How to convert your audio files (Mp3 to AAC etc)

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Software

Alternative Title: MediaCoder: A free and open-source audio video file converter.

Try to search “MP3 to AAC converter” at Google. Big chance, you will find a bunch of trialware but none of them is completely free. Perhaps my search term is not right. I just want to accomplish 1 simple thing which is converting my MP3 collection (most of them were encoded at 320 kbps) into AAC+ for my mobile audio listening pleasure. Using Adobe Soundbooth is obviously overkill. Furthermore I want batch convert functionality and I am a little bit cheapskates. Thanks but no thanks trialware.

Thank god MediaCoder save the day. MediaCoder is completely freeware (and open source) but extremely powerful. It is hard to believe that this piece of software which utilize parallel processing (multi core CPU) and CUDA is given for free just like that. Despite able to convert audio in various formats (MP3VorbisAACAAC+ v1/v2, AC-3MPEG Audio L2MusepackWMASpeexAMRADPCMFLACWavPackMonkey’s AudioOptimFROGApple LosslessWAV/PCMH.264,MPEG-4 Part 2MPEG-1MPEG-2H.263Flash VideoTheoraRealVideoWindows MediaAVIMPEG-1MPEG-2/VOBMPEG TSMatroskaMP4RealMediaASF/WMVQuickTimeAVCHDOgg Media), it is also capable to convert your video as well, including H264.

Download MediaCoder at :

There are several edition either audio only, device oriented (such like iPod or Zune), full edition (cover both audio video) and CUDA edition (for those who want to utilize their GPU prowess).

The steps is really simple actually.

  1. Add source files by clicking Add (+) button.
  2. Click on audio tab
  3. Choose audio format (to be encode). I choose HE-AAC aka AAC+
  4. Set rate mode to Target Quality (this will allow the encoder to encode the audio files in variable bit rate)
  5. And set Bitrate/Quality to 40 (40 stand for high quality, according to MediaEncoder). I believe this setup is good enough for Nokia 5800XM + Senheisser CX300-II
  6. Finally, click on Start button.
  7. Viola, within 2 seconds, the file is successfully converted. Free from hassle, very good conversion quality and FOC too

Note: It is up to you to use whatever encoder and encoding format/bit rate. The configuration above is just for an example (the one I use). Feel free to experiment yourself.

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