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I Love Streamyx!!!

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Internet
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Hate me if you want but I will stay shout I love Streamyx.

No, I am not working with TM, not even have any relatives or friends that work with TM, but I can’t hold my hands and brain to type I Love Streamyx any longer.

Am I going nuts? Yeah, maybe LAWL.

It is all started when I subscribe Streamyx Combo 60, which is an ADSL 384 kbps service from them (Dec 2008), to replace my pathetic over promised Izzi broadband (which based on iBurst technology). I saved RM50 per month there and yet still getting 300% of Izzi broadband speed (at that time). Fast forward to 24 June 2009, after satisfy with my phone line stability and ADSL reliability, I did myself a favor. I went to Shah Alam TM Point and decided to upgrade my Streamyx 384kbps to 1.0 mbps (Streamyx Combo 110). (more…)

Izzi Speedtest

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Internet
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Picture speak thousand words.

Here we go, 1 mbps service from Izzi iBurst so called 4G technology. And the best part of it, I consider myself lucky to get this kind of speed this day. During peak hour, 56 kbps dial up to ISDN 128 kbps speed could be considered normal. Sigh.

Yep, you see it right. 100% signal strength. 46 days to go before my subscription end.


One izzi guy call my number and asked me about my izzi performance and told me that second tower already up at Kelana Jaya. Pretty excited and I did speedtest ( and choose Singpore and Malaysia server… surprise suprise….


not satisfied….restart computer and restart modem…

bah…still below 200 kbps (and this is local server in KL)….. 11 AM some more…sigh.

How about another try for singapore server (to reflect oversea content speed…well most of the websites and materials I require mostly from oversea base server)


what is this?????

Pay RM98 for 1 mbps and get this result? No wonder it take almost a minute to open this wordpress edit page. zzzzzzzzz

I am using Izzi You (the USB one), and I have other PC and notebook in my house. But because this modem use USB interface, I can’t share my broadband directly. So what I need is Windows Internet Sharing and a network card (NIC). Both Windows XP and Vista has ICS and I bet almost all notebook and mobo nowadays has network adapter.

I am going to share my izzi broadband with my other PC using direct connection (cross cable). Let assume :

  • PC 1 = PC with internet connection
  • PC 2 = PC without internet connection
  • Objective : To share PC1 internet connection (izzi broadband) with PC2 using direct Ethernet connection (2 network adapter and 1 cross UTB Cat5e cable).

PC 1 :

Click on Properties (more…)

Urgh… really piss me off. Now, not only Streamyx and other major player shapping or throttling P2P packet, Izzi follow their dumb step to. Damn.

Either encryption or what ever trick I tried, the P2P or Bittorent speed still sucks.

Recently I notice, most of the time, my maximum speed only 1/4 what I paid for. 250 kbps instead of 1 Mbps. Maybe, 2 hours (from 5-7 AM), I could get 500 kbps (direct download or speedtest) but still BT speed sucks like crap. 8-12 kBps max. Nothing more.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to subscribe Izzi because of you might think they are not throttling P2P packet as before, stop now. Else, you will waste at least RM 180.00 (mandatory registration fee). Don’t believe their dumb salesman or salesgirl who keep claiming, you could get full refund. It is clearly state in their term of agreement, RM180 will be charged immediately upon signup. Full stop.

And to get your refund, you need to come to their office by yourself. Sorry mate, they will not waste their cheap money to send you a check via Pos Malaysia RM0.30 cent stamp. And, most of the unsatisfied user claim that Izzi took more than 2 months to process their refund claim. Some even 3 months. What the crap. RM 1300+ refund in 3 months. Urgh.

I dont bother to complain by phone or email anymore because seriously, they just only able to talk but no action to follow up. Their so call technical service guy simply listen to your complain, then bye bye. If you request report number, they will give you one. Then, no follow up from you after several days…case closed automatically by that so call oh so technical guy. It happen to me, I knew. I simply don’t trust what ever they said anymore.

It pretty funny to remember, how cocky they were last year. They claimed by 2010 they will cover the whole Malaysia AND 2Mbps in the pipeline, predicted will be implemented first quater of 2008. Heh, my arse. They not double up the bandwidth but they divide it by 4. And no more tower expansion by now. Perhaps, customer sign in rate not as much as they predicted, and they start to freeze any kind of expansion, to protect their investment and ROI. That is why, without any hesitation, they throttle P2P packet, they divide 4x the bandwidth (so 400% more customer can use the service at the same time).

They are just phucking greedy. Even they know most of the area already saturated and don’t have any short term plan to build more tower to support ever growing customer, they just keep innocent soul to dump their hard earn  RM1300 to Izzi cash box. I even surprise, at Giant Kelana Jaya, there is a shop (not booth) which sell Izzi broadband. WTF man, this area already saturated and still you can afford to have a proper shop there? I am impress actually.

To be honest, once my contract ended, no more Izzi. Perhaps NO to maxis or celcom 3G too. 3G or fake 4G actually never meant to permanent and heavy usage broadband. They are for road warrior. I think, my only option now, back to Streamyx even I call it Screamyx sometime. I have to admit, due to the nature of copper cable and ADSL, streamyx stability and realiablity are questionable, but its speed is OK. At least 1 Mbps user get 1 Mbps. Most of the user get even more (actual capping at 1.5 Mbps actually).

Maybe I just should buy torrent flux service, direct download using office corporate broadband, and subscribe to streamyx combo RM60.00. At least 384 kbps is better than 250 kbps and pay RM60 less too.

So, Izzi subscriber who currently enjoy 500-1000 kbps at this moment, don’t think you are lucky enough. Sooner or later, your area will get saturated or congested. Just pray, that no one in your area interested to dump RM1300 for Izzi as long as possible…LoL.

Note : iBurst (core technology of Izzi) whitepaper, state, maximum downstream (for download speed) is 24 Mbps. In other word, if your place has 24 user who fully utilize their bandwidth, you are safe. But, more than that, your bandwidth will be half, quatter and perhaps… ….. …..

From my experience, Izzi Broadband performance fluctuate heavily. From 250 kbps to 1024 kbps (almost). It seem, the ISP ‘divide’ the 1 Mbps line into half or even quater to support more customer who login at the same time while the tower can’t provide adequate bandwidth.

For those who read my 2 previous posts, you will notice that Izzi performance drop significantly at peak hour espcially weekend. Last night, I clocked my izzi performance as low as 250 kbps. But this morning (I assume most of izzi user still sleep @ 6.37 AM or preparing to go to work, except heavy torrenter), i manage to get 94 kBp.

And here is the perfect example, how slow izzi is when peak hour (I record this @ 1.19 AM, 12 Jul 2008 : Saturday)

13 kBps !!??!! OMG, this is not quater but 1/8 of the promise speed. Oh dear.