How to Restart or Shutdown Windows via Remote Desktop

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Software


Windows 7 Remote Desktop is a very wonderful tool. If you used to use other remote desktop software such as Radmin, RealVNC or LogMeIn, you will be surprise how effiecient in term of bandwidth and performance Windows 7 built-in remote desktop is. (If your remote computer use Windows 7 Ultimate, you can enjoy Windows Aero as well via Remote Desktop).

However, unlike other remote desktop solution, Windows 7 remote desktop doesn’t allow us to shutdown or restart remote computer from the normal Start button. If you happen to click on remote windows Start button, you will be greet with this option; Disconnect or Lock.


Fred not, there is a work arround for this. What you need to do is press Ctrl + Alt + End while your remote desktop window is active.

You remote desktop screen will appear as screenshot above. And now, you can shut down or restart your remote desktop 😀

Happy Remoting

  1. ketupat says:

    Other way around is,

    Click on empty desktop and press ALT+F4.

  2. BLeeV says:

    Thanks for the info! It was almost too easy 😉

  3. Tom says:

    On a Mac you need to press Option-Command-F4.

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