How To Install Garmin XT On Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Software

Note: You can install Garmin XT on other Symbian S60 V3 and above as well.

I flash my Nokia 5800XM with custom firmware (CFW Xtension) 2 days ago. During the process, I lost my pre-install Garmin XT. Since I pay RM50 for this piece of software, I determine to get it back. A quick visit to the phone store (I purchase this phone from them) was a bad move. They want me to pay additional RM25 for the ‘restoration’ process. What a rip off (facepalm). Not satisfied with this situation, I fire up my trusted web browser and search for a good tutorial on how to install Garmin XT on Nokia 5800XM.


Credit Where It Belong:

I do not write this tutorial. The author of NoktahHitam blog did. The original article could be found at : . The tutorial that you see here is a direct copy paste article (for archiving purpose). Yeah, who know somehow in the future, the domain no longer exists right. So yeah, I archive it here.

However, I would like to share my personal notes and experience and mirror the Garmin XT installation file (recompress it to 7zip format, save 20 MB) at MediaFire.

Text in red color is my personal note regarding my own experience following this tutorial


The Tutorial:

1. Setting up Apparatus, The Nokia 5800 (You can skip this step. Seriously, no need to soft or hard reset. I did skip)

  1. Back up all data using PC Suite (go to Nokia website).
  2. Soft reset by pressing *#7370#. Should take about 2-3 mins and you lose all your data (except on memory card). But don’t worry, you have back up remember?
  3. On your Nokia 5800, go to Application > Location > Positioning > Positioning Methods. Enable “Assisted GPS” and “Integrated GPS” ONLY. This will ensure you don’t get charge using WAP or 3G network for Internet.
  4. Go to Application > Location > GPS Data > Position > Options > Satellite status. This will show the satellite signals you’re receiving. Be sure you are outdoor in an open area. Balcony doesn’t work well, believe me I’ve tried. Once you’ve got AT LEAST 4 satellite signal, go back indoor, you don’t want people to think you’re crazy, waving your phone around.
  5. Now you’re ready for GarminXT.

2. Installing GarminXT on Nokia 5800.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded, unzip the files to someplace accessible preferably on your desktop. If you haven’t, please download it.
    (Since RapidShare is stingy, I mirror it to MediaFire. Get it here)
  2. Connect your phone via USB and select  ‘Mass storage mode’.
  3. From you PC, double click “GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50040.exe” to install and wait.
  4. Double click “GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe” to install. Wait..
  5. Double click “GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe” to install.
  6. Remove USB connection between PC and phone. When prompted ‘Launch GarminXT’ do not click Yes, just Cancel.
  7. From your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Application Manager > Installation files. There should be GarminXT.sis file. Install it.

3. Cracking GarminXT on Nokia 5800.Tell yourself and say “Yes, I’m a cheapskate”.

  1. Run GarminXT from your phone at Menu > Application > Garmin. It will prompt you with some settings. Choose your preferable.
  2. Select “Use other device” when it prompts you to buy or trial. You will get a screen, “Where To?” and “View map”
  3. In GarminXT, go to Tools > Settings > About. Jot down “Card ID”, you will need it. Exit GarminXT
  4. On your PC, run “garmin_kgen.exe” and enter the “Card ID” from previous steps.
  5. Generate it and you will get a string of codes. Copy the codes to Notepad and save it as “sw.unl”. *Be sure you don’t save it as sw.unl.txt”*
  6. Connect your phone to PC and select “Mass storage mode”.
  7. Copy “sw.unl” to Garmin folder. Usually located at E:/Garmin.
  8. Copy “gmapsupp.img” from downloaded file to Garmin folder. “gmapsupp.img” is the Malaysian map.
  9. Disconnect your phone from PC.

4. Restore your Nokia 5800

  1. Reconnect your phone via PC Suite.
  2. Restore your settings through back up.

5. Setting up GarminXT on Nokia 5800

  1. You don’t need your PC anymore. Shut down and conserve energy.
  2. Run GarminXT on your phone.
  3. Go to Tools > Settings > System > Remote GPS. Change to “Use Attached GPS” by disabling the “Bluetooth GPS”.
  4. Go to Tools > Manage My Data > Map Sets > MapSource. Make sure all maps are enabled.

6. Toying GarminXT on Nokia 5800.

  1. Switch off your fans and lights. Go out.
  2. Run GarminXT, (duh!).
  3. Select “View Map” and wait for a while. The satellite will find you. It took me 5 mins or so. Just have patience and faith.
  4. Now you’ll see where you are.
  5. Go back and select “Where To?”. If you’re at home and wants GarminXT to store you current location as home, then select “Home”
  6. “Where To?” is rather confusing. I usually use “Where To?” > Point of interest. There’s lots of shopping malls, hospitals, banks, ATM machines etc. from there, you’d know where to go.
  7. Pat yourself and say “Well done”. The rest is up to you.



Well a positive one. Despite this version is a little bit old compare to the one I lost (5.004 vs 5.005) and the Malaysian map database is smaller (35 MB instead of 39 MB) I found that this Garmin XT is better than the one I lost. It is faster (not sure either this performance improvement is because CFW or Garmin XT or both), the map is much more comprehensive and snappier. Highly recommended !!!. Thumbs up to the original author for creating this fun, simple, newbie friendly but complete tutorial.



If your smartphone is Symbian based (S60V3 and above) and happen to have GPS device and still rely on (GPRS based Google Map)…. do you self a favor by installing this piece of gem. Although Nokia 5800XM is preloaded with OVI Maps, at some occasion I prefer Garmin due to its comprehensive landmark and interesting place coverage. Suffice to say, I need them both. They are not competing each other but more like complement each other.

Note: I do not encourage any type of piracy. Install this software in your mobile phone base on your own justification J





  1. expertester says:

    Change the boring arrow into something more interesting:

    Download update Malaysia / Singapore map at

  2. expertester says:

    Alternative to Garmin, NDrive.

    Version 10 is out but the crack is not exist yet (AFAIK). Need to settle with 3.5.18 for now.

    Will update once I successfully install this software into my phone.

  3. Carlo says:

    When I try to connect to GPS, I get a window that says “Connection allowed to Garmin GPS devices only”.

    What should I do? Did I miss anything?


  4. expertester says:

    that is weird.

  5. joey says:

    can i install it without reseting my phone?

  6. S says:

    i’ve no mapsource?how??

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