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nVidia GeForce 9100MG Benchmark : A Reality Check

Base on previous review (you can read here) for Acer Aspire 4530 which pre-equipped with GeForce 9100MG, we know that 9100MG score 1415 for 3dMark06 and 3393 for 3Dmark03. But, how good/bad this number mean.

Obviously, for benchmark freak, they will recognize how good this integrated chipset will perform since they have ‘built-in benchmark database’ in their head. But, how about the rest of us. So, a quick check to numeruos website need to be done, to get a rough idea what that number mean.

Acer 4350 score 1415 for 3dmark06


Happy to report here, Aspire 4530 user who can’t wait any longer to install e-Power Technology for their Aspire 4530, you can install Aspire 4520 E-Power Technology without any problem.

URL for e-Power :

You need to download “AcerEFM Acer Empowering Framework” and install it first to enable e-Powering to work.

Note : My big green e button (top left of my keyboard) seem not working yet…but overall, everything work fine.


What is Empowering Technology?

Empowering Technology is designed to make operating your computer easier than ever. It provides a simple-to-use interface and versatile configurations to help you efficiently complete everyday computing tasks.

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