Maxis Broadband 4.5 mbps (actual real world test)

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Internet, Service
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You gotta be kidding me…Maxis broadband (my sis in law pay RM88 for this kind of connection…omg)

The best part is, actual download speed (using IDM) from youtube is faster than where this connection get somewhere around 2 mbps.

Weird isn’t it. Actual download speed is faster than Not satisfied…let test another download from nzones which I know has very fast server.

Gosh… 600 to 700 kBps (more than 5 Mbps). This is basically 3 times faster than my RM110 streamyx.

Still can’t believe my eyes.

Location : Sg. Buloh,

Time : 3.10 – 3.34 AM

  1. expertester says: is fast. Real fast….but with ONE BIG DRAWBACK !!!

    3 GB / month quota. WTF LoL. 3 GB only. LMAO. Obviously doesn’t suit my cup of tea. On regular basis, my streamyx serve me 10 to 12 GB per day.

    But I believe this kind of package suit my sis in law very well. Basically what she does with her internet is chatting and log in facebook. Rarely watch youtube or download anything and never ever torrent.

    Correction : She pay RM78 for this uncapped speed but 3GB/month quota.

  2. Kenny says:

    But eventhough the quota has been exceeded,u can still use the broadband..juz that the connection will be a bit slower.When i read ur post,i tot u r going to critisize the speed of maxis broadband XD.My fren was using it…but the actual speed is much lower than urs.I guess it depends on location and time.

  3. John says:

    Maxis doesn’t cap your speed but once the quota has been exceed, your connection speed drop significantly. I normally will receive a SMS from them to remind me that I already exceed my quota and my speed now capped at 100-200 kbps. Enough to check email or do some facebooking but almost impossible to watch youtube.

    Expertester, you should check torrent speed. I can’t get thru pass 50 kbps even my direct download more or less like yours.

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