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TM-Net Streamyx, is among Malaysia ISP who practice Internet Shaping technology. In other word, this ISP will limit your P2P download speed drastically. Don’t be surprise if your torrent speed capped at 10 kBps even your subscription line = 1.5 Mbps. Direct FTP download will not suffer from this mechanism.

So…how to beat this???

For those who has extra cash to play with, they can subscribe to any of these services.

  • VPN
    • Anonymity and strictly private. TM will not able to tap you thus can’t shape you. A bit pricey.
  • TorrentFlux
    • Server in datacenter will download torrent at full speed without any kind of capping or shaping. You will be given certain amount of space (5 GB, 10 GB or 20 GB) base on your subscription package. By using your browser, you may access this server under your account and download any kind of torrent . So, while your PC and Internet is offline, the server keep download your long list torrent non-stop. When the torrents are completed, you may download that file from the server directly (FTP download).
One of Lowyat Forum member provide this service. Click here for more info.
  • RapidShare Account
    • More and more files in the internet nowadays are hosted in public file hoster such as RapidShare. Be it full DVD Rip movie, full warez or full version software…the list is on and on.

But, for those who are not willing to spend extra bucks monthly to buy those subscription, you may try to use bittorent client below which is able to beat TM-Net internet shaping mechanism.

  • Deluge
    • Enable full stream encryption. Fully tested and verified. Even my NetGear router unable to recognize it and Port Trigger (kinda automatic port forwarding when it detect P2P application request port forwardng) can’t work. I did manual port forwarding and my torrent speed (use streamyx) more than 100 kBps.
    • Drawback : This client is made for Linux and ported to Windows environment. Not very stable.
    • Software : Download here
  • Xunlei
    • Also known as Thunder. This is Chinese base P2P downloader. It use port 80 and encrypt it. So ISP will treat Xunlei packet as normal packet not P2P packet. Work best on anime download. For some reason, I can’t make it work with torrent file. I use Deluge instead.
    • Drawback : Chinese language. You may google its translation tho. Adverstisement.
    • Software : Download here
    • Translation Pack : Download here

  • U-Torrent 1.8
    • Only limited to version 1.8 (perhaps onward), various user reported that they able to download up to 160 kBps using this client.
    • Drawback : Can’t guarantee 100% work.
    • Download here
Note the download speed was 171.6 kBps (equivalent to 1372 kbps). Streamyx package RM88