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How many times did you pull your hair when you can’t find your computer drivers especially if it was freshly formatted? How many times did you sighed when you need to browse one website to another website just to find latest drivers of your computer hardware. And how many times did you curse your <insert anything here> when you found a nice driver scanner and updater software but need to pay for that software?

Well… say bye bye to that days.

DriverMax (freeware) is here.

I am so happy when I found this little tool (but huge impact on my daily computing life). And I can’t believe my eyes…it is free (well, you need to sign-up a free account with them to get registration key…but account sign-up is free too).

Download DriverMax here :

After installation complete, you can sign-up a free account within the software itself.

Registration code will be send to your email (thus you need a valid email). Copy that registration code and enter it and viola…

Acer 4530 64bit driver

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Software
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Finally, 4 GB of RAMs is no longger an issue.

For those who are still trying to install Vista 64bit or Windows Server 2008 64 bit to fully utilize your 3 or 4 GBs of RAM, good news. All the required drivers now available.

However, straight from Acer driver DVD disc, graphic and motherboard chipset driver for 64bit OS is not included. Due to that very own reason, I upload both driver here.

Download Acer 4530 Graphics and Chipset driver here :

Yep, I realize, new version of 9100M custom INF has been release but due to some unknown reason, whenever i try those version (176.37 for example, my vista index down from 4.1 to 4.0). 175.61 is the driver I used to achieve 4.1 vista index.

However, if you wanna test and experiment it by yourself, feel free to check this link : 17x Series GeForce Driver

Step :

Download both drivers (graphic and chipset) from the link above.

Install chipset driver first and restart. Then install graphic driver. Put your Acer driver disc in your optical drive and install other driver (bluetooth, wireless lan, ethernet lan, sound, quickbutton etc)- (for vista) as usual.