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Err…how to post picture on forum?

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Internet

Yeah, for majority of us, this kind of question will end up with LoL, but after running my very own gaming forum (, this kind of question always pop up from time to time. So, i made this guide (and post it at my forum originally).


Go to

click on browse button…

chose your desire picture, click open

click host it….and wait a while…until the page below appear

scroll down the page untill you see this one…direct link to image

copy the address (URL)

open up forum …and start to post your mesage.

Click on Image button, paste the URL and click on ok button..

your picture will appear shortly.

How To Setup A Forum

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Internet
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Forum or Bulletin Board is a medium for your small community to talk, discuss, share tought or just hang around. You might need a workable and nice forum for your school, university, club, college, game server or even for fun.

It is pretty easy nowadays to setup a nice, good looking, well functioning with some gadget preinstalled. As for my case, when my game server grow, I need to detach my game server forum to other hoster (not hosted by me anymore). My criteria :

  1. Good Looking
  2. No Ads (graphic or text)
  3. Fast enough
  4. Cool gadget
  5. FREE!

After scouting around, I found this one. . This hoster meet my requirement pretty well, and so far (after 2 month running with 2.3k+ posts), the speed and reliability still top notch. No ads and it provide tonnes of templates and skin (supplied by Best of all, you can apply hitskin template / theme with a single click …and viola..updated. Changing theme at this forum as easy as changing wallpaper at your desktop.

This is my Solarose Forum …used to support Solarose Rose Online Private Server community. to have this kind of forum in 5 minutes?

  1. Visit
  2. Register
  3. Apply fav skin
  4. Touch your admin control panel
  5. Start layout your forum hierarchy.