How to select and download certain files or folders from a bittorent file and skip the rest.

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Internet, Software
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Ensure your uTorrent’s preference is set to show a windows that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode.

  1. At the menu bar, click Options -> Preferences (or press Ctrl + P).
  2. At the left pane, click on the UI Settings.
  3. Under When Adding Torrents’ category, ensure Show a window that displays the file inside the torrent in advanced mode is selected.
  4. Click OK button.


Download a torrent file and add it into your bittorent client (UTorrent).

  1. 1.       Download a torrent file and save it on your desktop (or anywhere which is convenience to you). (I am gonna download a One Piece torrent file and save it on my desktop.)
  2. Double click the torrent file (as for my case, it is One Piece[]). This will open uTorrent’s Add New Torrent window.

Select file that you want to download and skip the rest. In this case I want to download everything but episodes 1 until 404. In other word, I only want to download episode 405 onward plus its OVA, Film etc.

  1. Under the Torrent Contents’ field, uncheck file or folders that you want to skip (don’t want to download).
  2. Click OK button.





  1. doesnt work says:

    doesnt work

  2. Nibi says:

    Which version of uTorrent is this? I am not able to see folders the way you can. All I see is a flat list of all files in all folders.

  3. biaop says:

    This doesn’t work with magnet links. To make it work you need the exact torrent file. If you can’t find this on your favorite torrent site, here’s what you should do. Copy the name of the torrent “Dragonball + Z + GT English dub RMV”. Paste into Google. Find a website that hosts the .torrent file, and not the magnet link. Make sure the .torrent is the same file that the magnet link would’ve got you. Download .torrent and check and uncheck whatever. Head to Piratebay and download the Magnet link just to make sure you get all trackers.

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