How to convert your USB flash drive to be Windows 7 Installation Medium

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Software

Alternate title: How to install Windows 7 from your USB flash drive.

Since some of my friends keep asking me how to accomplish this one, I think it is wise for me to write this mini guide.


  • You have a netbook and your netbook doesn’t come with optical drive (DVD drive for example).
  • You don’t have USB DVD drive.
  • You have 4 or larger USB flash drive (aka pendrive, thumbdrive etc).
  • You have Windows 7 ISO image (32 bit or 64 bit).
  • You afraid of command prompt.



  • Download Microsoft Windows 7 to USB tools from: HERE (2.59 MB only). Microsoft provided help regarding this tool can be accessed here
  • Install it as usual by double clicking on the setup file (label as Windows7-USB-DVD-tool).


    Click Next


    Click Install


    Click Finish


  • Double click Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool from your desktop to run it.


    Click on Browse button to locate your Windows 7 ISO file.


    Locate your Windows 7 ISO image. In the screenshot below, I have both image which are 32bit version (x86) and 64 bit version (x64). For this mini guide, I choose Windows 7 32 bit version. Click Open to proceed.


    When your ISO image is properly located, click on the Next button to proceed.


    Because we want to make our USB flash drive to be Windows 7 installation medium, click on USB device button.


    Choose your USB Flash drive. As for my case, my Toshiba 8 GB flash drive’s letter is G:

    If this tool fails to detect your flash drive, click on refresh button.

    Then click Begin copying button to start copying the content of ISO image into your USB flash drive. This tool will automatically make your USB flash drive to be bootable.


    This tool will automatically erase/format your USB flash drive. So it is wise to backup or copy your USB flash drive first.

    When there is no important files in your USB flash drive, click on Erase USB Device button.


    Windows will warn you that your USB flash drive will be erase entirely. Click Yes to proceed.


    In progress…. It may take a while (depend on your USB flash drive read and write speed).


    Now your USB flash drive is ready.


  • Restart your computer.
  • And while at POST screen press Del (for most PC), F2 or F8 for most laptop to enter your Computer BIOS.
  • Set your First boot device to be your USB flash drive. Some motherboard BIOS (ASUS normally) recognize USB Flash drive as a kind of hard disk.
  • Save and Exit (F10) your BIOS.
  • Install your Windows 7 from your USB drive.




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