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URL : Solarose Official Page (Download + Register + Play)

As you could see, my last post in this blog : 28 March 2008. Since then, I actively involve with solarose thingy. Yeah, hosting private game server with buggy code emulator really make my life hectic, espcially when my wife gonna deliver my very first baby girl early June. But, it kinda fun to host a game server despite all the headache come from server hardware, OS, emulator and player. Ouch.

Currently having 2299 characters and progressively growing. This stats is not include character in beta database which we clean wipe when solarose server enter mature phase. But no more wipe after this as everything is tightly control, unless act of God. (gulp)

But honestly man, hosting Rose Private Server is pain in the arse. The server code, revision 80 is sooooo outdated compare to current client version, for example 1.55. If you freshly download the server emulator software and host it right away, expect skill not working, cant learn skill, cant buy skills, zuly not drop and the list goes on and on. Graviti, the maker of Rose Online clearly hate private server (obviously lol) and make significant change on their game files every 2 weeks, which will cause never ending headache to any private server game admin. Example, is the latest one. I work hard to make 95% of the skills work perfectly (with the exception, resuraction, gem cutting and valkerie charm) with the client version 1.55. And now, with the latest patch which is version 1.60, kaboom, skill table change again. Even the name of the skills. Oh dear, double headache.

And, some of you might wondering, what do I get by spending so much time on this thing. Well, I get nothing but satisfaction. That is all. Same mechanic when certain people play online game, play game, racing or even fishing. You waste time, you waste money and got nothing (well, fishing got fish :D).

But, sometime, the attitude of the players and GM really piss me off. Most of the time, I have to close my PC monitor, get out from my computer room and take a very long shower to cool my head. They seem not appreciate your hardwork at all even they play it for free. So bro and sis, before you wanna host any game server, ask yourself first…are you high tempered or not 😀

Some more, some of the GM are really annoying. I almost got high blood pressure because of them. Having affair with player, giving free stats to player, or his another character, leaking items, and the list goes on and on. When you do database checking and clean up…you will have OMG…WTF face. Certain player has 81 peridots grade 7 gem. Trace back…heh, one GM leak it. Immediate permanent ban.

Hohoho, just after a while i successfully host WoW and implement all the custom npc and warp portal to my WoW, I decide to give it a try to host custom revision 80 open source Rose EVO emulator. And woot… here it is.

URL : Solarose Official Page (Download + Register + Play)

Forum : http:://

Yep…i know i know…the website for Solarose not eye catching yet ..but hey, It works. That most important. You can register your account there, check your character, reborn, change job etc from the website. That’s what you need right. And also, you can server status, who is online, ranking page, top 100 of players, clan download rose client and solarose patch.

Best of will be FREE forever.

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