Auto Update Your Intel Based PC

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Hardware, Internet, Software
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If you happen to use Intel based computer such as Intel’s motherboard, processor, chipset, graphics, ethernet, wifi etc, you may want to use this web-based driver checker.

It is a web based application but requires Java or Active-X. No worries, you can install it on the fly.


The Intel® Driver Update Utility keeps your system up-to-date. It detects which driver updates
are relevant to your computer, and then helps you install them quickly and easil

Before the Intel Driver Update Utility can analyze this computer you need to give your permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component called, SRLApplet or System Requirements Lab from Husdawg, LLC. For more information about this component, see below. You may need to disable any Pop-up blocker you are using in order to use this service.


It can only be downloaded with your permission.
No personal information is collected.
Easy and fast to download and run.
Easily removed after analysis performed.
If you are behind a firewall, you may not have permission to download browser components.
Your browser’s security settings must allow you to install ActiveX/Java Plug-in components.
The tool is not Spyware or Adware


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