How to play your DVD or downloaded movie with your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Hardware

Software Used: Handbrake 0.9.4

The Setting:

  1. Main Window:
    1. Source (button) : Choose your DVD drive or the file that you want to be converted
    2. Preset = Classic
    3. Container = MP4
  2. Picture (tab)
    1. Width = 640
    2. Height = 360
    3. c. If your movie is not 16:9 format, do a necessary cropping
  3. Video Filter (tab)
    1. Leave it at default
  4. Video (tab)
    1. Video Codec : MPEG-4 (FFmpeg)
    2. Framerate : 25
    3. Constant Quality : 90% QP: 4
  5. Audio (tab)
    1. Audio Codec: AAC (faac)
    2. Bitrate: 128
  6. Subtitle
    1. Select your desired subs and click Add button
  7. Chapters:
    1. Un-check chapter markers

PS: Sorry for the short (and far from comprehensive) mini tuts. I am running out of time and need to write it down (this finding) while my memory still fresh. To bad 5800XM doesn’t support H.264.

  1. Weinter says:

    Well you can “get” badaboom for this purpose and it utilises the Nvidia GPU as well.

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