I Love Streamyx!!!

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Internet
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Hate me if you want but I will stay shout I love Streamyx.

No, I am not working with TM, not even have any relatives or friends that work with TM, but I can’t hold my hands and brain to type I Love Streamyx any longer.

Am I going nuts? Yeah, maybe LAWL.

It is all started when I subscribe Streamyx Combo 60, which is an ADSL 384 kbps service from them (Dec 2008), to replace my pathetic over promised Izzi broadband (which based on iBurst technology). I saved RM50 per month there and yet still getting 300% of Izzi broadband speed (at that time). Fast forward to 24 June 2009, after satisfy with my phone line stability and ADSL reliability, I did myself a favor. I went to Shah Alam TM Point and decided to upgrade my Streamyx 384kbps to 1.0 mbps (Streamyx Combo 110).

Kudos to TM Point staff (sorry, I forgot that young lady name), they served me professionally, warm hearted and full of responsibility. I asked a lot of question and that young lady happily answer all my questions without any hesitation or grumpy face. I even asked, how far the distance between TM and my house. She log-on in their system and showed to me distance in radius (2.1 km) and cable distance (3.9 km) and she assured me that I won’t face any problem if I upgrade my package to 1 mbps. And still, she guaranteed that if any technical difficulties arise, just give them a call, and they will downgrade back my package to 384 without any additional cost. Hell sweet…risk free and no upgrade fee what so ever. I asked her, how long this activation process will be and she answered, normally 3 working days. Fine.. I am ok with it. If I can use 384kbps for more than 7 months, obviously 3 days waiting period is not a big deal at all.

Tomorrow morning, surprise surprise J My Streamyx is already upgraded to 1 mbps package. What a pleasant surprise especially when I expect they need 3 days to do this upgrade job which turn out, they just need 1 day. I personally love “Under promise over deliver” business policy.

So, if a 384 kbps package allow me to download from ftp or torrent at 47 kBps (376 kbps), it was so tempting to test how fast 1 mbps package is. I expect to get 100-120 kBps (1024 kbps / 8 = 128 kBps). But honestly anything near 100 kBps already fine by me. Do some speed test…oh my my…I get more than what I pay. Double sweet…muhahaha.

For this writing purpose, I do a quick speed test. Result as below.

Malaysian Server

Singapore Server

Woot, upload test seem better at Sg server despite Malaysian server is nearer. Ok fine, I hear you are saying…”Local or nearby server boleh la…try US tengok”.

Kansas City, USA Server

Well, my friend. The screenshot above still show the very same result. 1.61-1.62 mbps. Very consistent. Mind you, I am subscribing Streamyx Combo 110 (which is their promise speed only 1.0 mbps). So, basically I got 60% more than what they promise to give to me. This is not a fluke or accidently wrong cap. A lot of Streamyx user already enjoy more than what they pay. Only this majority keep silence because nothing to shout about when you are enjoying stuff…it is another different story when you get less than what you pay. This is us, human ROLF.

Still not so fancy about speed test, I did 2 real application tests. Direct download and torrent.

Downloading ATI Catalyst 9.6 drivers from their official website using Internet Download Manager. Notice the transfer rate : 205.589 KBps. This number could be translated as 1676.784 kbps or 1.67 Mbps. Nice. Still relevant with above speed test.

Hmmm..how about torrent. Previously my speed hovering at early 40kbps+. And with TM infamous p2p packet shaping I don’t exepct to get anything more than 100 kBps. But another surprise for me, I get 171.5 kBps. Oh my God. T_T happiness XD

However, due to my speed already increased to several folds, I honestly a bit afraid that my internet stability will be at risk aka frequent disconnection. However, Netgear WGR614v7 Router + Streamyx standard Riger DB102 modem doesn’t break a sweat to handle this new speed.

Screenshot above shows that this line still alive and kicking without any disconnection for almost 12 hours.

So, I am now totally happy and satisfied with Streamyx service. Since I subscribe Streamyx combo 60 (384) 7 months ago till now, I never face any problem with them and let’s hope that this will continue till the ocean no longer touch the sand.

Note : Nothing much to brag here. That is not my intention to post this on my personal blog. I just want to express how thankful, grateful and satisfy I am to be one of Streamyx user. Obviously, we don’t have uber fast internet connection like what western ppl enjoy but heck… I don’t care. I live in Malaysia and proud to be a Malaysian. People love to bash Streamyx when they face problem but never even post in forum a praise or thanks when they enjoy more than what they pay. As for me…”Keep up TM and yeah, I Love Streamyx.

Note2 : Streamyx basher feel free to activate your flame thrower. Shield UP.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently pay for the 1mbps package as well.

    Being able to download that fast is like 1 in a million of chances. One problem is, how long are they able to provide you that fast?

    I don’t really have much against streamyx except the fact that their quality of service is always greatly fluctuating. In the morning you can easily download something at 150kbps, at night probably it drops to 4kbps- 10kbps! i don’t mind even if they manage to pull out an average of 50kpbs for me at night but 150kbps to 10 kbps is just ridiculous.

    Torrent depends on how many local seeds as well. Bleach is a popular anime in Malaysia, many downloader are from Malaysia. I’ve peeked 300kpbs for animes like this in previous downloads but it never lasted that way throughout the download.

  2. Sham says:

    Well, I have use Streamyx since 2002. I start with package RM88 (512 kbps) at that time. Couple of years later, TM upgrade my streamyx to 1 mbps and 2 years before to 1.5 mbps.

    During this 7 years of usage, I have to admit that streamyx sometime give me weeks of headache (accumulated) ; cable snap prob. But for the rest of it, I always get 80-90 % of their advertise speed without any problem. Since 2006, my download speed always close to 200 kBps. Torrent speed depend on seeder but 190 kBps is achievable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you mind telling me what torrent client are you guys using? Perhaps torrent downloads are client-dependent. I have no problems downloading files via HTTP or FTP with Free Download Manager (peaking at 120kbps with my 1Mbps Streamyx package). However, my torrent speeds are fluctuating from 1kbps to 100kbps, but it’s only averaging around 15-20kbps. So, where’s the fault?

  4. Solarix says:

    If your torrent speed hovering from 1 kBps to 100 kBps, mean your torrent client and configuration is OK. Torrent speed heavily depend on seed speed too. Try to download ubuntu using torrent (from their official website) or bleach from dattebayo website and clock your download speed.

    If your torrrent speed from these 2 sites still under 50 kBps then, mean your net has been p2p throttled.

    I use uTorrent 1.83 and most of the time I got 150-180 kBps download speed (for popular torrrent). However, for not so popular torrent (seed number below 100), it is normal to get even 20 kBps. One more tips, try to change IP. As for my case, sometime IP 115.x.x.x give better torrent speed than 60.x.x.x and vice versa.

  5. redkoy says:

    I don’t know that TM is good, as the service in my place (Shah Alam), is quite bad.
    But somehow I was very happy last day. I was downloading a movie. Then I saw my download speed…. OMFG 1012kb???? You must be kidding. But that’s only for about less than 1 hour. But i managed to get the movie, ‘Push’ in 1 hour. Haha

    P/S: I’ve heard that some internet technician/hackers came out with one software to overcome the TM’s limitation on P2P software.
    Anyone can tell me is it true?

  6. expertester says:

    If you P2P software (torrent, limewire etc) can download at your maximum subscribe speed (as in my screenshot above), technically you already overcome P2P throttling.

  7. deeen says:

    Thank! really useful blog post !! =)

  8. kecix93 says:

    i love streamyx to i use 1mbps and got problem on (13 march 2011) and try call 100 and they said within 3 days they will fix my line.Suprisingly they fix it at the same date and come to my house to check if anything problem

    i stay at Shah Alam area and the service is very good and fast 🙂

  9. Riey_VirgoBoy88 says:

    So do I.. I love Streamyx too.. Em.. I’d just upgraded my Streamyx to 1Mb/s a few months ago.. Without waiting longer than how long they expect me to wait, my Package had been upgraded within 1 day only and make me so eager to test how fast my new internet speed is.. Surprisingly my download speed reaches 1.68 Mb/s which is much more than what I’m supposed to pay.. Although I gotta pay RM71 for only 1 Mb/s, I got much faster than what I thought it would be.. I attached my speed test result link below so that you can see how fast it is.. Whatta great ISP.! Hahaha…

  10. andy says:

    Erm how i can get a speed like u ? Now i’m using 384kbps and i prever tbat i wanted to upgrade on 1or2 mbps can i k kw how u get extra speed?

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