How to effectively block ads in Opera 10

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Internet, Service

Yes yes…of course, Firefox and Chrome are solid web browsers. Their wonderful plug-in and web rendering engine speed make them very appealing. However, if you happen to like Opera browser more than anything else but:

  • Really hate those annoying ads.
  • Seriously lazy to add ads URL manually (one by one).
  • Wish that there is a version of adblock+ for Opera 10.
  • Don’t know which file needs to be edited to kill those ads (advertisements).

Here is some remedy for you.


Trick number 1: Add advertisements URL and wild card manually

  • At Opera toolbar, click Tools à Advanced à Block Content


  • Click Add button and key in the ads URL. Viola


Trick number 2: Use custom Javascript to kill those persistent ads,

  • Go to and download its AdSweep.js
  • Save that JavaScript somewhere in your hard drive. As for my case, I save it in “E:\Opera 10 ads block” folder.
  • At Opera toolbar, click Tools à Preference (Shortcut key: Control+F12)
  • Click on Advanced Tab à Content

  • Click on JavaScript Option… button.


  • Click on Choose… button


  • Browse for the folder that you save addsweep.js and press OK button


  • Done



Trick number 3: Use custom urlfilter (regularly updated by its author)

  • Download custom urlfilter.ini at
  • Save it somewhere, preferable in the same folder as adsweep.
  • At your Opera browser, type this URL à


  • Click on Choose.. button
    browse to the folder that you save urlfilter.ini just now à click on urlfilter.ini and click Open button.


    Click on Save button and restart your Opera browser.


  • Done


  • Note: Although the author of this urlfilter.ini does update his list every now and then, this method doesn’t update itself automatically. Therefore, you may need to regularly check (monthly basis perhaps) regularly and manually replace the old urlfilter.ini with the one.



Note2: Please be advised that there is no perfect adblock mechanism. Some persistant and highly evolve ads may skip through once a while. However most of ads now are history for Opera 10.






  1. ketupat says:

    Brilliant !!!

    Thanks for the info. And i found out that tricks no 3 is still working flawlessly with my Opera 10.50 RC.

    You really should try 10.50 ^_^

  2. Pablo says:

    Thank you very much, this is just what I needed to make the switch to Opera 10.50. Adsweep doesn’t work in my case, but the url filter does perfectly.

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