How to compress your file using StaxRip (H264)

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Software
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Download Staxrip at : and save somewhere that is easier for you to access, let say your desktop.

Extract the archive using WinRar or 7zip

Double click on StaxRip.exe file

Choose DivX Plus if quality/performance is a must, and compatibility with iPhone or iPod is not required.

Choose your desire encoding mode. Default is medium. But I prefer higher.

Click on save button

Give a name for your new custom template. Then Close.

Click on Source…

Choose your type of source file, either single file or batch. For this mini tutorial, we will use Single or Merge

Click a file that you want to compress to h264. I choose this sample video, stored in WMV HD.

Click OK

A new application popup window will appear. This indicates the required codec is not installed yet. Click Setup button to resolve this issue.

Just proceed like you always do with any normal application’s installation. Click Next.

Click Finish.

So, AviSynth is clear… click on other filter as well like BDSup2Sub, ffmpeg, java, mediainfo and virtualmoddub…

If there is any missing library like the screenshot below:

You may download the appropriate file from their respective website by clicking website button. Not everything is necessary for your job actually. As for my case right now, I can convert the specified wmv without BDSup2Sub…but java is needed.

So click on Website button. This will open Java website. Download Java and install as usual.

Note that the status changes to OK already.

Click Close.

This is my StaxRip main windows now.

I have no intention to resize the size, so I will leave it there.

And I am not pretty happy with current present, so I will change it by clicking Config Codec.

I change Preset from Medium to Slower, for better image quality/size result. Click OK. (Note: you can experiment any setting you like here…the quality number (20 in the screenshot above), indicate x264 compression level. The higher the value, mean the higher the compression will be. 20 is on the higher quality output, but the size will be a bit bigger. For youtube, 23 should be OK. Same goes to VCD. 20 is my personal preference as I am pretty happy with the balance between size and image quality.

Click OK to continue.

Click Next…

Click start

Make a cup of tea and grab a piece of pie… It may take some time…depend on your computer performance and size of the file..


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