How to mount ISO file using Daemon Tool

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Software

What is an ISO image?

Frankly speaking, ISO images (or any other disc image) is a virtual CD, DVD or even BD. Basically it is the softcopy of actual CD/DVD/BD. If printed document is hardcopy, PDF file is softcopy right. Same goes to…if physical DVD disc is hardcopy, then ISO image is softcopy.


What is Daemon?

Daemon Tool is a virtual DVD/CD/BD ROM drive. It can be used to load (technically, it is called mount) ISO image (or any other form of disc image). Analogy wise….

Your physical DVD drive at your PC/notebook = Daemon Tool

DVD disc which you can put it on your DVD drive’s tray = ISO images

Activity involve putting DVD disc into your PC’s DVD tray = mount.


Note : This tutorial is dedicated to some of my friend who are still clueless on how to mount ISO images (or any other virtual CD images).



First, download Daemon Tool Lite 4.xx.x (current version is 4.35.5) from FileHippo or Daemon Website. Daemon Tool Lite version 4 is freeware for home and personal use.

Then, install it as usual. Reboot if needed.

After installation is succesfull, you may access your Daemon tool at Windows system tray as picture below.

Right click on it.

Click on Virtual Devices…


Click on Device 0. You may have more than 1 device. Drive letter is depend on your system configuration. As for mine, my daemon virtual drive letter is E:

Click on Mount Image… (this is where we want to tell daemon, which ISO (or other virtual disc images) will be mount (loaded, read) by daemon.


Choose any ISO images (or any supported disc images). In this case, I choose Visual Studio 2008.iso). Click Open.


If Daemon successfully mount this Visual Studio 2008 image into its virtual drive, this window will popup.


Viola..setel..habis… leh install cam beser..LOL

  1. shashank says:

    nice one for first timers!

  2. adela says:

    Thank you so much for such useful suggestions. Daemon tool is fantastic. I used this tool when I need it work fantastic!

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