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Expertester aka Solarix (Husband to my beautiful wife and father to my one and only (yet) baby girl)

  1. monghe says:

    Why Is it herE saiD that the server is on maintenace ?.. is it TruE or NOt ?..
    AnD GM why I cAnt Visit THe weBsiTe??…

  2. monghe says:

    http://solarose.myftp.org << this Is thE WebSite right…i already tRied it but theSe WiLl come Out… Problem loading page … (refRESH) won’t Work..

  3. ollivia says:

    hi..i find it very refreshing to have finally come across a blog that answers most of my questions regarding laptop. i have aspire 4520.i asked a buddy to change my xp to vista but it goes to blue screen..so we went back to xp.now im looking for a new toy to play. interested in the asus eee pc. i know its not for heavy duty workload..but it looks adorable. as i teacher, i find it a hassle to bring my laptop to school so i wanted something small that i could just stuff in my handbag..when i have things i wanted to share with my students, i thought i just connect my external drive to it and walla…my teaching aid. then i could also use it to surf the net while sipping on my ‘kopi-kaw’. still, it worries me as i dont know if it is a good buy. would you buy it?

  4. expertester says:

    Olivia :
    Yes Olivia, I will buy it, if my requirement exactly like yours. There is no point to carry 2.4kg notebook here and there if I dont need those performance. For daily computing, presentation, browsing net while at starbuck, Asus eee really fit the bill. Asus eee is designed to true road warrior who doesn’t need high cpu computing power. Mobility and battery life is the key. Try to get Atom version if possible…just my 2 cent 😀

  5. namara says:

    Dear Expertester,

    Could You Help me?:)

    I couldn’t download your link Acer 4530 Vista x64 MCP Chipset Driver properly , I’m using IDM and it can’t finished only 99,99% downloaded.have u another link?

    Thank before


  6. Rahmat says:

    How to activate my notebook on LCD screen? It functions first, but later it blinks. How could it happen? explain to me immediately, thank you.

  7. Myself says:

    Hi there, i decided to buy a Acer Aspire 4530 after reading your blog, this is my 1st notebook n i found a glitch while using the keypad. The thing goes like this: when i wanna type ‘@’ with shift+2, it comes out to be ‘”‘, and i can only get to type ‘@’ when i press shift+’ , do you encounter the same problem? And can you explain this to me? Thanks in advance! =)

  8. Cecile says:

    Hi! Can i play SIMS 2 with this laptop?

  9. george says:

    how can i stop receiving email from this site about the technical issues?

  10. sue says:

    em, nk tnya ckt psl phpmyadmin..
    sori luar topic dri blog ni tp relate ngn apa yg da bljr..

    field ip address(, data type ye akn jd ape,length n whatsoever field in the phpmyadmin?
    hrp dpt gtau..

  11. Gravit says:

    Hello Expertester, could you send me your email?

    Contacts: anonymic1@gmail.com

  12. Albert Tuman says:

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    I look forward to hearing from you and wish you an amazing day.

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