Free Partition Manager for Home

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Software
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Although Windows Vista and Windows 7 has its own disk management utility to create, resize and delete partition, in some cases it is pretty worthless.

I am using Windows 7 x64 Professional and I am facing this problem right now, as shown in the screenshot below.

Note that, my C: drive still has 57.81 GB of free space, by Windows 7 Disk Management tool doesn’t allow me to shrink down the partition. The idea is, I am running out of hdd space. Therefore, I was going to reduce the size of C: drive and increase the size of Z: drive….and I am out of luck.

Prior to writing this post, I always use Acronis Disk Director 9 or 10 to manage my partition. But since the Acronis still doesn’t support Windows 7 x64, I use Paragon. However, Paragon is more or less like GParted with fancy and oversize partition manager. Gparted is a good and nice open source partition manager, but like Paragon, they took a very long time to repartition a 1TB hdd with a lot of data.

So, I move on..and stumble upon this nifty free partition manager for home (I repeat, FREE). It is known as Partition Wizard Home Edition v5.0.

This is the main windows screeny for this application. Pretty user-friendly.

My attempt to make my C: drive 50GB smaller. Just drag the sliding.

My attempt to make my Z drive 50GB bigger…..

and hit the Apply button.

Click yes…

and oops… it can’t resize C: drive while Windows is running..well..that is understandable. OK then… click Restart Now. (owh..wait wait..better save this article first…phew..ok..lets restart).

Tick – tock – tick – tock…erm… after 2 minutes and 51 seconds, this software rebooted my PC.

And…holy crap of the cracker…

It did. It successfully resizes my partition in less than 3 minutes. Oh great, I love this software. Where paragon and gparted take hours (yes, I am not kidding, hours. I have to let my pc run overnight and pray to God that I will not have to face electricity problem what so ever that night).

So, for those who are still looking a partition manager that is free, small footprint, blazingly fast and effective (without much drama..owh..i hate drama when it involves my hdd with a lot of precious data)….I fully recommend this software.

  1. Does the partition manager mean your system will run faster? Or will compressing the data mean the opposite?

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