug the program and after that i cannot add the movie folder into it and the programs hangs!..plz help!!

  26. anderson says:

    Very good tutorial. I wonder subtitlle workshop could support .mkv files.

  27. ramki says:

    this content is not working for some video file format like .avi files..

  28. Dodo says:

    thx man, great tutorial

  29. vinamra gehlot says:

    nice video…
    but whenever i add the .srt file into this program there is an error message which shows to close or debug the program and after that i cannot add movie also into it..plz help!!

  30. cowboysaif says:

    thanx for the information. it was a really wonderful post

  31. chucky says:

    dude…I have a situation here.
    I got two subtitle, first one have right timing but with different language, and the second one have my language but with false timing.
    is there any way I can syncronize these two subtitle, so I can get exact timing and language ones?

  32. Ayip says:

    i think it much easier when you using jet audio..just play the video and then right click,select adjust subtitle>subtitle timing>then choose earlier or need hard work..

  33. momster says:

    Your problem is pretty easy to fix. Since you have 1 subtitle with perfect timing (but wrong language) and 1 subtitle with out of sync timing but correct language…what you need to do is use the correct language subtitle and offset it accordingly.

    For example, if the first line in subtitle A (incorrect language) start at 55.00, follow this tutorial and move subtitle B(correct language) first line’s timing to 55.00. That’s all.

    Media player classic can do the same trick too. But, I believe the author intention is to provide permanent fix rather than temporary fix (where you need to adjust the subtitle timing offset whenever you watch that movie).


  34. Lya says:

    omg!thanks for such nice tips~
    now, I can enjoy my movie with the perfect timing~
    Thanks a lot!

  35. Dannilyn says:

    thanks alot its very helpful..
    but got few questions..
    after syncing the files with the subtitles when i’m trying to save the file what file should i choose among the list they are so many and i dont know any of those..

    thanks.. hope you’ll help..
    just want to have an avi file with the subtitles

    thanks again
    cheers mate^^

  36. anna says:

    I saved it using SubViewer 2.0. Tq

  37. Arhazivory says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. It’s helped a lot.

  38. pamdiana12 says:

    this helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing~ :]

  39. anonymous says:

    thankyou man you saved me much time so thanx a lot

  40. Mickey says:

    I put some MKV file into Subtitle Workshop, when i play it, it NO SOUND. but some MKV have sound in subtitle workshop, some doesn’t have. If no sound how to listen and retiming the subtitle????

  41. expertester says:

    codec problem?
    If you use VLC, KMPlayer or UM Player (where all the codecs are embedded within the player), Subtitle Workshop may not be able to display the video or sound properly.

    I personally, even I use KMPlayer and UMplayer, I still install KLite Codec. So, my other player (including Subtitle Workshop etc) could access to up to date codec.

    Good luck.

  42. prijesh says:

    when i load muvee file on workshop2.51, it tells “no valid file”, my file is .avi, it plays but in workshop it show it invalid….leave advise soon…eager to see playful kiss

  43. djtunes says:

    Man i can only say this: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Easy tutorial, easy software, great post. 😉

  44. bapkots says:

    Thanks a lot ! It’s awesome !!!

  45. sankar says:

    u r the man. super cool and thanks. i always had a prob with hindi movies.

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    thanx a lot, its very help full

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    Your the best! Thank you so much! 🙂

  48. Annie says:

    Thank you very much, you helped me a lot! ^^

  49. joe says:

    i cant seem to play the .mp4 on this program to resync the sub. It says” invalid file”. Can i get some help?

  50. miss_N says:

    Can somebody tell me exactly where to save the file??it’s been million time i save the file but it’s never working..please?which file i should save if i used the ‘save as’?

  51. adi says:

    If your subtitle beginning matches with the movie but subtitle goes out of sync again as movie plays and for other general problems here’s a MUCH better and permanent way to sync your subtitles:

    After you loaded the subtitle file and video, do this:
    1. Play the video until you reach the first spoken dialog or the first place that should be subtitled in the movie, and when you hear/read it, take note the time (you will need it later).
    2. Seek to the near end of the video and when you hear/read the last spoken dialog or the last place that should be subtitled, take note the time, too.
    3. After you have followed this steps, click the “Edit/Timings/Adjust subtitles…” or the [Ctrl]+[B] keys. Switch to “Simple” tab. In “First spoken line” write the first time, and in “Last spoken line” write the last time. Then press Adjust! button.

    This takes the right starting and ending points and syncs the subtitle track. This worked beautifully for me!

    • Riojin says:

      I did the same thing but the hard part is when the subs are out of sync in the middle of the movie for that i think one needs to do the advance section instead. i should have read your post before posting myself, lol.

  52. Barret says:

    Thanks brother from the bottom of my heart,lovely work it is clear that you know this is a painful subject to deak with.greeting good luck and succes.

  53. Ken Ray says:

    Awesome, thanks! Also thanks to adi for alternative method.

  54. xiaoxin says:

    it doesn’t recognize mkv file or avi file..or even my srt subtitle file format. Is there anywhere i did wrong?Why it does not support those file?

  55. Mantak says:

    Thnks, good things that works… HVALA

  56. gaemaxce says:

    why wouldn’t my subtitles move when i clicked move subtitle?

  57. sou says:

    Thank u Very much …u make my day…..
    and wish you a Merry Christmas.

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  62. h0ns says:

    i’ve just found this site.. thank you for the information.. it really helpful..
    anyway.. is there any subtitle workshop for mac? thank you

  63. Just another thank you. Solved my problem in 15 minutes.

  64. MrDegorro says:

    By the way, I’ve problem, in the another case, the movie voice and sub were rightly same started at 0min7sec, but in the end, the last sub end in 41min12sec while the movie last voice are 41min07sec.

    Can this program repair things like this ?
    How problem like this fix ?

  65. MrDegorro says:

    Browsing a little bit, I found the solution if a case like me happens to you.
    When the subtitle start perfectly as the movie yet the end was different,
    you will need “Time Adjuster” program to fix it. (I use version 3.1)
    It’s has tool that tighten the sub.
    You need manually point the time’s start of the subtitle and the movie voice. and…
    You also need manually point the time’s end of the subtitle and the movie voice.

    This are the tutorial.

    I hope I didn’t hurt this web’s host as in my case it didn’t workout with “Subtitle Workshop”, yet
    I need to tell to others that in my case you need to use another program. thanks & good luck…

  66. shang says:

    how abaout if my video is dot the subtitle should dot what?tq

  67. Thank You So Much 🙂

  68. Azer says:

    All I did was delay the sibtitles under edit- timings-delay because my video wouldn’t load. Pressed save and done!!!

  69. akemi says:

    i have a mac T.T

  70. M hasan says:

    Great! How easy! Thanks….

  71. Asteriskk says:

    You can also use an online tool such as so sync subtitles online.

  72. Diëgo Van De Keere says:

    Hi, it seems there are some subtitle ‘experts’ around here 😉
    I’ve subtitled a documentary for the first time in my life a few days ago.
    But the problem is that although the timing is correct (I got an English .srt to base
    my subs on), throughout the film I can see 3 to 4 subtitle lines appearing at the same
    time (for example:

    “Tuurlijk, als je grootheid wilt meten volgens puur egoïstisch materialisme…” “Ok dan, hoe wil jij het dan meten?”

    01:05:49,080 –> 01:05:52,720
    “Wel, er bestaan ook andere waarden, weet je?”
    “Ja wacht even, een minuutje maar.”

    01:05:52,800 –> 01:05:59,640
    “Wat is er verkeerd met deze vorm van materialisme? Ik bedoel: het is het verschil tussen leven in de jungle of leven in de beschaafde wereld.”

    How can I fix that? What did I do wrong here?
    I worked on the subs both in word as in texteditor on a mac,
    but always saved into the original file format (being .srt)

    Thanks a lot for whoever can help me figuring this one out!

  73. Miro Loly says:

    great explain but with me don’t edit except the beginning also i select all but don’t edited

  74. lontong.stroong says:

    the ALT + M is NOT working. It’s a hoax!!!

  75. Mithun says:

    brilliant. Thank you very much.

  76. Riojin says:

    I was going crazy trying to find the subs i want. i have had sub workshop for about 2 years and didn’t know how to use it, thanks for the INFO!!!

  77. Riojin says:

    CTRL+M did not work for me i had to use CTRL+B its with the synchronization under video. i had to add the time on the line, the when i adjusted it i would put it in zero’s all across and that would reduce all time on the lines by the amount i took off. it was extra work but fun because i got to know about the program. it does make it a bit more difficult when fasnsubs titles are added that can be a bit of a challenge. but i wish CTRL+M would have worked it would have made my night much easier.

    • Riojin says:

      Also what works is after one makes the shift of time as ADI suggest as well, if you watch the movie or drama and the time is off 1/4 or half way u can highlight the lines you want adjusted and click on the tab EDIT and click on timing and shift the timing of the subs. If the subs are coming in late reduce it 100 seconds and see if that changed, if not do repeat until your satisfied. if subs are coming in a bit to soon then add 100 milisec to the sub to align it right, i hope i have been some help.

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  79. Lance says:

    Hey what if the subs are only out of sync half way through the show? How do u fix it then?

  80. anonymous* says:

    good job !!!

  81. shivam says:

    the app continuously crashes

  82. Peter Hoover says:

    Thank you so much. This fixed the problem. Thank you for this tutorial. Do you have any method for synching audio and video on AVI, MP4 or VLC files?

  83. Peter Hoover says:

    Why do some video files appear in the frame but not others. It seems to be random whether it is avi or mp3 etc.

  84. After I initially commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are
    added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I recieve four
    emails with the exact same comment. Is there a way you are able
    to remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

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  89. Khalid says:

    After downloading four separate subtitle files for King of Kings I was ready to give up since they were all 4 minutes and 11seconds ahead of the video! I did a quick search and found your expert instructions on how to fix the problem.

    It looked perfectly and fixed the issue in less than 5 minutes. Thank you!

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    It’s amazing how it, even 7 years later, still helps a lot of people.

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